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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Special electric motors

TransComfort is a representative from the German manufacturer EMOD Electric motors. In our offer you can find: One-and three-phase IP 55 electric motors, special execution: IP 67, submersible IP 68, IP 23 Open Type motors, lifting, external rotor, positioning drives, inverter-controlled motors, marine motors, DC IP 44 + IP 23, reluctance motors, variable speed, servo motors, water-cooled motors, slip ring, progressive, flat, etc. TransComfort company brings robust and reliable solutions. This company[...]


[Poland]Notebook spare parts

We have in offer: notebook mainboards, graphic cards, harddrives, lcd panels and many other parts.Our main brand is ACER. Stock comes from surplus/overstock so our prices are very competetive. Ask for more details. Every week we have new delivery.[...]


[Poland]Cam switches S...J

CAM SWITCHES series S 10, 16, 25, 32, 63, 100, 160 J are a new generation of switches in current line from 10 to 160A. - small and unification switch sizes - switching angle: 30º, 45º, 60º and 90º (preferential angle 60º - maximum 6 switching positions; angle 30º - maximum 12 switching positions) - extended selection of electrical execution by catalogue - maximum number of the switching chambers is 12 (24 contacts) - all terminals and interconnections are protected against contact (IP20) -[...]



[Poland]Insulated pliers (up to 1000V)

High quality pliers made of special tool steel. Two-component heavy insulated handles with elastic insert. Equipped with insulated slip guard, designed to avoid spark-over or current passage from the bare plier to the operator's head. Application: all works, including cutting cables, medium-hard wire and hard wire. Technical data: Medium - hard wire diameter - 2,5 mm. Hard wire diameter - 1,8 mm Al and Cu cable diameter - 10 mm. Al and Cu cable- 16 mm2. Weight - 210g.[...]


[Poland]KOE ring terminal

KOE ring terminal (for multi-wire copper cables) With polyamide insulation. Thermal resistance: -40°C up to +125°C Material: copper, galvanically tinned. Solderless- symbol NOE Wire size range 0,1 - 120 mm2 For screw M2 - M16[...]


[Poland]KNP claw terminal

KNP claw terminal (for multi-wire copper cables) Without insulation. Material: brass without plating or galvanically tinned (Sn) , Wire size range 0,5 - 2,5 mm2 For screw M3 - M6[...]


[Poland]S 55 tongs

Tongs are used for pressing brass connector terminals, max. 0.45 mm thick, on cable wires with 0.5 ÷ 6 mm2 section. Do not use KOP and KNP terminals. They require individual clamping of the terminal on cable wire and insulation. Length: 220 mm, weight: 0.26 kg CAUTION: It is not a professional tool. We do not recommend using this tool in intensive work environment.[...]


[Poland]Hole cutting tools and cutter heads GC 100 cutter head

The GC 100 head is used for cutting Cu and Al wires and cables with full diameter of 96 mm max. In case of cables reinforced with wire or steel strip (including AFL), the diameter is 30 mm. Normally, it is delivered in K5 box and equipped with PT fast connector. Weight: 7 kg Lenght: 455 mm[...]


[Poland]Light Fittings OSI, OSII, IP44

Light fittings produced by our company are designed to be used in lodging rooms, wet unit cabins and other places where the IP44 class of protection is required. Light fitting can be made in first or second class of protection and adapted for 50 Hz or 60 Hz. Body is made from galvanized steel and powder painted. Lampshades are made of milk-white plastic (2mm thick). Our fittings can be supplied with shaver socket (standard or Euro-American 230/115 V) with separating transformer. Light fittings[...]


[Poland]System to measure properties of electrotechnical steel

The MAG-TD200 computerized measuring system is designed to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials in both alternating and rotational fields. The system uses the following test circuits: Epstein frame, Single Sheet Tester, yoke for sample with dimensions of (280x30) mm as well as (100x100) mm and toroidal sample in alternating fields . There is also a possibility to use other test circuits according to customer's requests. In rotational field the measurement of magnetic[...]