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[China]Alphanumberic(Segment Module)

a) TS001-A2 (TN negative) Display format: Alphanumberic Module size: 50.0X22.0X8.8 Controller: HT1621 Backlight: White LED backlight Product range: 1) TN,Black mask,STN, FSTN LCD panels/LCD modules(LCM) 2) Array/Side LED backlight 3) Customized LCD panels/LCD modules b) TS025-A1 (FSTN positive) Display format: Alphanumberic Module size: 154.0X57.0X9.8 Controller: HT1621B Backlight: White LED backlight Product range: 1) TN,Black mask,STN,FSTN LCD panels/LCD modules(LCM) 2) Array/Side[...]


[China]Pioneer CDJ1000 MkIII CD/MP3 Player

* DJ Store is a Pioneer Pro DJ Elite Dealer * Digital in/out * MP3 track data displayed * JOG feeling adjust * Non-slip metallic finish on the JOG wheel * Brighter multicolour fluorescent display and improved WAVE and track data * Brighter and raised On JOG display with more information * Metallic Master Tempo switch * Resume play * New HOT LOOP button * Backlit HOT CUE, hot loop and re-loop button * New super fast and more accurate manual search[...]


[China]Numark CDX CD Player

* CD player with full 12" Vinyl Feel * Real Time Digital Scratching * 12" Rotating Platter * 5.0 kg/cm Direct Drive High Torque Motor * Range of On-Board Effects * Seamless Looping The Numark CDX CD player is the first CD player to deliver a full size vinyl experience, as you are using a real record on a real platter to manipulate the CD playback - this CD player doesnt just look or behave like a turntable, it IS a turntable without a tonearm (and with a front[...]


[Poland]Cube duplicator

Do you have occasions where you need to make a few quick copies of a project but didn't have the time to run them through your computer or on a manual tower and didn't have the budget for the larger robotic duplicators? The Cube™ is the perfect solution. With a small manageable footprint not much larger than a shoe box, The Cube™ fits in any office or cubicle and works unattended to make 25 up to 60 copies per run. Plus at an incredibly low price point, The Cube™ fits nearly any budget. With[...]


[Poland]AREO Duplicator DVD CD Blu-ray

Often those who need to duplicate larger volume of optical discs like CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs are caught between the need for convenience and the added cost to achieve it. Well, the Aero series standalone autoloader duplicator is the answer. The Aero series is the perfect blend of capacity, speed, performance, reliability, and affordability. With the option to copy a single source or multiple sources using Vinpower Digital's useful multi-master recognition technology (MMRT) allows the user to make[...]


[China]Underwater Speaker UWS-015

This underwater speaker is professionally and especially designed for any underwater locations such as Swimming Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Sauna, Bathtub, Aquaria, Ocean Research Centers, etc,. In addition,special configuration is adopted in this speaker design to make clear and excellent sound available underwater. The streamline design and tight configuration enable it to withstand powerful water pressure underwater as well. Its the latest item and is the Only Underwater Speaker owned by the manufacturer[...]


[United States]Alia Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Converter) AMC2100 Series

ALIAMAG AMC2100 series Converter can be used with AMF series flow tubes in both compact or separate versions. FEATURES Three line LCD display for Flow rate/Totalizer Accuracy of +/-0.4% of reading Bi-directional flow measurement, current and pulse output 4-20mA auxiliary Input include 4 digit display 99 of times Datalogger function for power on/off MODBUS/HART communication SPECIFICATION Display: 3 lines LCD with illumination Line 1: 8 digit totalizer for forward flow[...]


[United States]APT8000-Alia Smart Pressure Transmitter

APT8000 series is a digital Pressure Transmitter designed for industrial Pressure measurement applications. The APT8000 offer Configurations for gauge Pressure, absolute Pressure and vacuum including integrated solutions for industrial applications. FEATURES Updating time of output current in 90 ms Improved performance, increased accuracy, greater stability Two Years stability of 0.15% 0.075% accuracy Parameter setting by local keypad or RS485 communication port 4-20 mA output plus[...]


[China]car electronic

car electronic,vehicle electronic,car video&audio, car bluetooth, car security,industrial control, MCU development, automatic control, wireless control, intelligent home,wireless transfer, servo control, We specialize in concept development and electronic solution. If you have a project or concept that needs to become a reality, we Allzool can help. With mutual respect and honesty, we provide our customers with personalized service and electronic products . As a famous supplier in the[...]


[United Kingdom]Canon, Nikon And Other Cameras

Noble Electronic Ltd is your online store for all your geniue original cameras at cheap prices and with it complete accessories Here is our latest price for the following cameras: Nikon D90 Digital SLR Camera with AF-S DX 18-105mm lens..... $540usd Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)..... $610usd Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm VR Lens Kit....... $425usd Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera with AF-S VR DX 18-55mm lens...... $310usd Nikon 1 J1 Digital camera - mirrorless system[...]