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[China]car electronic

car electronic,vehicle electronic,car video&audio, car bluetooth, car security,industrial control, MCU development, automatic control, wireless control, intelligent home,wireless transfer, servo control, We specialize in concept development and electronic solution. If you have a project or concept that needs to become a reality, we Allzool can help. With mutual respect and honesty, we provide our customers with personalized service and electronic products . As a famous supplier in the[...]


[China]7"-55" lcd digital signage, lcd display, lcd advertising pla

1. 7"-55" lcd digital signage, lcd display, lcd advertising player, lcd video display, POP/POS lcd display, electronic signs 2. automatically play and loop play once powers on 3. with timer function 4. with USB update function 5. anti-theft device[...]


[China]7" to 55" lcd digital signage, lcd advertising display, instore TV, POP/POS video monitor

1. 7" to 55" lcd digital signage, lcd advertising display, instore TV, POP/POS video monitor 2. with timer function 3. with USB update function 4. with anti-theft device[...]


[China]Biconcave cylinrical lens

Material:BK7,UV-grade fused silica Paraxial focal length:±5mm—±3000mm±1% Length:2mm—300mm±1% Width:2mm—200mm±1% Surface quality:60-40scratch and dig Surface Figure:λ/4,λ/2 Centration:3arc min Thickness Tolerance:±0.20mm Clear Aperture:90%[...]



Not just a ordinary UGLY FAT Pen Camera available in the market like other cheap Spy Gadgets for Children. It is a Real Professional Pen Camera with high resolution for the professional investigators or Law enforcement agencies. This Pen DVR have high quality video and audio with real Date & Time stamping for the real evidence collection. Built in 4GB memory gives a 16 hours audio video recording in AVI format. Very easy to use,just press on/off button to turn on the power and start/stop[...]


[China]Metal detector

Fully automatic A-Turn-On-And-Go device; Target pinpointing locating target fast & precise; All-Metal deep seeking capable to detect objects up to 3M. Specification: 1. Battery: 2~9V 2. Operating Current: Standby <=18mA; MAX<=50mA 3. Operating Voltage Range: 7 ~ 9.6v 4. Operating Frequency: 5.5KHz 5. Sensitivity: Min.23cm (Test Coin: US25 cent) 6. Audio Frequency: 500HZ 7. Unit Size: 130mm × 150mm × 95mm (L × W × H)[...]


[Poland]Z51/bank lock controller to secure ATM's vestibule

Z51/bank Lock controller to secure ATM's vestibule. Specifications: Interfaces for connecting readers: 1xData/Clock, 1xRS485 Relay outputs: lock/unlock, ATM's busy indication Max contact load: 24V 1A Control inputs: -open door sensor(NO or NC) -exit button(NO) -presence detector(NO or NC) Locking time after the entry: from 10sec to 42min Emergency opening: two service cards Power supply: 11-14V DC, max 100mA Operating conditions: 0°C…+70°C, IP 40 Dimensions: 90 × 71 × 51 mm Connecting[...]


[China]Industrial humidifier

The ultrasonic industry humidifier equipment to use the electronic ultra frequency to shake (shakes frequency is 1.7MHz, over the scope of the hearing, there is no harm and animal), through the exchange of high-frequency devices can tubes, surface water behind natural arising from the spout, no heating or chemical agent and a 1-10 u water particles floating in the air, achieves the air moist effect. At the same time the suitable relative humidity to improves the product quality, reduces the waste[...]


[China]Sell multifunctional power meter -YD2030

Model No: YD2030 Brand Name: yadata Certification(s): CE Features: 1) Functions: a) Measures parameters of 3I, 3V, 3U, PF, F, P, S, ±ΣWh and ±ΣQh b) LED display, display four parameters at the same time c) Choose one route current or voltage DC 4 - 20mA output d) Operating simply, suitable for bad working surroundings, especially at lower (higher) temperature 2) Technology indexes: a) Standards: GB/T13850-1998, IEC688:1992, DL/T721-2000, IEC61000-4 b) Accuracy: [...]


[China]WIFI Bridge WIFI Adapter for Dreambox

WIFI Bridge WIFI Adapter for Dreambox Description: Features: 1. The new addition of a USB wire is to connect a computer (desktop, laptop) for power,no need extra power adapter. 2. It can be used for any wireless network products, such as wireless router, IP camera,Azbox,Eagle,Dreambox,Network Printer,etc.Make ALL network products with Ethernet WIRELESS. 3. Support any VoIP ATAs and VoIP Phones; 4. Support Wifi model: AP Client; 5. IEEE 802.11B/G compliant; 6.[...]