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[Poland]Mikser 32/8

Features: * Max. 32 way input * 8 grouping output *Low noise and high gain MIC amplification circuit *Independent 48V power supply per channel *EQ and phase conversion per channel *4 band EQ input and 2 wave-band frequency sweeping *6 auxiliary output, and output selectable before/after the push lever as well as before/after EQ *High precision ALPS100mm potentiometer *The external power supply greatly lowers the background noise Product Information Type: Technical parameters:[...]


[Poland]3D engineering, 2D technical documentation

We offer 3D computer modelling and workmanship of 2D technical documentation in the scope of mechatronics devices, mobile platforms, e-kiosks, mechanical and electronical devices. We use professional and legal providing CAD software. We are issuing VAT invoices.[...]



Features: *The horizontal coverage of the vertical linear series is not affected by the quantity of the vertical array unit modules, and the horizontal coverage characteristic of an individual module is maintained. The system may be very flexible in the quantity of the suspended units according to the requirements on site and sound pressure grade. *You may adjust the suspension angle between the unit module of the continuously suspended vertical J-type linear array and the level surface,[...]


[Poland]BriCoM/ Bridge Condition Management

Wireless system for building structures vibration monitoring - introduced in 2007. Wireless communication helps in a cost reduction when we are planning on monitoring a structure to detect vibration influences. We can use this flexible system for any kind of construction: bridges, buildings, etc. One of the most important features of this solution is real time analysis of monitored structure. The system can record up to 127 synchronized raw time data. Dedicated accelerometers can measure in two[...]


[Poland]Frequency converters

We are offering frequency converters dedicated to drive applications. For mains voltage difference they are divided into two groups: AFC type with 230V AC mains and MFC-type with 3x400V 50Hz AC mains. AFC series contains devices with power rating up to 3kW, MFC311 series - up to 15kW and MFC310 - from 18,5kW up to 315kW. Recently introduced vector (sensorless) controlled frequency converters was named MFC710. Technical characteristic: * Three-phase supply 3x400 V 50/60 Hz * Output 0[...]




VIBex is the state-of-the-art system dedicated for vibration monitoring and diagnostics of rotating machinery, especially with rolling bearings.There are much more functions in the system, all giving you advanced, but easy to use tool to monitor your machinery.EC Systems also offers VIBex within the turn-key project, together with data acquisition modules, installation and commissioning. In the operation we can also provide you with the diagnostic service to maintain your machinery in a best shape.[...]


[Poland]Shark Copier Duplicator

Introducing the high powered SharkBlu standalone optical Blu-ray, BDXL, CD, and DVD duplicator. The SharkCopier is not only the most advanced duplicator on the market, but is extremely simple to use. With the ability to copy all CD configurations, all DVD configurations including Dual/Double Layer discs, and Blu-ray discs with BDXL formats, the SharkBlu is the perfect solution for your duplication needs. The easy to operate control panel offers many advanced features such as; AutoCopy, Load and Copy,[...]


[Poland]Cube duplicator

Do you have occasions where you need to make a few quick copies of a project but didn't have the time to run them through your computer or on a manual tower and didn't have the budget for the larger robotic duplicators? The Cube™ is the perfect solution. With a small manageable footprint not much larger than a shoe box, The Cube™ fits in any office or cubicle and works unattended to make 25 up to 60 copies per run. Plus at an incredibly low price point, The Cube™ fits nearly any budget. With[...]


[Poland]AREO Duplicator DVD CD Blu-ray

Often those who need to duplicate larger volume of optical discs like CD, DVD, or Blu-ray discs are caught between the need for convenience and the added cost to achieve it. Well, the Aero series standalone autoloader duplicator is the answer. The Aero series is the perfect blend of capacity, speed, performance, reliability, and affordability. With the option to copy a single source or multiple sources using Vinpower Digital's useful multi-master recognition technology (MMRT) allows the user to make[...]


[Poland]System to measure properties of electrotechnical steel

The MAG-TD200 computerized measuring system is designed to measure the dynamic magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials in both alternating and rotational fields. The system uses the following test circuits: Epstein frame, Single Sheet Tester, yoke for sample with dimensions of (280x30) mm as well as (100x100) mm and toroidal sample in alternating fields . There is also a possibility to use other test circuits according to customer's requests. In rotational field the measurement of magnetic[...]