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[India]Odyssey Beacon

• Chip set: Cypress Semiconductors PROC SOC • Bluetooth version: v4.1 • Settable Power: -60dbm to -82dbm • Settable advertisement time: 100ms to 9 secs • Protocols supported: iBeacon and Eddystone URL • Certifications: FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and IC a. Splash and dust resistant casing b. Compact design 46mm dia x 11mm thickness c. Colour options d. 1 x Cr2477 battery e. Battery life: 2.5 yrs. at -65 dbm and[...]


[China]Solar Door Address Light Made of Plastic

Item NO.: HP055 Product Name: Solar Door Address Light Technical Features 0.11W,1 LED Battery 1X Ni-mh 600mA Market EU, North Ameriaca, East Asia Work time 6-8hours[...]



• 3- 250 MHz PowerPC Processor (350 Mips) • - Linux Operating System • - 1 x Smartcard-Reader • - MPEG2 Hardware decoding • - available tuner DM500: DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T • - available tuner DM500+: DVB-S • - V.24/RS232 Interface • - 10/100Mbit compatible Ethernet Interface • - 2 LED status • - unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio • - channel-change time < 1 second • - full automatic service scan • - supports directly bouquet-lists • - supports[...]



Main products: Telecom Products: T1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI Single or Dual Port Transformer T1/E1/CEPT/ISDN-PRI Quad Port Transformer ISDN S/T/U Interface Transformer LAN Components: 10 Base-T Modules 10/100 Base-T Single Port Modules 10/100 Base-T Quad Port Modules 100/1000 Base-T LAN Magnetics Modules RJ45 Integrated Connectors Modem Transformer Data Coupling Transformers ADSL/VDSL Transformer Common Mode Chokes Power Inductors: SMD Inductance Series THT Inductance Series Toroidal[...]


[China]SMD inductors

SMD INDUCTANCE SERIES A ) Features The Surface Mount Inductors are designed for 1 ) The smallest size possible 2 ) High performance and high energy storage and low resistance making them the ideal inductors for DC-DC conversions in the following applications . B ) Applications VGA display card , notebook computers, PDAs, Step-up and step-down converters; Flash Memory programmer etc. C ) Shape and Dimensions ( Unit : mm ) D ) Specification Table : L/L= -10%( max.) T=40oC ( max.) Welcome[...]


[China]THT inductors

THT Inductor Series A ) Features Various high power inductors are superior to be high saturation for THT mounting . B ) Applications Power supply for VTR; OA equipment; Digital camera; LCD television set notebook computers; portable communication equipments; DC/DC converters, etc. Welcome custom designed inductors, transformers, splitters etc.[...]


[China]10/100 Base-T Quad Port Transformer

10/100 BASE-TX QUAD PORT TRANSFORMER MODULES For Use with Transceivers Requiring 1:1 Transmit and Receive Turns Ratios Features : 1 ) Patented interlock Base design 2 ) Compliant with IEEE 802.3u and ANSI X3.263 standards including 350uH OCL with 8mA bias 3 ) Models designed to support four single or double stacked RJ-45 connectors 4 ) IC grade transfer-molded package withstands 235oC peak temperature profile 5 ) Isolation voltage : 1500Vrms Welcome custom designed transformers, inductors, splitters etc.[...]


[China]PS3 Kem400aaa laser Lens with Tray

Optical Blue-Ray Lens KEM-400AAA with tray or housing. Blue Ray FOR PS3 20GB,40GB,60GB consoles.[...]


[China]Flatmod Solderless Modchip For Wii Console

Product Feature: * NO solder required * NO clip required * NO software modification required * Plug and Play 2 Minutes installation * ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 boards * Wii/Gamecube original & ISO9660 compatible * MultiIsos for Trimmed Isos Compatible * DVD and Double Layer media compatible * Region free & Antierror 001 * Geckos,Mplayer and Homebrew Compatible * Updates blocker * 128k SPI Flash for Upgrades/config storing * DVD firmware Upgrades and Config[...]


[China]Sell Maximus 360 Xtractor Pro V1.2

Product Feature: * RS232 Support Standard (Liteon Key dumping) * USB Support inside XP Or Vista O/S * Drive Power Converter Lead * Native Toolbox support soon * Onboard ON / OFF switch * Automatic Mode-B on Hitachi Drives (78/79 require slax) * Compatible with already released tools (dvdkey/dvdkey32) * Onboard Eject tactile switch * High Quality Safe and Tested Design[...]