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[China]led tube lamp for entertainment use

led tube lamp : 50mm diameter ,1m length . color :red,orange ,yellow,blue,green,white ,warm white PC shell part change color or whole change color . low power consumption :10w voltage :110v or 220v transparent or diffused color .[...]


[China]8mm ,10mm 4chip high power led

8mm,10mm high power led : wide angle ;100-120degree high lumen 10-13lumen . widely used in lamp ,emergency lighting .[...]


[China]usb connector

High quality of USB Socket, competitive price. Features: 1)Gold Plating:3u",6u",15u",30u",50u". 2)Body Style:A Type,B Type,Stacked A Type,Mini A Type,B Type. 3)Entry Style:Side Entry,Top Entry. 4)PCB Mount Style:Dip,SMD. Certification ISO9001 USB accosiation Material (meet ROHS) high temperature plastic housing copper alloy shell copper alloy terminal[...]


[China]JXB terminal blocks and connectors

JXB series can be applied for wire connection in electric and control circuits with rated voltage up to 660V and rated wire cross-section area from 0. 75 to 70mm2. Product type Overall dimension(mm) Type of guide rail installation JXB-4 B C H TH35(C45) 42 6.5 52[...]


[China]Sell Super Bright White LEDS with all Size

Super bright white leds ITem: 5C4UC Size: 5MM Voltage:3.0-3.6v Emitted color: White Lens color: Water Clear Luminious Itensity:10000-13000mcd 13000-15000mcd, 15000-20000mcd The size 3mm,8mm,10mm are all avliable it is with long life span and competitive price Your special requirement are welcome[...]


[Taiwan]High Power LED Constant Current Driver

Model No: HPD-001 Description HPD-001 is a compact driver module for variety lighting fixtures. It provides High Brightness LEDs with constant current input. It can easily drive up to 6~18pcs of HB LEDs in series connection. Output current adjustable offers a simply way to dim the HB LEDs. Specification: 1. TYPE: HPD-001. 2. Input: 100 ~ 120VAC / 220~240VAC / 100~ 260VAC. 3. 350 mA constant current output. 4. Dimensions: 45mm (Diameter)* 25mm(H). 5. Output current adjustable. 6.[...]


[China]Provide LEDs

Yichtech can offer SMD LED, Outdoor Display LED and many Lighting LEDs. We can offer 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm LED. Bi-color and multi-color. Round shape and Elliptical and other shape. If you need welcome to contact with us right now. we will give you full satisfaction with our good quality, good prices and good service SMD LED 0603 Package Chip LED 0805 Package Chip LED 1206 Package Chip LED Outdoor Display LED 5mm Round LED 15deg 5mm Round LED 30deg 5mm Oval LED 5mm Flat top LED 5mm Strawhat[...]


[China]Yichtech Offer Ceramic capacitors

Yichtech is speciallized in ceramic capacitors, including: disc ceramic capacitors, high voltage disc ceramic capacitors, Radial, Axial and SMD multilayer ceramic capacitors, Y1 and Y2 ceramic capacitors as well as ceramic trimmer capacitors, we offer high quality with competitive prices, lead free and speedy delivery in 3--5 days. Ceramic Capacitors Disc ceramic capacitors low voltage Disc ceramic capacitor high voltage AC Safe Ceramic Capacitor Y1 and Y2 Radial Multilayer ceramic capacitors[...]


[China]film capacitors on stock

Yichtech can offer many kinds for film capacitors. We offer polyester film capacitors and popypropylene film capacitor. Radial and Axial type. below is our series. And we can offer speedy deliver with competitive prices: CL11 Polyester film capacitor CL20 METALLIZED POLYESTER FILM CAPACITOR-AXIAL CL21 Metallized polyester film capacitor CL21X Miniaturized metallized polyester film capacitor CL62 Metallized polyester film capacitor for AC use CBB13 Polypropylene film capacitor CBB20 Axial-type[...]


[China]Pulse Transformer

Pulse Transformer Features: 1) Designed for DAA IC; 2) Be compatible with small SMD package of PCMCIA standard; 3) Recognized by UL60950-1/CSA60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN60950-1, and AS/NZS60950-1; 4) Supplementary insulation for a primary circuit at a working voltage of 250Vrms. 5) 3500Vrms insulation to ensure the safety; 6) RoHS compliance and Halogen Free product. Application: Notebook network interface card; LAN card VT-1051A Electrical Specification at 25℃ Operating Temperature[...]