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[India]Brass CPVC Inserts

Brass Inserts Private Category : Brass Inserts For CPVC Fittings Brass CPVC Inserts[...]


[China]Copper flex fircuit

Layer: 1 Layer - 16 Layers Base film: PI,PET Copper Foil: ED, HED, RA Min lin/Space: 2mil / 2mil Min hole size: 8mil Shape tolerance: 4mil Protective film tolerance: 8mil Peel Strength:1.2kg/cm for PI, 1.0Kg/cm for PET Surface treatment: OSP,Nick/Gold,Immersion Gold,Immersion Tin,HAL Protective film: Solder Resist,Ink Shading,Silver Shielding,PI Cover,PET Cover,Marking Ink Stiffener: PI, PET, FR-4, Alloy Plate, Stainless Stell Plate.[...]


[China]Q-switch Crystals and Finished Components

We supply high quality Q-switch crystals such as DKDP (KD*P), KDP, BBO, LiNbO3 / MgO:LiNbO3, Cr4+:YAG and KTP, etc. and finished components with low competitive price. When an electric field is applied to an electro-optic (E-O) crystal, the refractive index of E-O crystal will change linearly to electric field. The phenomenon is called linear electro-optic effect. If a linearly polarized light passes through an E-O crystal, the phase retardation will be induced. It is clear that the phase of light[...]


[Hong Kong]printed circuit boards

SPCB is a Hong Kong based company with our own PCB manufacturing setup with ISO 9001 qualified in Shenzhen, China. All our PCBs meet UL, IPC and RoHS international standards, while our pricing is real reasonable. What we can do as follows: 1) 2 to 24-layer PCBs and High-Complex Boards with HDI, Aluminum based PCBs which comply RoHS requirements; 2) High-Mix order with middle or small volume; 3) All kinds of surface treatment such as H.A.L –Lead Free, O.S.P., Gold plating, immersion gold,[...]


[China]EO Q-switch (Pockels Cell)

We supply high quality DKDP (KD*P) series, BBO series,LN (LiNbO3 or MgO:LiNbO3) series and LGS series electro-optic Q-switch (Pockels cell) with low competitive price. A Pockels cell alters the polarization state of light passing through it when an applied voltage induces birefringence changes in an electro-optic crystal such as DKDP (KD*P) and BBO. When used in conjunction with polarizers, these cells can function as optical switches, or laser Q-switches. Frequently, Q-switches are employed[...]


[China]Optical Calcite Crystal and Finished Components

We supply optical Calcite Crystal (Iceland Spar) both in raw material and semi-finished form or finished form (such as polarizers, waveplates, etc.) ready to be used as per customer's dimension or detail technical specified. Typical products are rhombohedral shape, rectangle and round, shaped plate, wedge and cube. The optical calcite crystals are carefully selected to eliminate small inclusions, cleavage planes, cloud and mist, point defects and bubbles inside the crystal. It is known for its[...]


[China]Coin Selector( Top Insertinn Style)

Description: Coin Selector Name: CPU Micro PC Identifying Coin Selector(Top Inserting Style) Ierm No.: CL-960 Unit Price: 90RMB (above 10 cases) Size: W15*D8*H15cm; (within inner packer) Features: 1. Select coin based on Diameter, Thickness & Metal content; 2. 3 ways adjustable Triggering Pulse Duration of Timer Switch; 3. VR tuning&Sensitivity Switch of coin acceptance for eliminating slugs&improper coins; 4. Inhibit Iput line for option of vendings&prize games;[...]


[China]Push Button

Push button We cna supply all kinds of LED illuminated push button eg, small round Push button, Small Square Push button, Rectangle Push Button. Red, white, Yellow, Blue, Green five colors available.[...]



As a manufacturer of PCBs, Elecsound can offer reasonable prices, good quality and fast lead time. we can offer 1 layer PCBs, two layers PCBs, 4 layers PCBs and 6 layers PCBs. and we can offer HAL, OSP and immersion gold and so on. Rohs is valiable also. our lead time for 1 and 2 layers PCBs are 7 days. and 4 layers PCBs are 10--14 days. And pls note that we have no minimum quantity for PCBs,we can accept any quantity you need.The price will be competitive also. Pls check if you need any pcbs.[...]


[China]Tantalum Capacitors

Elecsound offer very high quality for Tantalum Capacitors . we offer dipped type and SMD type tantalum capacitors. If you are looking for any tantalum capacitors.we will be your best choice. Pls feel free to contact with us. CA42 Dipped Tantalum Capacitors CA45 SMD Tantalum Capacitors[...]