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[Hong Kong]Power Resistor

These resistors are suitable as loading resistors, braking resistor, capacitor discharge & many more application. Low-Inductance type available Standard Rated Power : 10W ~ 2000W Special rated power can be made Various mounting fixture is available and Electrical Tab Terminal can be customized Silicon Coated[...]


[China]Rotary Switch

Material: Bakelite+Cuprum Range: as order[...]


[Poland]Notebook spare parts

We have in offer: notebook mainboards, graphic cards, harddrives, lcd panels and many other parts.Our main brand is ACER. Stock comes from surplus/overstock so our prices are very competetive. Ask for more details. Every week we have new delivery.[...]


[Hong Kong]Aluminum Housed Resistor

ASQ : 60W - 120W ASZ : 40W - 2000W Internal wire wound resistor is protected by external Aluminum Case from external mechanical force, humidity and dusty Suitable for industrial machinery and equipment, electric power distribution Durable and can withstand stronger vibration Low temperature coefficient and better heat conduction Standard Electrical lead wire length 100mm. However can be made according to customer's need. even support small quantity order and accept Credit Card Prompt[...]


[China]toroidal inductors

Toroidal Inductors ( Model Number : VT6018 ) A ) Features Various high power inductors are superior to be high saturation for THT mounting . B ) Applications Power supply for OA equipment and computers; Portable communication equipments; DC/DC converters, etc. Welcome custom designed inductors, transformers, splitters etc.[...]


[China]xDSL (ADSL, VDSL etc.) transformers

ADSL Transformer Features : 1 ) Small footprint . 2 ) Designed to meet ANSI and ETSI standards . 3 ) Excellent THD performance . 4 ) Isolation voltage : 1500Vrms Min. 5 ) Operating temperature for -20oC To 75oC . A ) Electrical Specifications : 1) Turn Ratio : 4) D.C.Resistance : 0.336 Ohm Max.(10-7),(9-6) (2-5):(10-7)=2:1 +/-1% 0.684 Ohm Max.(1-4),(2-5) (2-5):(9-6)=2:1 +/-1% 5) Total Harmonic Distortion : -78 dB Max.@30KHz,20dBm (2-5):(1-4)=1:1 +/-1% 25 Ohm load , 100 Ohm input ( short[...]


[China]Trimming Potentiometer TSR-3296 ( RoHS )

Suntan Trimming Potentiometer TSR-3296 series Style: TSR-3296P TSR-3296W TSR-3296X TSR-3296Y TSR-3296Z Resistance: 100-205 Ohms Packing: 50 pcs/tube MOQ: 500 pcs Lead time: 2 weeks.[...]


[China]TS13D CD135 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (RoHS)

TS13D CD135 screw type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Features: 1> Load life of 2000 hours at 85'C 2> Size may be selected 3> High ripple current 4> Used for computers, communication powers and inverters .[...]


[Taiwan]Invention of improvement in the structure of a capacitor

Capacitance Range 1.5, 3, 6, 10μF Capacitance Tolerance -5~+10% Voltage Range 250~500Vac Temperature Range -25~+70℃ ,-40~+85℃ Terminal Configuration Quick Connect Features With explosion-proof, protective device, prevent damages by pulses and durable use. Applications One-phasw Motor, Electric Fan, Machine Tool, Sporting Equipment, Electrical Apparatus, Power-Factor Correction Cappaitor etc.[...]


[Taiwan]AC BX Series

Dimension : UNIT : mm±1mm UF/V 250V.AC 300V.AC 350V.AC 400V.AC 450V.AC 500V.AC WxTxH WxTxH WxTxH WxTxH WxTxH WxTxH 1~2μF 31x10x19 31x10x19 31x11x21 31x15x25 31x15x25 37x15x26 3~4μF 31x13x23 31x15x25 37x15x26 38x17x27 39x19x29 38x21x32 5~8μF 37x15x26 38x17x27 39x19x29 38x21x32 50x20x30 52x22x35 9~10μF 39x19x29 38x21x32 38x21x32 50x20x30 11~13μF 38x21x32 38x21x32 50x20x30 14~15μF 50x20x30 52x22x35 52x22x35 16~19μF 52x22x35 50x30x40 50x30x40 20~25μF[...]