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Category: Electronics, electrical engineering -> Electrotechnics -> Power tools

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Abrasive Flap Discs Type Z 13

Mould : convex or flat Grain : zirconium electrocorund Disc base : glass fibre or plastic Grain : 40,60,80,120 Disc dimension : 115mm , 125mm , 178mm General application : steel , nonferrous metals , stainless steel May also be used for : wood , plastic[...]


[Poland]Milwaukee Kango 9OO demolishing hammer

Usage: • Cutting / smashing concrete, walls, bricks or asphalt • Making in mesh fraying of walls • Cleaning / scraping of floors (removing plaster, mortar or heavy deposits, wastes from hard floors). • Compressing contrete, aggregate or soil • Shaking • Dry compressing • Digging frozen soil, clay, chalk, gravel for foundations, graves, etc. • Introducing earth electrodes Milwaukee Kango 95O Multi-functional hammer Usage: the same as Milwaukee Kango 900 and: • Drilling[...]



[Poland]Pin and Brad Nailers

Pins and brads are used mainly in building and furniture industries, also by coffin makers and for interior works - anywhere aesthetic and distinctive fixing is required. The smallest pins type S700 are commonly used for fixing decorative slats. For stronger fixing we recommend brads (on request available with painted head).[...]


[Poland]Coil nailers

Reliable pneumatic nailers from BeA are used in the field of building industry (construction and roofing), garden architecture, pallet production and repair as well as packaging (crates). Compact, modern design and magazine containing up to 350 nails make these tools more and more popular in the field applications and on assembly lines. Coil nails “made in Poland” are manufactured in lengths 25-100 mm - from 200 to 350 nails per coil. For pallet manufacturers we recommend our UIC-PKP and[...]


[Poland]Grinding wheels

Grinding wheels for dry and wet cutting[...]


[Poland]Diamond wire

we offer diamond wire for cutting: * concrete, reinforced concrete * granite or marble block * masonry walls * sandstone[...]


[Poland]Diamond blades

Professional, semi- professional and hobby blades for cutting: * concrete and reinforced concrete * asphalt * refractory * natural stones (granite, marble, sandstone)[...]


[Poland]Diamond drills

We produce diamond core drills with the segments for every application: * concrete, reinforced concrete * masonry * asphalt * stones (granite, marble, sandstone etc.) * refractory Drill size: * diameter - 6 mm ÷ 1000 mm * lenght - 50 ÷ 1500 mm[...]


[Poland]Diamond grinding wheels

We offer new diamond grinding wheels and retiping of the segments for wet and dry use for: * concrete and masonry * sandstone * granite * refractory with diameter from 115 mm to 600 mm.[...]


[Poland]Cutting wheels

We offer the cutting wheels for cutting[...]