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[China]Polyimide film Kapton film Kapton HN Kapton FN BOPI FEP film

Polyimide Film Kapton Film (similar to Kapton HN) Polyimide film is achieved by polycondensation of PMDA and ODA in strong polar solvents and through the process of forming film and imine treatment at high temperature, which possesses excellent physical, chemical, and electrical properties, atomic radiation resistant, solvent resistant, low & high temperature resistant, It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as -452F(-269c) and as high as +500F(+260c). BOPI Kapton[...]


[China]ozone tube,ozone ceramic tube

The ozonizer is adopt integrated circuit, corona discharge to produce ozone , The gap-type discharge room composed of nanometer ceramic and good quality stainless, The way of it adopt machinery sealed, connectors and machinery sealed parts are all adopt antioxidant parts Advantages: Continues work, low temperature, long life time, small size, high concentrations, simple installation, easy maintenance, performance indicators and actual use of results are superior to similar products. [...]


[China]Polyimide Kapton Polyester Mylar Glass cloth insulation adhesive tape

Polyimide Kapton Adhesive Tape with Silicon or Acrylic Resin This kind of tape is made of polyimide kapton material with heat-resistant silicone or acrylic adhesive, which shows excellent dielectric insulation properties, high heat resistant, excellent solvent resistant, mask-off gold finger contacts during wave soldering, and is widely used for electrical insulation on motor, transformer, coils, PCB masking and so on. Polyester Mylar Adhesive Tape with Silicon Acrylic or Rubber Resin This[...]


[China]DMD FDMD Prepreg NMN NPN NHN NKN Nomex 6520 6630 6640 6641 6650

Polyester film / Fish paper composite (6520) The composite (6520) is made of polyester film laminated with insulation fish paper. It has good electric properties and high mechanical strength. It's widely used as slot insulation, gasket and turn insulation in electric machines and appliances of class E. DMD 6630 DMD is made of two layers of polyester non-woven with one layer of polyester film, with good dielectric properties, high heat resistance and mechanical strength, which is suitable for[...]


[China]Mica plate Mica sheet Mica tape Mica flake VPI Muscovite Phlogopite

Mica Plate / Mica Sheet HP5 series of rigid heater mica plate is made of muscovite or phlogopite mica paper impregnated with high temperature resistant silicone resin, which is used as supporting insulation for resistance wire heating elements in electric toasters, hair dryers, irons, curlers, electric hot combs, strip heaters, baseboard heaters and for gaskets and other applications with excellent resistance to moisture, thermal and mechanical properties and good electrical properties. HP5 series[...]


[China]Semi-conductive and Antistatic Glass Cloth Laminate Sheet

Semi-conductive and Antistatic Glass Cloth Laminate Sheet This two kinds of thermosetting industrial Laminate are electrical alkali-free glass woven fabric base impregnated an epoxy resin binder mixed with special additive powder by processing under pressure and heat. Semi-conductive glass cloth laminate sheet has high mechanical strength, good semi-conductive performance and anti-corona property which is suitable for electronic applications. Anti-static has high mechanical strength and good antistatic[...]


[China]Ripple spring sheet

Ripple spring sheet Ripple spring sheet is made of bon-alkali glass fiber cloth impregnated with high-temperature resistance resin after process of backing and press in mould. This kind of sheet has good properties of mechanism and heat-aging resistance. It can be used as slot cell wedge in large generator of 300MW 600MW or 900MW.[...]


[China]electrical grade/high purity kind of barium salts(electronic industry)

Product Name: HIGH PURITY OF BARIUM CHLORIDE CAS No.: 10326-27-9 Properties: Barium Chloride is an excellent water soluble crystalline. Spec: ITEM EXPORTING GRADE EXCELLENT GRAFE CONTENT 99.9% min 99.99% min N 20PPM max 0.001% max NaCl 10PPM max 0.0005% max Fe 5PPM max 0.0005% max S 50ppm max Mg 10ppm max 0.0005% max Pb 5ppm max 0.0002% max Ca 50ppm max 0.001% max Sr 40PPM max 0.001% max Zn 10ppm max Al 2PPM max 0.0002% max Si 2PPM max 0.0002% max K 10PPM max 0.0005% max WATER[...]


[China]JBC Insulation Piercing Connectors

. Functions: Main line: Insulated Cu or Alu Branch line: Insulated Cu or Alu On contact live or dead line work A). Watertight connector withstanding 6 kv flashover in water. Its insulating body Is highly climatic and mechanically resistant. B). Protection against water in shunted cable by water tightness joined. Equipped with A fusible ring, and insulating tap cable end cap. The branch can be on the left Or on the right. C). Shear head screw. Once shear head is broken removal possible.[...]


[China]Output Mirror,Optical window

5. Output Mirror Dimension: 4mm-- 100mm Angle tolerance: 30" --3' Surface accuracy: λ/10--1λ Surface quality: 60/40 Clear Aperture: 90% Coating: custom design 6. Optical window According to custom design to manufacture infrared windows, UV fused silica windows, CaF2 windows, ZnSe windows, Si windows, etc. Material: flint glass, UV fused silica, infrared fuses silica, CaF2, Ge, ZnSe, Si, etc. Diameter: 4mm-- 100mm Parallelism: <30" Surface accuracy: > λ/10 Surface[...]