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[China]electrical grade/high purity kind of barium salts(electronic industry)

Product Name: HIGH PURITY OF BARIUM CHLORIDE CAS No.: 10326-27-9 Properties: Barium Chloride is an excellent water soluble crystalline. Spec: ITEM EXPORTING GRADE EXCELLENT GRAFE CONTENT 99.9% min 99.99% min N 20PPM max 0.001% max NaCl 10PPM max 0.0005% max Fe 5PPM max 0.0005% max S 50ppm max Mg 10ppm max 0.0005% max Pb 5ppm max 0.0002% max Ca 50ppm max 0.001% max Sr 40PPM max 0.001% max Zn 10ppm max Al 2PPM max 0.0002% max Si 2PPM max 0.0002% max K 10PPM max 0.0005% max WATER[...]


[China]Cover tapes

1.These Cover Tapes are treated with multilayer PET film that coated by heat activated in combination, suitable to long-term stability, it provide excellent laminating under different temperature and humidity with bottom carrier. 2. Separately gives anti- static electricity processing depend on the usages of need, can avoid producing to each kind of chip components influences, also can be suitable for High Speed Taping, enhances production efficiency, guarantees system regulation quality stability.[...]


[China]Top&Bottom Tapes

1.Top tapes SC307E are specially provides for the passive part (CHIP) industry, may simultaneously be suitable to the punched and unpunched paper card board carrier, we supply pan-cake form and spooling specification form for customer need. two kind of different rewinding types of product for the user, depends on its mechanical operation way choice. 2.Top tape SC307E is made by the PET film and heat activated hot melt adhesive after been anti- static electricity processing, may avoid to cause[...]


[China]Silicone Protection Tapes

SPB413 are suitable for the electric circuit board galvanizing process, laminating two sides of inner board protective film (PB-415), prevent galvanization fluid plunges and pollution. Series SP100xx are suitable for MLCC (Multilayer Chip Capacitor) industry, for use of chip moistens to silver and copper.[...]


[China]Kapton Tapes

SPB416C is suitable for the electric circuit board shielding golden finger during plating process, antipollution golden finger or the to protect gold-plated multiple connector becomes tin-plated., Kapton film, Flame retardant, thermo-melting 180 ℃ above.[...]


[China]Plating Tapes

SPB413/414 are suitable for the electric circuit board galvanizing process, laminating two sides of inner board protective film (SPB-415), prevent galvanization fluid plunges and pollution. PB417/417R tapes are high-elongation type, PCB(Printed Circuit Board) plating process, camouflage golden finger part is easy to operate, heat resistant without residue, flat surface type or vertical type plating even can be suitable. SPB418 mainly use in the high temperature 210 ℃ above Baking &[...]


[Malaysia]Finger Cot

Spore Ordinary - Ordinary Finger Cot for Industrial Use. Light-powdered for Long Shelf Life. Great in Gripping & Anti-Slipping. Spore Clean - Special Finger Cot for Cleanroom Use. Ultra Low Powder. Purified by Secondary Process to reduce Ionics, Particles and Other Contaminants. Best in Gripping & Anti-Slipping Powder Free - Powder-free Finger Cot. Suitable to Use in Cleanroom Class 1000 Environment. 100% Free from Particles and Other Contaminants Sulphur Free - Special Finger[...]


[Malaysia]Black Finger Cot

Powder-Free Permanent Static-Dissipative Finger Cot. Suitable in ESD & Cleanroom Class 1000 Environment[...]


[Slovenia]MODUL switches and sockets

TOP END design and highest quality products in Italian - modular style, complying with most world standards.[...]


[Slovenia]Ekonomik switches

High quality switches and sockets in standard - German range.[...]