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[China]Vibration Graphite

Vibration Graphite(VSK Series) VSK Series fine grain graphite has an exceptionally homogeneous structure, almost isotropic properties and low ash content. It can be manufactured in large sizes. Further processing, for example impregnation is possible. VSK Series graphite can be used a wide of applications in metallurgical, machinery, electronics, chemical, and so on.[...]


[China]Extruded Graphite

Extruded Graphite EGK Series graphite materials are available as round rods and rectangular blocks, with relatively fine grain size, and have good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, with low ash content. A preferential grain orientation is their prominent property. Density, mechanical strength and oxidation resistance can be improved by means of further impregnation[...]


[China]Molded Graphite

Molded Graphite Molded graphite materials we supplied are divided into two series: FS Series /FB Series . They have high anisotropy. The materials provide extremely wide characteristics such as mechanical strength, friction and conductivity, which can be further enhanced by impregnation with resins or metals. Special materials can be processed by pressing components directly close to final sizes. The press-to-size-technology reduces the cost of machining in large quantities.[...]


[China]Cylinder of graphite Lubricant

Cylinder of graphite Lubricant Our graphite lubricant rod is manufactured according to International advanced technology and crafts.Which has steady qualities and competitive price.Widely used in self-lubricant board, self-lubricant bearings, fixed-inlay self-lubricant bearings and other industries.With good machine strength, excellent lubricant effect, it is widely used by customers from all over the world. Specifications are according to customer’s requirement.The production is observed seriously[...]


[China]Isostatic Press graphite

Isostatic Press graphite graphite material is an especially fine grain, dense, isotropic graphite. Isostatic press graphite has many good characteristics such as high strength, excellent thermal shock resistance to high temperature and oxidation, low specific resistance, good anticorrosion, ease of precise machining, high purity, and also have the merits of large size and good isotropy.[...]


[Indonesia]Elnagor 40 and 90

Elnagor 90 and 140 is designed for highly performance gear oil, it can withstand very high shear and high loading capacity. Manufactured from selected group 2 mineral based oil, blended with the highly performance additives, with perfectly balance, ranched from, extreme pressure, rust inhibitor, anti oxidant, anti wear, metal deactivator, high shear stability polymers, in order to comply with the present demand of highly performance machineries.[...]


[Indonesia]Elglicom C

This grease is a lithium complex soap grease, specially formulated to comply with the present Demand of all machineries that need to operate at high temperature and high speed. This grease is based on blended group 2 mineral oil and the latest generation, a high performance, perfectly balance additives to Serves the demand of present machineries. Dropping point is 320 degree C.[...]


[Poland]Bucket Wheel Excavator

We offer BWE with capacity 100 to 6000 cubic meters per hour and specific cutting force up to 200 kN/m.[...]


[China]PDC Cutter Especially for Cone Bits

Hunan Flydisc New Material Co.,Ltd, is one of the earliest manufacturers of superhard material in China. We obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certificate in August 2003. Our PDC products are made from diamond and carbide by sintering under high temperature and high pressure, and therefore have excellent wearability and impact toughness. As a maufacturer, we supply spherical, conical, wedge, eccentric wedge series PDC cutter which can be used as the gage protection or cutting elements of cone[...]


[China]forged steel grinding ball,casting iron grinding ball, grinding rod,

We are a professional manufacturer of GRINDING STEEL BALLS in China, and can supply all kinds of material grinding media balls, grinding rod and our products are exported to USA, CANADA, CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA, KOREA AND JAPAN more than 20 countries and regions in the world. Our products have obtained ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Authentication and also our company has past ISO14001 Environmental System Authentication. Now introduce our products to you. Products detail: SIZE: DIA20MM[...]