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[Poland]ERP System

Application recording and reporting sales. It is based on data warehouse reflecting sales company interests. Data will be entered through core application interface, web site or handheld devices (PDA).[...]



SILVERCODERS OCR Server is a powerful and complete server-based optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF conversion solution for enterprises. OCR Server is able to perform conversion of printed documents to editable and searchable formats like plain text, rtf, pdf, html, providing highly accurate recognition in 189 languages. Available as Linux application or standalone machine, with fully documented API, very good performance and flexible licensing rules the server can be a single, centralized[...]


[Poland]WebChat software

WebChat software is an IT system for the interactive exchange of text information - it enables many Internet users to carry out a discussion simultaneously. WebChat functional criteria include: o discussion monitoring by a given user called a moderator with the optional possibility of interrupting the activities of a given participant (e.g. where he / she does not comply with netiquette rules), o filtering of text information with automation of processes, eliminating information[...]

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[Poland]Credit Card Authorisation System

Credit Card Authorisation System - this makes it possible to make a payment on the phone with the aid of the so-called "human factor", i.e. an employee responsible for the gathering and verification of data necessary for the authorisation process. The system is, technologically and functionally, a combination of the IIPS system with all the features of the Internet Credit Card Authorisation Systems and the Stationary System of Orders equivalent to a multilevel Internet shop. The[...]

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[Poland]WebCallCenter software

WebCallCenter® has been created to enable a company's customer to contact it through its website. This software makes it possible to integrate infoline services with the Internet and manage incoming e-mails. The following modules of the system are available: CallMeBack / CallMeLater - the call-back service; the customer fills out the special form on the company website and indicates when he/she will be available on the phone. A company representative subsequently calls the person back on a[...]

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[Poland]The Credit Card Authorisation System

The Credit Card Authorisation System - similar to the IPPS system, makes it possible to make a payment on the phone with the aid of the so-called "human factor" without disclosing critical data which is especially protected in the authorisation process, i.e. credit card numbers. The IVPS system is a technological and functional integration of the IIPS and IPPS systems (including all the above features), the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and the WebCTI system (an IT solution[...]

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[Poland]Internet Credit Card Authorisation System

Internet Credit Card Authorisation System - this makes it possible to make a transaction on the Internet using a credit card as the means of payment. An IT system made according to Internet technologies standards based on Java programming platform (Java servlets) in version 1.2.x. Design pattern: MVC (Model-View-Controller). Security mechanisms: o SSL data encoding protocol; o multilevel mechanism of data verification; o system of data encoding designed by Webtel[...]

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[Poland]SILVERCODERS Fixed Assets

This program stores all necessary data about specified object and notes all modifications using the object history. The objects may be logically associated in sets that improves management of objects like computer workstations or conference equipment. Data may be updated directly using a computer and barcode readers or mobile terminals. It is very simple to specify inventory commission teams, send necessary data to mobile terminal, perform control inventory or nature inventory and create necessary[...]


[Poland]EuroPOS SM

EuroPOS® SM is a computer software package that supports all sales activities performed by retailers at the point of sale. It is designed for use either with a computer-controlled cash register or with a computer with an attached fiscal printer. EuroPOS® SM features: · steady customers database – 1 million, · Items database (PLU) – 1 million, · processing and management of discount cards, · processing and management of loyalty & payment cards (EuroKARTA), · full processing[...]


[Poland]Fotobus® 3.0 PC Software

Fotobus® Software for managing archives of photographs, multimedia and documents. Fotobus Home – for home users, working on one computer. Fotobus Pro – for single computers or many users network installation; designed for photographers, graphic designers, companies having many documents or photos to manage, advertising agencies, publishing houses. Fotobus Pro Plus – documents, photos and multimedia management system; designed for large, dispersed companies working in many different[...]