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[Italy]Slotting Machinery Tools (Slotters)

RACK AND PINION SYSTEM RAM DRIVE The natural evolution of the technology had allowed to conceive these heavy duty Slotting Machines equipped with CNC on the 4 working axes. A very innovation solution is the controlled Z axis on the models CAMS 500E, 500EA and 500EA(850). CNC system on the 4th cutting axis is offering many considerable advantages, as follows: - drastic reduction of the setting time; - significant inprovement of quality of the cutting motion. In fact the Brushless motor drive[...]


[Poland]Furnaces For Heat Treatment of Cast

Remix offers for the foundry industry the following furnaces: chamber furnaces, car-bottom furnaces, furnaces for continuous work and automated plants. These units are designed for annealing, solutioning, ageing of alloy casts. Within the latest design solutions we obtain high level of output, high quality of heat systems, modern thermal insulation, regular temperature profile, modern outfit of control panels and also low consumption of energy. Typical example of our units for heat treatment of[...]


[India]Cored wire Injection Machine.

Remso has designed with unique feature of the wire Injection is an optional load cell based weighing system for comparison and accurate feeding. The standard system offered is an encoder-based length of wire fed to weight conversion system optionally for One, Two, Four and Six strands wire injection System with improving the shortcoming of the existing wire feeding system in the market. The feeders are compact, flexible and reliable with a high degree of efficiency and integrated with hardware &[...]


[Poland]Half-automatic cutting machine MAX 3

Half-automatic cutting machine MAX 3 is a modern device for oxygen and plasma cutting and also for beveling and metal splaying. A compact build and little weight is the advantage of the cutting machine therefore it is possible to use it in many ways. The direct current engine guarantees a stable move speed in the whole range of its regulation. An outrigger with torch suspension can move for a distance of 150 mm. Setting the torch height takes place by means of a cog wheel and a rack placed on the[...]


[Poland]Cutting machine for thermal cutting

General device characteristics Cutting machines EOM are aimed at oxygen metal low-alloyed cutting, and while plasma cutting application of alloyed metal and nonferrous metals. CUTTING MACHINE BUILD The cutting machine is built of closed profiles on which work-support blades are located. The drive of servo-engine drive carried onto the toothed bar through a toothed wheel allows for exact reading from the templates also at high speeds. Electro-magnetic gears let for fast, manual move of the cutting-off[...]


[Romania]Vertical turning Lathe VTL SC 43

RO UM 126-001 Vertical turning Lathe VTL SC 43 Make : IM ROMAN YOM: 1982 Machine is complete, on foundation, under power. Price: 285,000 Euro ExWork Romanian Factory. Offer availability: 15 days[...]


[Poland]*** Brush Holders

Offering brush holders and spare parts for electromagnetic Stromag clutch , ZF, Ortlinghaus, Heid Producer and supplier of spare parts for metalworking machines, especially machines made by polish, German and Czech producers FUM POREBA, FAT WROCLAW, PIESOK, HECKERT, CHOFUM, AVIA, TOS, UNION. In our offer you will find origin clutches from HEID, Ortlinghaus, ZF, FUMO, Stromag, Binder, Pohony ( for example KLDO, VHT, ETM, FOV, EKE, ELS, KL, EK) pumps, valves, tool posts, cutting tools, lead screws[...]


[Poland]Coupling *** VBA20S, VBA 20

We offer a new series of clutch VBA in the following sizes: VBA 0.63, 1.25, 1.25 s, 2.5, 5, 5s, 10, 10s, 20, 20s, 40, 40s, 80, 80s and: ETM 052; 0.54, 0.56, 0.62, 0.64, 0.66, 0.72, 0.74, 0.76, 0.82, 0.84, 0.86, 0.92, 0, 94, 0.96, 102, 104, 112, 114, 116, 122, 124, 126, 132, 134, 136, 142, 144, 146 In addition, we offer a wide range of clutches and brakes Polish and foreign producers. Join us!.[...]


[Poland]*** Clutch ETM, VBA

We offer in sizes of clutches; ETM 0, 52; 0, 54; 0, 56; 0, 62; 0, 64; 0, 66; 0, 72; 0, 74; 0, 76; 0, 82; 0, 84; 0, 86; 0, 92; 0, 94; 0, 96; 102; 104; 112; 114; 116; 122; 124; 126; 132; 136; 142; 144; 146 and VBA 0, 63; 1, 25; 1, 25s; 2, 5; 5; 5s; 10; 10s; 20; 20s; 40; 40s; 80; 80s; VEP 20B; 40B; 63B; 100B; 160B; 250B; 400B; 650P; 65C/P; 130 C/Ps. If you have any questions please send on my email[...]


[Poland]*** Halogen lamps

We offer various kinds of halogen lamps which are an important piece of equipment in accordance with workplace health and safety regulations in force DSCF3412. This lighting is used in all types of industrial machines, which need to be accurate and quick adjustment of the light beam. - IP 65 - telescopic arm - resistance to coolants and oils Join us!.[...]