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[Romania]Hydraulic Press 2500 TO. IMGB

YOM 1982 Make: IMGB Bucharest Technical characteristics: Maximum Force: 2,500 To Table dimensions: 4400 x 2450 mm Between columns: 2500 x 1540 mm Table travel: 2000 mm (left) Table travel: 6000 mm (right) Machine weight: 550 to. Location: Romania PRICE: 680,000.00 Euro Ex Work Romanian factory.[...]


[Romania]Forest line CNC Gantry Mill

X axis gantry travel ............................ 20 000 mm ( 806") Y1 axis horizontal crossrail.................. 5 000 mm ( 200") for Ram #1 Y2 axis horizontal crossrail.................. 5 000 mm ( 200") for Ram #2 Z1 axis Vertical Ram #1...................... 1 000 mm ( 40") Z2 axis vertical Ram#2 ................... 1 000 mm ( 40") W axis crossrail .............................. 2 500mm or 3000 mm ( to be verified ) Between columns .........................[...]


[Romania]Plano Miller FLP 1600 CNC

Make : IMU Bacau, Romania , Year : 1984. Machine is in very good condition. Main technical features: 1. Table : a. 2 tables size : 1620 x 3000 b. Total length of coupled tables : 6000 mm c. Tables travel : 7320 mm 2. Cross rail : a. Cross rail travel : 1800 mm 3. Vertical milling Head : a. Main motor power : 60 kW b. Spindle speed : 10 – 500 rpm c. Spindle taper : ISO 60 d. Ram vertical travel : 1000 mm 4. Distance between Columns : 2160 mm 5. Maximum distance between spindle[...]


[Romania]Portal Milling Machine FLP 3100 CNC

Offer object: Completely retrofitted Portal Milling Machine type FLP-3100, having the following main characteristics: 1. TABLE: - Table dimension: 3100x10700 mm - Max. weight on table: 4000 kg/sqm 2. TRAVELS: - Longitudinal travel of table (X-axis): 11000 mm - Transversal travel of ram on crossrail (Y-axis): 3600 mm - Vertical travel of ram (Z-axis): 1000 mm - Vertical travel of crossrail (W-axis): 3000 mm - Distance between columns: 3600 mm 3. MAIN SPINDLE: - Main spindle motor[...]


[China]Inverted vertical CNC lathe

Application : Inverted vertical CNC lathe widely used in automobile brake disc, brake drum, gear blank disc type of processing, etc.. Introduction : Inverted vertical CNC lathe is a kind of lathe that has the function of turning and grinding .It uses a double inverted main shaft and the corresponding cutting unit, double side grinding unit. Machine tools equipped with high automatic, blanking logistics agencies across the machine tool, can realize automatic production, can be a complete both[...]


[China]Hydraulic swing beam shearing machine QC12Y-4*2000--QC12Y 20-5000

Main Specifications: 1. Shearing Capacity(T*W): 4*2000mm; 2. Intensity of tension for plate: 450N/mm2; 3. Shearing Angle: 1°30′; 4. Travel Distance of Back gauge (mm): 600mm; 5. The travel of hydro-cylinder: 110mm; 6. Stroke Times / min: 17; 7. Distance between two columns: 2170mm; 8.The length of knife board: 2050mm; 9.The height of the working table from the ground: 650mm; 10.Depth of the throat: [...]


[Poland]Furnaces For Heat Treatment of Cast

Remix offers for the foundry industry the following furnaces: chamber furnaces, car-bottom furnaces, furnaces for continuous work and automated plants. These units are designed for annealing, solutioning, ageing of alloy casts. Within the latest design solutions we obtain high level of output, high quality of heat systems, modern thermal insulation, regular temperature profile, modern outfit of control panels and also low consumption of energy. Typical example of our units for heat treatment of[...]


[Italy]Slotting Machinery Tools (Slotters)

RACK AND PINION SYSTEM RAM DRIVE The natural evolution of the technology had allowed to conceive these heavy duty Slotting Machines equipped with CNC on the 4 working axes. A very innovation solution is the controlled Z axis on the models CAMS 500E, 500EA and 500EA(850). CNC system on the 4th cutting axis is offering many considerable advantages, as follows: - drastic reduction of the setting time; - significant inprovement of quality of the cutting motion. In fact the Brushless motor drive[...]


[China]pH Meter

KL-009〔Ⅲ〕High Accuracy Pen-type pH Meter KL-009(III) high accuracy pen type PH meters uses combined pH electrode of high sensitivity , fast response, and good repetition as probe. With 31/2 liquid crystal digits display, the meter is reliable, stable, portable, and convenient to operate, especially for field measuring. It is praised by home and aboard. This product has been exported in batches. Temperature compensation and temperature display. Technical Specification: Model KL-009(III)[...]


[China]pH meter

KL-98103 Economical pH Tester Technical Specification:       Model KL-98103 Range 0.00~14.00PH Accuracy ±0.2PH ±0.1PH(at20℃) Resolution 0.01PH Operating temperature 0℃~50℃ Power Supply 3×1.5V(AG13) Dimensions 175mm×51mm×25mm Weight 57g[...]