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[China]DAS Split Case Multi-Stage Pump

DAS Split Case Multi-Stage Pump Das Series, double casing multi-stage horizontal split case centrifugal pumps are specially designed for descaling in hot steel rolling process, water injection in oil field, boiler water feed and other high pressure applications.[...]


[China]SBD Backup Sump Pump

SBD Backup Sump Pump Typical Application: -Sump pump operated by municipal water pressure when electric power fails or when your conventional sump pump does not operate due to a mechanical failure; -Continuous duty: S1;[...]


[China]plastic mould, plastic crate mould, basket mould

Micon Mold make a series of plasic crate packaging mould, such as nest crate mould, stack crate mould, bread crate mould,meat crate mould,argriculture crate mold,banana box mould,retail crate mould,dairy crate mould,beverage crate mould,laundry basket mould, vegetable basket mould, fruit basket mould, plastic basket mould, beer case mould, tool box mould,turnover crate mould etc. Plastic Mould Material: P20, S45#,718, 2738,H13, NAK80,2344,2343,S136,etc.... Mould Runner: Cold runner, Hot runner:[...]


[China]DF In-line Chemical Process Pumps

DF Series, including DFLH Vertical, DFWH Horizontal, DFLPH Vertical Canned Motor and DFWPH Horizontal Canned Motor Pumps, are single-stage single suction centrifugal pumps designed to meet various tough demands in chemical applications. Ideal for delivering corrosive liquids similar to water in terms of viscosity, including organic and non-organic chemicals.[...]


[China]HSU Air-Driven Test Pump

The portable type of hydro-power unit be installed on the band wheel frame, having good versatility. It adopt to convey oil, water and corrosive chemical medium, pressure of them could up to 2310 kgf/cm. Max. working pressure: 6.9 kgf/cm Min. start pressure: 1.7kgf/m[...]


[China]3G Gear Oil Pump

3G Gear Oil Pump Type 3G series are gear pumps designed for oil applications of various temperatures in Petrochemical and Chemical factories, food and cereal processing, metallurgy, power station, building materials. Applicable to heavy oil, fuel, lubricant and similar liquids. Bronze gear, stainless steel pump and explosive proof motor are all available upon request.[...]


[India]demister pad making machine

wire knitting machine makes knitted mesh and this knitted mesh media used for demister pads manufacturing for petrochemical,oil and gas,chemical,desaliation plants etc for separation of oil and gas,gas to gas,liquid to liquid,and also for enviromental application.[...]


[Estonia]Mill, Classifier, Complete Plant for fine and super fine grinding

Our company more than 35 year manufacturer of Complete Plant, Mill, Classifier for fine and ultra fine grinding of various products as Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Barite, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Pigments, Wollastonite, Chalk, Coke, Diatomite and other similar products. Wide range of modifications of Mills with capacity from 200 kg/h up to 10 t/h and end product fineness in range below 1 micron, 5 micron,10 micron, 15 micron, 45 micron allows to apply this grinding equipment in various fields., Due[...]


[Estonia]Micronized Mill and Complete processing Plant for fine grinding

We offer energy saving the Mill DESI 31 M2HS and the complete Plant for fine and ultra fine grinding in super fine powder Calcium Carbonate,Talc, Mica,Titanium Dioxide, Pigments and other alike products. Our more than 35 year experience, as the producer of grinding equipment, is basis of development energy saving grinding equipment for high qualitative product. Our equipment provides various characteristics of end product fineness, as: Below 1 micron (Titanium Dioxide), below 5 microns 97%, below[...]


[South Korea]UV Tape cure (SEMI AUTO)

-Model: JHCI-201T -Use :UV TAPE CURE -Power: 2Kw -Lamp No.: 1 -Lamp Name: Metal UV Lamp -Cooling :Air Cooling -Power Supply: 1Ø, 220V, 60Hz -Size(WxDxH) :800 x 800 x 1000 -Curing Width: 8inch -Reflector Focusing: Cold Mirror -Option *Hardening device exclusive for UV tape *Possible to adjust hardening hours *Hardening for clean room and copier type *Low temperature maintenance and excellent quality preservation *Possible to manufacture 12 inch upon order *Easy[...]