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Customrized Agitatol , one set could be ordered[...]


[China]plastic mould, plastic crate mould, basket mould

Micon Mold make a series of plasic crate packaging mould, such as nest crate mould, stack crate mould, bread crate mould,meat crate mould,argriculture crate mold,banana box mould,retail crate mould,dairy crate mould,beverage crate mould,laundry basket mould, vegetable basket mould, fruit basket mould, plastic basket mould, beer case mould, tool box mould,turnover crate mould etc. Plastic Mould Material: P20, S45#,718, 2738,H13, NAK80,2344,2343,S136,etc.... Mould Runner: Cold runner, Hot runner:[...]


[Spain]Retournable glass bottling line

Ø The factory is situated in Barcelona and manufactures more than 14 million boxes of 24 bottles each one. Machinery is in average 15-20 years old, perfectly preserved produce at high efficiency. Ø Three complete Retournable glasslines. These lines produce around 30,000 bottles but can work between 10,000 and 34,000 bottles/hour with excellent returns. Ø Each line has the following machines: § Depalletizer § Taking out boxing machine § Bottle Cleaning Machine § Bottle Filler[...]


[Spain]Non- retournable glass bottling line

On sale a NON retournable glass line. This line has the following: § Depalletizer of new bottles § Bottle rinser § Bottle filler + Intermix (it can fill bottles from 200 to 330 cc) § Bottle packer in retractil film § Full boxes palletizer § Pallet Transporters § Boxes Transporters § Bottle Transporters § Date coders This line does not have labeller, because current producer works with bottles already labelled from glass manufacturer. machinery is in perfect working state. can[...]


[Italy]High pressure foaming machine

R.M.P.A. High Pressure foaming machines available in output ranges from 50 grams to 3.5 Kg. per second. These machines can be interfaced with molding conveyors, turntables and robotic applications. As option we install magnetic coupled metering pumps, to avoid shaft seal leakage. High-pressure equipment is used predominantly in applications that require measured “shots” to produce molded foams, insulation, and automotive components such as seats, instrument panels, carpet backing. Our[...]


[Italy]High pressure machine small output

Suitable to inject all kind of Polyurethane Foam, having the following technical features: DOSING MODULE - Open frame for easier maintenance, on wheels - N.2 Motors with inverters. - N.2 high pressure dosing pumps - Variation of ratio and out-put by closed loop system programmed and monitored through Operator Panel - N.1 high pressure cartridge filter for Iso. - N.2 pressure switch - Connection flexible pipes between machine body and mixing head. - Pneumatic stream distributor[...]


[Poland]Volumetric and gravimetric feeders

This equipment can be used for dosing various bulk materials, particularly granulated materials, enabling a precise mixture of primary material and component (e.g. pigment concentrate). Among the company’s products is a new group of gravimetric feeders, intended for granulates or powder, with periodic or continuous cycles and precise proportioning by weight.[...]


[Poland]Sell Plastometer

REO-100 Plastometer - Termoplastics flow speed index measurement The aim of MFR and MVR index measurements is to find out basic processing properties of thermoplastics – plastic flow speed, in a maximum fast and cheap way. The knowledge of plastic quality which is going to be used in the production process makes it easier to select technological process parameters (e.g. injection, extrusion), shorten the production time and minimise production preparation costs. Method – plastic sample[...]


[China]Rotary Evaporator

Evaporating flask(L):20 Receving flask(L):10 Condenser:double Heating bath:5kw 100℃ Speed(rpm):3-110 Rate of evaporation(H2O):>5L/h Power supply:220V[...]


[India]demister pad making machine

wire knitting machine makes knitted mesh and this knitted mesh media used for demister pads manufacturing for petrochemical,oil and gas,chemical,desaliation plants etc for separation of oil and gas,gas to gas,liquid to liquid,and also for enviromental application.[...]