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[Italy]Radial - Axial fatigue test machine for alloy wheels

Radial Axial fatigue test machine The machine allows the simulation of an endurance fatigue test on car wheels subjecting them to radial and axial fatigue stress and holding the test conditions in time. In the machine station it is possible to stress a rim with radial and axial loads at the same time. The testing machine perfectly complies with Standards SAE J328/1204, ISO 3894, FIAT 7-B8000. It is composed of a soldered steel base on which one station or two stations can be mounted.[...]


[United Kingdom]Pierce & Raise

On line pierce and raise is the punching and raising of a lip on an end plate or baffle plate for box production. This process is also known as extrusion WHY PERFORM AS A SEPARATE OPERATION ? Tooling for the pierce and raising of holes as part of the end plate production is expensive and dedicated. These machines use low cost tooling, which is flexible in use, and is based on the quick-change principle. This tooling is easily fitted by operators, thus eliminating the need for setters. As[...]


[United Kingdom]Ridgelocker

These machines are able to ridgelock a complete multipass assembly in one cycle. This is achieved by loading all the components onto the machine (upto a maximum off four- (4) baffle plates, and four (4) tubes on a (4x4) machine. The cycle is then activated, and the machine ridgelocks all the baffle plate / tube joints in one cycle. Standard 3x3 Multi Ridgelocking machine The standard machine is able to Ridgelock upto a maximum of three (3) tubes to a maximum of three (3) baffle plates. Standard[...]


[United Kingdom]Casemaker

The Lockseam Casemaking machine has been specifically designed for use in a cellular manufacturing environment. The machine has a small footprint The machine utilizes a simple and easy to change, trolley mounted mandrel. The mandrel is loaded via an interlocked gate, and once the mandrel is installed, and the gate closed, all other setting is carried out at the front panel of the machine. The machine produces high quality, consistent lockseams and all boxes produced are parallel. The unique[...]


[United Kingdom]Baffle loader

Baffle loading is the process of inserting the internal assembly into a silencer/muffler case. BAFFLE LOADING MACHINE The ETL Baffle Loading Machine is of a vertical configuration, especially suited to cellular manufacture, where floor space is at a premium. The machine is designed to assemble both single and double inserts, dependant on box configurations. Featuring a rapid setting mode, and quick-change tooling ensures minimum down time between product runs, and simplicity of setting[...]


[Taiwan]compressed air dryer

Core Features and Benefits Stainless steel heat exchanger built-in. 10% consumption power saving. 30% less space. Real compact,. 50% decrease pressure drop. (for 8hp~30hp<0.1bar) Pioneer in compactness. Energy saving. Low pressure drop (under 0.2kg/cm2) Environmental friendly refrigerants(R407C) Multi-functional strong frame, high performance, simplified the exterior design. Compact in one set, and unique design with multinational patents. The parallel condenser is more compact, and able[...]


[China]china automatic stirrup bender

JAP-13 automatic stirrup bender ------------------------------- diameters with single strand / 6---12mm diameters with double strand / 6---9mm max bending angle /180° Length scope of the stirrup side / 130-----1200mm max pulling speed / 90m/min max bending angle /1000°/sec length tolerance /±1mm bending tolerance /±1° rated electric power /25.5KW overall machine weight /4800kgS Machine size /8500x2600x2580mm payoff /2set /Coils storage, With brake system by compressed[...]


[China]Sell Spraying Booth ST3

Model No.: ST3(Chinese standard) External Size: 7.0 x 5.3 x 3.5 M Internal Size: 6.9 x 3.9 x 2.7 M Structure: EPS for wall panal, thickness 50mm, 0.326mm steel Safe Door: 1870 x 650 (mm), 1 piece light system: Top light: 2 sides x 5 sets x 4 pcs,40W/piece Side light: 2 sides x 4 sets x 2 pcs,40W/piece; Vertical Burner Italian Riello diesel burner G20 Intake Fan: 1 set of 7.5kw exhuast fan: 1 set of 5.5kw Air duct: With 4m exhaust duct and 2 bends, without[...]


[China]Sell Electric Rotary Polisher

7"Electric Rotary Polisher:FT-EP07 1) Rated voltage: 110V - 240V,Frequency: 60Hz / 50Hz 2) Rated current: 11.0A,Rated power: 1,300W 4) Non-load speed: 800 - 3,000rpm 5) Constant Power System option ,professional quality 6) Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load and protection overload 7) Set with 6 speed dial at top, lock-on switch, soft touch handle 8) Extra heavy-duty 5/8" - 11" (US) or M14 x 2 (European) spindle with spindle lock 9) High[...]


[China]Sell Car Polisher

Car Waxer:FT-CP1 AC 120V,0.65A 3200RMP AC 230V,90W,3500RMP AC 100V,0.78A,3200RMP DC 12V, 5A ,3200RMP Foam Pad:8",9",10" Shell made of Hi impact ABS Accessories: one terry cloth bonnet and one woven bonnet[...]