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[China]Sandblast Cabinet

Natural Rubber/vinyl blast gloves Perforated steel flooring-abrasive large particle-separating screen and clean-out door powder coated inside and out Air regulator/gauge panel 14 gauge steel legs[...]


[Italy]Polyurethane equipment for automotive industry

R.M.P.A. manufactures a wide range of Conveyors, Turntable and Carousel Molding tracks, Foaming Robots or stationary mould clamps for the production of all kind PU items.[...]


[China]Plastic Injection Molding Machine

kh series it is super-sized plastic injection molding machine. the strongpoint as following: number of injection points:9, 13, 17, 25 etc. acting position of mold loacking force: directy acting on the mold (tradition horizontal type:acting on the machine frame)[...]


[China]Car wheel mould

The mould used: Good steel with high hardness Good accessories with high brightness Good machining with high precise parts fall down from the mold fully automatically after ejected.[...]


[China]PET Injection Molding Machine

PET Injection Molding Machine 1. Equipped with special purpose PET screw, screw L/D bigger than 1:23, greatly increase the color mixer and plasticizing performance. 2. Big orifice water cooling system to fulfill cooling demand of PET mould. 3. Increase ejector force to suit for multi-cavity PET perform eject. 4. Accurate barrel temperature control by PID temperature control. Ningbo Kingway Machinery Co., Ltd Technical parameter Item Unit Model KW218 Injection unit Screw[...]


[China]Room Humidity transmitter

Features · Indoor Humidity measurement. · Wide range of temperature probes · 0…10V or 4…20mA measuring signals · Compact size and modern design Applications · Indoor humidity measurement for comfort control Humidity Tansmitter The transmitter measures the humidity by the honeywell humidity sensor HIH-3610. The transmitter analog output may be be 0-10V or 4-20mA. And the transmitter include a noise filter.the power suply[...]


[China]titanium blot

We are a main manufacturer and distributor specializing in titanium products in China. Our capabilities include the manufacture, machining and distribution of quality titanium products: titanium materials, titanium bars, tube and sheets, titanium fasteners, parts and many other products. And we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of titanium fasteners, nuts, bolts, washers, machine screws, rivets, pins made of refractory and special metals, such as cp titanium,6 Al-4V titanium, in DIN, JIS,[...]


[China]Sandblast Cabinet

Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves Perforated steel flooring-abrasive large particle-separating scren and clean-out door Powder coated inside and out extra-rugged, heavy-duty production foot valve assembly. Built to last, with heavy steel housing and high-production brass flow valve Air regulator/gauge panel 14 gauge steel legs (16 gauge panels) Eliminationg typical suction pick-up tubes and hoses, media metering valve puts our economy series blast cabinets in an entirely differdent clas[...]


[China]fuse cover

Rubber fuse covers which are commonly used with PVC tubings, we can make all kinds of specifications according to customers' requirements. Please contact us for more information.[...]


[China]Brake Lathe

C9350 brake lathe package is an excellent value that includes lathe, bench, adapters, and other helpful accessories. You won't find a better value that will providea faster, more accurate, or easier brake service capability anywhere. C9350 is equippedwith features that help increase your service capability, like precision twin cutter tools and aquick drum-to-rotor changeover. A variable speed spindle and two-speed cross feed setting allows for easy rough and finish cuts. The Model C9350 supports[...]