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[Poland]Pigs fetter

Pigs fetter for automatic remove • galvanized steel Load capacity Weight Track 300 kg 2 kg 60,3[...]


[Poland]Rail systems

Fast precooling The modern meat companies are equipped with fast precooling systems to reduce the carcasses temperature and avoid the weight loss. Wamma deliveries a big choice of conveyor systems for these purposes. СThe modernest Wamma’s solution in this subject is multipoint drive system, which assure the best chain load. advantages - chain work without any inequalities - minimal chain load in every conditions - longer chain durability - high reliability in low temperatures -[...]


[Poland]Vertical and horizontal conveyors

The perfect transport system is one of conditions of unfailing production process. WAMMA deliver many systems of undersling conveyors.[...]


[Poland]Processing lines

After processes of slaughter animals storage, stunning, bleeding, scalding, dehairing and cleaning pieces go to clean part of slaughterhouse. WAMMA with platforms and gutters sets and conveyors secures the capacity increase keeping safety and environment protection.[...]


[Poland]Sliding hook EURO

• console – hot galvanized steel • hook – stainless steel • accessible for track 60,3 and 48,3 Load capacity Weight Track 250 kg 1,35 kg 60,3 250 kg 1,25 kg 48,3[...]


[Latvia]W160 Automatic meat grinder

Versatility Machine designed for grinding both fresh and frozen meat down to -20 oC for demanded granulation level of meat by choosing the appropriate set of knives and sieves. Advantages Solid and durable stainless steel construction. Easy to run and operate. Quick way – feeding auger plus grinding auger prevent from excess heating of meat. A combination of grinding tools performed by the word’s leading manufacturer. Shape of the feeding chute prevents from sticking of product onto its surface. Standard[...]


[Brazil]ICUMSA 45

We are leading supplier of white crystal sugar icumsa45 CUMSA Max 45 RBU, attenuation index units method No. 4-1978 Polarization Min. 99.80% Solubility 100% dry and free flowing Moisture 0.04% max, water insoluble matter 0.012% max Odor None Sediment None Ash by electrical conductivity 0.04% max Granulation Fine Color Sparkling White Radiation Below detectable limit, without presence of Caesium or Iodine Sulfur Dioxide <20 mg/kg Magnetic particles <4 mg/kg Crop 2013-2014 Type White[...]


[Taiwan]Jelly, Yoghurt, Chocolate, Coffee, Juice Cup Filling Sealing Machine

◎ SPECIFICATIONS: Model JP-1204 Cup Capacity 5~50g Production Rate 3,600~4,800 box/hr Air Consumption 280 l/min Power Source 220V/60Hz 5Kw Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 3000 x 850 x 1800mm Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 3150 x 1000 x 1950mm Net Weight 1000kgs Gross Weight 1350kgs First of all, we'd like to introduce ourselves, JELLRY PACK, is specialized in the managing & designnig for the turkey plant of beverage or food packaging machinery since 1981. At present, the Middle-East[...]


[Taiwan]Yoghurt, Juice Machine or Maker & Cup Sealing Machine (Mr. Jellry)

◎ SPECIFICATIONS: Auto. Cup Filling Sealing Machine & Foil Sealing Machine Model JP-2502 Cup Capacity 100~500 g Production Rate 1,200~1,800 cups/hr Air Consumption 140 l/min Power Source 220V/60Hz/ Ph. /1200W Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 1300 x 1300 x 1800mm Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 1450 x 1450 x 1950mm Net Weight 350kgs Gross Weight 550kgs Application for packaging of yoghurt, jelly, water, juice or other beverages in the packing of cup.[...]


[China]ice cream machine.

Model Name:BQL933A-HPMCR Feature: Computerized Controller With Digital Display Main Power: 220V50Hz / 110V60Hz / 220V60Hz Installed Power:2.4 KW Refrigerating Horse Power:1.5 HP Compressor Brand: Tecumseh Refrigerant Type: R22 / R404a Cold Hopper System Compressor: Dongper Refrigerant Type: R134a Flavours: 2+1mixed Hourly Output: 26-30KG/42-52L Cylinder Capacity: 1.9X2 Hopper Capacity: 5.8x2 Cooling Type: Air Net Weight (kgs):195 Overall Dimension:Width750 x Length540 x Height1520 Function[...]