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[Poland]Semi-automatic pneumatic PA-90-J clippers (carriage)

Semi-automatic pneumatic PA-90-J clippers (carriage) A semi-automatic clipper for double clipping used in small and big food processing plants. It can be used for all kinds of casing diameters (30-100 mm) as well for polyamide casings also of bigger diameters. It is mechanically connected to the stuffer (stuffing pump), and controls the stuffer via an electric connection signaling that the next portion of stuffing should be fed. Standard functions: * automatic cutting of casing[...]


[India]Metal Detector for Food Industry

We are the manufacturers and Exporters of metal detection systems worldwide from India (IN). Unique metal detection systems are in daily operation in several industries where these are efficiently handling a wide and diversified variety of products. We offer an extensive range of metal detection and separation solution for every type of conveying system used in industries. If the product is being conveyed on belts micro scan metal detector series with separators are able to remove metal from[...]


[Poland]Tubular pasteurizers

The heating-cooling mantle: double-sectional - separate roll part and lower lid, independent power supply and steering - at the inlet and outlet of each of the agents solenoid valves are planned. The cooling medium: water. As the heating medium we suggest water as well. The machine is equipped with a JAD type exchanger, a control steam valve, a hot water pump, a cumulative container, a safety-valve, internal temperature control, an automatic refilling valve. Hot water circulation works under pressure.[...]


[Poland]Homogenizing mixer

The homogenizing mixer is designed for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, as well as wherever there is a need to mix components of different density, extreme viscosity, in an atmosphere of inert gas or in a vacuum, at a freely chosen temperature. The product obtained is always homogeneous and the powders added are ground and dissolved, or they form a uniform suspension. The machine allows the process to be carried out in aseptic conditions, fully controlled by the control unit, with all[...]


[Poland]Compact mixer

A compact homogenizing mixer is used to achieve the same aims as a homogenizing mixer, but wherever the volume of the substances mixed is not large, e.g. up to 300l, and there is no need to equip the machine with all the control elements, we suggest a compact mixer. The most important characteristic of the machine is its simple structure and what is the most important thing - the far lower price. A compact mixer will satisfy most of the requirements that homogenizing mixers are supposed to meet,[...]


[Bulgaria]Ekomilk TOTAL

EKOMILK TOTAL is robust, reliable, automated multi-parameter milk analyzer providing rapid test results for: Fat, Protein, Solids Not Fat, Lactose, Density , Freezing point, Added Water, pH, Temperature and Conductivity in fresh milk (cow, sheep and/or buffalo, goat). RS-232 interface, Micro printer and automatic data capture are integrated. Based upon ultra-sound technology, the instrument does not require any costly chemicals, caustic or reagents for testing. EKOMILK TOTAL is an example of accuracy[...]


[Bulgaria]Somatic Cells Counting System

ECOSCOPE is a complete automated somatic cells counting system, based on the direct microscopic method, consisting of two sections ECOSCOPE- FPS1 and ECOSCOPE-SCC1 designed to detect mastitis as well as for complex research applications. The design of the system and the Windows-based software make measurement taking and data processing simple and convenient. Advantages: - Analyzing speed – the measuring time depends on the number of the analyzed optical fields. The analysis of one field takes[...]



Alkotest series Analyzers are intended for measurement of the ethyl alcohol contents in wine distillate and water alcohol mixtures. Using this analyzer the time needed per one analysis is reduced to about a minute (assuming distillation is already done). Alkotest analyzer makes unnecessary the use of such equipment as Analytical Balances, precision water thermostat and picnometers in the process of alcohol contents measurement. It also significantly reduces the human factor influence in the measurement[...]


[Bulgaria]Electronic Ebulliometer

Device for measuring ethyl alcohol contents volume percentage in wine. Key features: Compact; Automatic power control; Low sample volume; Automatic reading of boiling point; Automatic alcohol contents calculation; RS 232 Interface; User calibration available; Electronic Ebulliometer is designed for measurement of ethyl alcohol content percentage in wine. Electronic Ebulliometer provides easy, fast and accurate measurement, based on classic method and advanced electric technology.[...]


[China]Nanual Salad / food cutter

Sunleaf Metal Product Co., Ltd is a manufacture of Manual salad cutter. Since now, we total have 10 models. We start to produce and sale the salad cutter from 2005, they are very popular in USA and europe. Our salad machine have been acquired the out look design patented and Utility Model Patented both in china and USA , we have past the test for Europe by Intertek and acquired the certificate, so ,please trust us, our product is not only good in design, but also the using , quality,and it[...]