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[China]halal cattle slaughter production line

we are the largest manufacturer of abattoir and slaughter equipment for big and small slaughtering house to process the animals such as cattle ,sheep ,poultry and pigs. We are learning the tech of the advanced country such as Germany ,Holland and now have reached a higher level . After twenty years experience and effort, we can do all kinds of slaughter house machine for all animals with high quality. yahoo messenger mirranda78 skype name mirranda.xia[...]


[India]Metal Detector for Food Industry

We are the manufacturers and Exporters of metal detection systems worldwide from India (IN). Unique metal detection systems are in daily operation in several industries where these are efficiently handling a wide and diversified variety of products. We offer an extensive range of metal detection and separation solution for every type of conveying system used in industries. If the product is being conveyed on belts micro scan metal detector series with separators are able to remove metal from[...]


[Poland]Semi-automatic pneumatic PA-90-J clippers (carriage)

Semi-automatic pneumatic PA-90-J clippers (carriage) A semi-automatic clipper for double clipping used in small and big food processing plants. It can be used for all kinds of casing diameters (30-100 mm) as well for polyamide casings also of bigger diameters. It is mechanically connected to the stuffer (stuffing pump), and controls the stuffer via an electric connection signaling that the next portion of stuffing should be fed. Standard functions: * automatic cutting of casing[...]


[Poland]Tubular pasteurizers

The heating-cooling mantle: double-sectional - separate roll part and lower lid, independent power supply and steering - at the inlet and outlet of each of the agents solenoid valves are planned. The cooling medium: water. As the heating medium we suggest water as well. The machine is equipped with a JAD type exchanger, a control steam valve, a hot water pump, a cumulative container, a safety-valve, internal temperature control, an automatic refilling valve. Hot water circulation works under pressure.[...]


[Poland]Compact mixer

A compact homogenizing mixer is used to achieve the same aims as a homogenizing mixer, but wherever the volume of the substances mixed is not large, e.g. up to 300l, and there is no need to equip the machine with all the control elements, we suggest a compact mixer. The most important characteristic of the machine is its simple structure and what is the most important thing - the far lower price. A compact mixer will satisfy most of the requirements that homogenizing mixers are supposed to meet,[...]


[Poland]Homogenizing mixer

The homogenizing mixer is designed for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, as well as wherever there is a need to mix components of different density, extreme viscosity, in an atmosphere of inert gas or in a vacuum, at a freely chosen temperature. The product obtained is always homogeneous and the powders added are ground and dissolved, or they form a uniform suspension. The machine allows the process to be carried out in aseptic conditions, fully controlled by the control unit, with all[...]


[Latvia]Risco RS 405 Vacuum Filler

The new generation filler for the medium-large industry. The model RS 405 completes the wide range of Risco advanced fillers. The new RS 405 is a compact machine, precise and reliable. It features the filling system with lowered chambers, suitable for filling small quantities of viscous products and ensuring excellent filling accuracy in terms of quality and weight control. The new computer control allows monitoring the machine in direct and efficient way, thus enabling to speed up and optimize[...]


[China]Conveyor for beverage industry

Specifications︰ Widths of chain: 62mm, 83mm, 140mm Max. length per drive unit: 25M Working temperature: -20¡æ~+80¡æ Max. linear speed: 50M/min Chain pitch: 38.1mm Min. bending radius: 150mm Max. operating force: 4000N Weight of chain: 0.7KG/M Advantages︰ (1) Cleanness (2) Silence (3) Flexibility (4) High tensile (5) Stability (6) Wide application[...]


[China]ice cream machine.

Model Name:BQL933A-HPMCR Feature: Computerized Controller With Digital Display Main Power: 220V50Hz / 110V60Hz / 220V60Hz Installed Power:2.4 KW Refrigerating Horse Power:1.5 HP Compressor Brand: Tecumseh Refrigerant Type: R22 / R404a Cold Hopper System Compressor: Dongper Refrigerant Type: R134a Flavours: 2+1mixed Hourly Output: 26-30KG/42-52L Cylinder Capacity: 1.9X2 Hopper Capacity: 5.8x2 Cooling Type: Air Net Weight (kgs):195 Overall Dimension:Width750 x Length540 x Height1520 Function[...]


[China]ice cream machine.BQL920S

Model Name:BQL920S(Double Refrigeration System Model) Feature: Computerized Controller Main Power: 220V50Hz / 110V60Hz / 220V60Hz Installed Power:1.8x2 KW Refrigerating Horse Power:1.0x2 HP Compressor Brand: Tecumseh Refrigerant Type: R22 / R404a Flavours: 2+1mixed Hourly Output: 30-36KG Cylinder Capacity: 1.9X2 Hopper Capacity: 5.8x2 Cooling Type: Air Net Weight (kgs):195 Overall Dimension:Width750 x Length540 x Height1520 Selective Options: 1.air pump 2.keep-fresh overnight 3.mixture[...]