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[China]samosa empanada machine

We produce the newest automatic high quality high capacity samosa ,empanada , and dumpling integrated machine Model HDT-5000 controled by computer with advanced PLC panel screen finger touch controling system in China. This samosa , empanada ,dumpling machine Model HDT-5000 is very suitable for the Food processing plant, restaurant,hotel or even family food business. the investor can get his investment on this machine back within 3 months by production and sales. All of our samosa machines importers[...]


[China]spring roll samosa pastry machine

Our Automatic square or rectangular shape samosa spring roll Pastry Machine makes 1,500pcs pcs/h to 3,000pcs square or rectangular shape pastry for wrapping spring roll and samosa . it is the best quality and cheapest in price in the world . 1.Our newest Pastry Machine Model HDT-2000F (export Model) (for minimum order quantity of 1set ) is made by stainless steel with automatic conveyor,cutting,stacking,dry flour sprayer device for prevention of pastry sticky in stacking ,pastry counting functions[...]


[China]slicer to cut fruits vegetables

Automatic Digital Vertical cutter slicer machine Model-80, which cut all the raw material of plantain fruits vegetables cucumber into slices or segments (1mm to 30mm adjustable). pls see attached pic. This cutter is digital cutter with a conveyer to feed the raw material cut Vertically into slices or segments automatically from 1mm to 30mm by finger clicking the meter digital number easily and accurately. Such as sweet potato ,banana, Plantain ,carrot, asparagus , string beans, Cucumber, Celery[...]


[Finland]Falling film evaporator

We design and fabricate new, modify existing and sell second hand falling film, multiple-stage evaporators. We are also experts at TVR (Thermal Vapor Recompression) and MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technologies. Should you have need for a new or used evaporation system, do not hesitate to contact us! -Falling film -TVR or MVR -Multiple stage[...]



We at Ralli Oy Ltd. are experts when it comes to evaporation technologies. We design and fabricate new, modify existing and sell second hand, several effect, falling film, rising film and forced circulation evaporators. Also we are experts at TVR (Thermal Vapor Recompression) and MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technologies. Please do not hesitate to contact us!! -Falling film -Rising film -Forced circulation -TVR & MVR -Multiple stage[...]


[China]dough divider rounder

automatic dough divider rounder Model-30XI is a patent machine in China though machine pic was pirated by other Chinese suppliers , we are the only authentic machine producer and supplier in whole China. This Model-30XI dough rounder is highly welcome in Europe and Canada ,USA markets. Capacity 1800pcs round dough bun per hour Per round dough or bun weight from 50g to 70g to 150g adjustable. 1.5kw +4kw Size of machine: 580mm x 660mm x 978mm Weight 220kg Ratio of flour : water 1:0.35 or[...]


[China]fish deboner

Our automatic Fish deboner aplication and features : HDT-YC200 Automatic Fish deboner is mainly used in fish meat collect And pick up widely used in fish processing plants. This machine can separate fish meat from fish Bone,fish skin ,fish tendon in order to raise the fish use Rate and save manpower .this machine is mainly made by stainless steel . production capacity 400-500kg/h . it can debone small or medium size whole fish or half of bigger fish or fish leftover . Packing by wooden crates [...]


[China]Water purifying equipment with Reverse Osmotic systems

water purifying equipments with Reverse osmotic systems 5m³/h Two-grade full automatic RO water purification system configuration I. basis of the design 1. Original water—according to the water report of client 2. technical index of water producing: 1)capacity:one-grade: 7m³/h Two-grade: 5m³/h 2)quality of the purified water:it meets the drinking water sanitary of the bottled water standard of republic of china. 3)utilization ratio of water:50-75% 3[...]


[China]wafer stick machine

This model HWB2/2 wafer stick machine is a domestic new-generation and fully-automatic production line, to produce hollow wafer stick or filler single color r dual-color wafer stick or mini filled pillow wafer stick. The product equipments consists of slurry mixer, baking machine, slurry feeding machine, core filling machine, cooling conveyor and ball mill. Specification: Drum diameter: 2000mm Gas consumption: 4kg/h LPG Electric power: 10kw Capacity: hollow products 25~30kg/h, filled products[...]


[China]wafer biscuit production line

We can supply wafer biscuit processing line, it is designed according to the advanced experience of the same machines international. According to client’s requirement, economy/standard or luxury line can customize for you. Capacity scope: 27, 39, 45, 51, 65 and 72 plates. The total line is composed of batter mixer, automatic wafer electric or gas baking machine, wafer sheet arch or linear cooler, spreading machines and booking machine, Vertical Wafer Cooler, cutting machine, cream mixer and[...]