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[China]Radial drilling machine

We are one of the best professional manufacturers of radial drilling machine with more than50 years's history. The main products are Z30100*31, Z3080*25, Z3050*20, Z3050*16, Z3042*20, Z3040B*13, Z3025*13, Z3025B*13, Z3125, Z32K...[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe Sedin 1L532 - 1985

Vertical lathe SEDIN model 1L532 Year 1985 Good working condition , Location : Poland, Rudniki Technical data: Max turning diameter 3200 mm Table diameter 2800 mm Max workpiece height 1600 mm Max table loading 16 t Max ram travel 1200 mm Max horizontal travel of carriage 1720 mm Carriage inclination angle 30 dgr Carriage feeds number 16 carriages feeds range 0.09 - 16 mm/rev Feeds of traversal beam 360 mm/min Max distance between ram's axis 360 mm Distance between table and[...]


[Poland]Boring mill table type Cerut AD130

Boring Mill table type CERUTI model AD 130 Year: 1982 Very good working condition Location: Rudniki, Poland Technical data: Spindle boring diameter: 130mm Spindle milling diameter: 190mm Range spindle revolutions quantity: 24 Spindle speeds range: 5-1000 rph Axial spindle travel: 900 mm Facing chuck diameter : 650 mm Facing slider travel: 250 mm Max facing diameter: 1200 mm Facing chuck speeds range number: 16 Facing chuck speeds range: 5-160 rpm Table surface: 1400x1550 mm Longitudinal[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe Sedin 1525 - 1990

Double Column Vertical Lathe SEDIN model 1525 Year 1990 Very good working condition (never used), new electrical unit Location : Poland, Rudniki Technical details: Table Table diameter: 2250 mm Distance between table and ram 0 - 1780 mm Distance between table and lower surface of traversal beam 400 - 1640 mm Workpiece : Max workpiece diameter 2500 mm Max workpiece height 1600 mm Max workpiece weight : 11 400 kg Carriage : Max ram travel : 1200 mm Max horizontal travel of carriage[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe Titan SC27- 1986

Double column Vertical Lathe Titan SC27 Manufacturer: TITAN Model SC 27 Year of production: 1986 Very good condition, almost not used Location: Rudniki, Poland Technical data : Max workpiece diameter 2630 mm Max workpiece height 1900 mm Max workpiece weight 15000 kg Table diameter 2500 mm Table speeds range 1,12 - 112 rpm Main DC motor power 55 kW Cross-rail vertical travel 1650 mm Cross-rail rapid positioning feed 400 mm/min Cross-rail AC motor power 7.5 kW Tool-holder diameter[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe Kolomna 1540T

DOUBLE COLUMN VERTICAL LATHE KOLOMNA model 1540 T ( heavy duty type ) Year 1978 Good mechanical condition Actually disassembled. Technical details : Max workpiece diameter 4000 mm Table diameter 4000 mm Max workpiece high 2500 mm Max ram travel 1600 mm Carriage swivel angle -15 / +40 Max workpiece weight 100 000 kg Max cutting force on the right carriage 80 kN Max cutting force on the left carriage 63 kN Max cutting force on both carriages 125 kN Table speeds range 0,46 - 42,5[...]


[Poland]Milling planer Titan FLP1600

Milling planer Titan FLP1600 Year of production: 1985 Condition: very good Technical details: Table Table: 5930 mm x 1600 mm Max. work surface of table: 4250 mm x 1600 mm Number of T-slots: 9 Width of T-slots: 30 mm Distance between rolls: 145 mm Distance between table and floor: 1045 mm Max. table loading: 15 ton Max. table travel: 5185 mm Positioning feed: 1,5 mm/m Work feed: 2 – 2000 mm/m Rapid feed: 4000 mm/m Horizontal headstock Possibility of turn in two directions 45° Headstock[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe TOS SK25

Double column vertical lathe TOS model SK 25 Very good working condition, almost not used Year 1978 Location: Rudniki, Poland Technical details : Table diameter 2400 mm Turning diameter 2500 mm Turning height 1600 mm Ram travel 1000 mm Number of carriages 3 Max table loading 12 000 kg Machine weight ca. 54 000 kg Dimensions 6600 x 6300 x 5640 mm[...]


[Poland]Vertical lathe Defum KNA110/135 - 1988

Single column vertical lathe DEFUM model KNA 110/135 Year 1988 Very good working condition Location : Poland, Rudniki Technical details: Max turning diameter with upper carriage 1350 mm Max turning diameter with side carriage 1100 mm Max turning height 950 mm Table diameter 1100 mm Max table loading 4000 kg Main motor power 30 kW Table speeds 6,3 - 200 rpm Table speeds number 16 Distance between floor and table surface 955 mm UPPER CARRIAGE: Vertical travel of ram with tool-holder[...]


[Chile]Cement bag making plant fertilizer bag machinery feed bag equipment

The machine is a kind of equipment to produce circular cylinder woven of PP or PE plastic flat yarn. The 4-shuttle and 6-shuttle circular loom can weave woven bags of all specification. Our circular loom has a long history and particular technics. After continual innovation, we have acquired many country patent, such as No. ZL00244258.2, ZL01227633.2, ZL99219360.5, ZL99206601.8. And the new type 6-shuttle loom has obtained a patent which has its honor to have gained a World Invention Golden[...]