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[Taiwan]Piston pump

"A" SERIES PISTON PUMPS Variable Displacement-Sindle Pump Pressure Compensator The A series piston pumps are widely used in various machinery with hydraulic systems like plastic machine, shoe machine, CNC machine, etc. It is energy-efficient and low-noise. Model Numbers: A10/A16/A22/A37/A56 Geometry Displacement cm3/rev ( 10.0(.610)/15.8(.964)/22.2(1.355)/36.9(2.25)/56.2(3.43) Minimum Adj. Flow cm3/rev ( 2 (.122)/4 (.244)/6 (.366)/10 (.610)/12 (.732) Operation[...]


[Taiwan]Relief Valves

Relief Valves: 1.EBG valve pressure is steady with low noise. 2.Good for general traditional and micro-computer control to reach the best function of unifying hydraulic electronic. 3.Hi-precision easy micro-adjusting small pressure shift monmentry exciting pressure. Model Numbers Description: EBG-03/EBG-06/EBG-10 Max. Operating Pres.MPa (PSI): 24.5 (3350) Max. Flow L/min (U.S.GPM): 100 (26.4)/200 (52.8)/400 (106) Min. FlowL/min (U.S.GPM): 3 (.79) Pressure Adjustment Range Kgf/cm(PSI): Refer[...]


[China]GQL GQW High Speed Centrifugal Pump

GQL GQW High Speed Centrifugal Pump GQL /GQW, vertical or horizontal high speed pumps, are designed in accordance with ASME and API 610 standards. They feature a very high efficiency as compared with multi-stage centrifugal pump, especially when operating with small flow rate at high discharge heads. Widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical, aviation, metallurgy and so on[...]


[China]Sanitary centrifugal pump

Application of range: Used for liquid delivery such as liquid, alcohol, beer, beverage etc. Features: 1. Rep; Ace dynamic mechanical sealing by welding isolative sleeve, so that avoid the leaking problem completely. 2. Simple structure, easy to dismantle, easy to clean, no dead angle. Description of selection: 1. Working temperature: -20-150 degree. 2. Working conditons: Hygienic centrifugal magnetic pump belongs to high and low liquid level and horizontal delivery, non self-priming[...]


[China]refrigerated compressed air dryers

Usage: Clean and dry compressed air is vital source of energy for the industry, but the untreated compressed air, containing moisture, aerosols and dirt particles, poses a substantial risk as it can ruin your air systems and products or process. Incorporating unique, updated technological innovations and energy-saving options, LX Machine develops the refrigerated air dryers to fulfill your requests on the compressed air. Feature: Lower possible power consumption Easy to maintain Environmentally[...]


[China]Multi-functions Transformer Oil Regeneration,ZYB Oil Purifier machine unit

Product Description ZYB serial multi-function oil purifier adopts a unique recovery system, which utilizes an incorporated technology of diaphragm evaporation and sprayed drying, resulting in mass removal in more depth of water and gas. Its liquid oil recovery system recovers the acid value, ph value and medium of deteriorated oil back to the specifications of new oil. The purifier, which integrates functions of press filter, transformer oil recovery device and of vacuum oil purifier, is widely[...]


[China]QJR series electric submersible pump for geothermal wells

The products are important water-lifting equipment in projects of geothermal development and utilization. They are heat-resistant, anticorrosion and aging-resisting. Its operating water temperature is 120, and has passed national mistrial level qualification. The cast of the electric heat-resistant water submersible motor made in stainless and the tin bronze material. The products include 6 large series and over 800 sizes. •Suitable for well diameter 150-350mm •Flow rate 5-600m3/h •Lift[...]


[China]Submersible Pumps and Motors

Submersible motors for wells including Series of YQS (National Standard), Series of YQSD(Factory Standard) and Series of YQS/T(Litz Standard), they are matching power equipment for submersible pumps for wells. The products include 6 large series and over 100 sizes suitable for well diameter 150-350mm, power 3-250kw.(can made in stainless case according to need of the customs) Submersible pump for wells including series QJT (Factory Standard) and Series QJ (National Standard), they are important[...]


[China]QWB, QHB series submersible sewage pump

Suitable for draining of liquids, sludge, dirty and waste water containing solid particles and various textile substance. Mainly used in rural waste water processing, wastewater processing for rivers and lakes, wastewater drainage of industrial enterprises etc. •Flow rate 5-10000m3/h •Power 1.5-315kw •Lift 6-80m •Diameter 50-800mm[...]



DYB SERIES ELECTRIC TRANSFER PUMPS 1.DYB series self-priming rotary vane pumps features a mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliablity,even in low temperatures. 2.Cast iron pump casing, treated against corrosion and paint-finished. Vane Pump with steel rotor 3.Bypass valve built into pump casing 4.In-built 100 micron filter,easily accessible for cleaning 5.Induction motor with aluminum casing.Grade of protection: IP 55 6.Continuous running. 7.Threaded joints on pump casing 1.MODEL:[...]