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[China]full automatic chain link fence machine

Main parameter of full automatic chain link machine 1.Width scope of weaving: 1-4m Wire scope of weaving: 2-4mm Mesh scope of weaving: 30-100mm With 3 sets of mesh model at buyer's requirements 2.The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it 3.The output per minute: for example: If the mesh is 50x50mm, width: 2m, the output will be: 1M2 min. 4.Suitable wire to the machine: the tensile scope of the wire 300-500N/ M 2 5.Use compacting[...]


[China]crimped wire mesh machine

The series of automatic crimped wire mesh machine can finish the work from making the wire crimp to formation of the net automatically. Breadth of the net is 0.9-2.5m and the diameter of the wire is 0.4-2.2mm. The size of the mesh is 1×1-20×20mm2. The weaving speed can reach 53times shuttle /minute.The properties of fast, easy to operate and good performance of the machine are fond by the user.[...]


[China]hexagonal wire netting machine

Hexagonal wire netting machine they are classified into five types according to the different opening: 1", 1 1/4", 11/2", 2", 3". The machine can continuously work, below are the characteristics: 1.Smooth running, low noise, automatically stop and give an alarm when there's something wrong 2.Scope of weaving: 1.22m double width or 2.44m single width 3.Used clutch arrester, neatly handle 4.Concentrate lubricating system, simply operate 5.The motor's power: 2.2KW. Three-phase current[...]


[China]welded mesh machine

1, the max width of mesh is 2500mm, the diameter of weld steel bar 2.5mm—6mm 2, the wire distance is bigger and equal to the 50mm, the wire distance can adjust willfully 3, the latitude silk spacing can adjust willfully 4, welding transform air is self-controlling, the power is bigger than 150KVA 5, time contracts welds at different times 6, control and reduce electrical net pollution by weaving 7, the pressure of welding can change 8, control and welded automatically, high speed,[...]


[China]Hydraulic brass pull hole machine

Brass punch,Brass punching machine,Brass punching flanging machine,Brass open hole flanging machine,Punching flanging machine The function of brass pull hole machine: (1) the punching flanging machine can one processing multiple hole; Push pull out a complete holes/shoulder. (2) punching flanging equipment in punch finish at the same time, make the next word flanging fusion welding technics; deep problem is no longer a problem. (3) the positioning servo structure control, positioning accuracy[...]



We are able to supply you with various quality valves, including gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve and safety valve. Various chain products, including skidder chain, choker chain, chain block, snow chain, tire protection chain, safety chain etc., are available. All are quality products.[...]


[China]Sell API Coupling

Supply good quality and competitive price API Coupling. Features:API 5L Size:1/8"-6"[...]


[China]Sell copper coil

Standard size(Inch) Outside Diameter(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) 3/16 4.75 0.76 1/4 6.35 0.76 5/16 7.94 0.81 3/8 9.52 0.81 1/2 12.7 0.81 5/8 15.88 0.889 3/4 19.05 0.889 3/4 19.05 1.07 7/8 22.23 1.14 Standard:ASTM B280 Packaging:Pack[...]


[China]PVC Valve

Valve Type: Butterfly Valve: Material: PVC, ABS, PP-R, FR-PP, PE Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Actuator: Lever-operated, Worm-gear, Pneumatic-cylinder, Electromotor. Pressure: 1.0MPa(50mm-150mm), 0.6MPa(200mm) Temperature: 55 ºC Valve Type: Check Valve Material: PVC Standard: DIN, ANSI, JIS Size: 15mm-200mm Pressure: 1.0MPa Smaller size(15mm-40mm) can be used vertically only. Larger ones(50mm-150mm) can be used both vertically and horizontally. Valve Type: PVC Foot Valve Material:[...]


[China]PVC Ball Valve

Valve Type: PVC Ball Valve with Double Union Material: PVC DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS Size: 15mm-50mm Actuator: Lever-operated, Worm-gear, Pneumatic-cylinder, Electromotor.[...]