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[Poland]Repairs of machines.

Kord Serwis Company offers You the professional services in the area of repairs of machining tools, presses, forge hammers, overhead cranes, telphers, cargo lifts or electric jib cranes.[...]


[China]Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine

Main Use: This Horizontal Foam Cutting Machine is special designed according to the different customer product requirements,which is used for cutting and stacking of flexible PU foam,The cut off foam slice is no need of being taken away after each cutting . Depending upon cutting thickness and foam density, the cutting angle of the knife guidance can be adjusted from 0° to 5°mm. it's equiped with vacuumn system and the cutting precision will more accurate.[...]


[China]Circular Foam Cutting Machine

Main Use: The Foam Circular Cutting Machines is to eliminate the reciprocating action and reverse movement of horizontal cutting machine. The cutting thickness can be pre-set from the control box in steps of 1/10mm, The cutting angle of the knife guidance can be adjusted in the range 0o - 5o by means of a hand wheel. A D.C. motor with smooth start and soft braking drives the table. The turning speed of the table is infinitely adjustable. As customers requirement, we also can design with a vacuum[...]


[China]CNC contour cutting machine (double vibration knife type)

MAIN USE: 1. This machine used to contour cutting furniture, mattress etc related special shape of foam & construction heat insulation hard PU foam used for air-condition and conduit etc. 2.The machine is a unique high tech cutting machine, and it has the horizontal and vertical double cutting blades and one-up programme software in china. 3.The machine cutting foam & sponge shape is exquisite and beautiful, the cutting plane are fluent and commute, the cutting precision is very high. 4.The[...]



MAIN USE Use the flame make the surface of sponge melted ,then use the melting surface of sponge as the glue make the sponge and the cloth laminated or make the cloth and cloth laminated having the environmental protection and hold out for long time and feelses soft, bear the water wash, dry cleaning etc. widly used in the clothing, shoes,hat, car a mat etc. SPECIFICATION Available laminating size W1800-2400mm Laminating thinkness range 2-10mm Runing speed 5-40m/min Floor[...]


[China]Vertical Foam Cutting Machine

Main Use: The Vertical Cutting Machine is designed with slide table and 4 knife wheels. this machine can be used in cutting of a variety of materials like PU, PE, PVC and as well as other soft and rigid materials, The working table is moved by hand and equipped with one moveable vertical fence. This machine is used for cutting PU quadrate foam blocks into slices; it is very easy to operate.[...]


[Poland]Assembly of new production lines.

Kord-Serwis Company offers You its services in the area of assembly of new production lines, relocation and base setup of machinery.[...]