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[China]Marble Toilet stone toilet We think it would be quite easy to find stone sink supplier from local market but not the stone toilet supplier. You could contact Sunshine Stone Inc. if you are interested to supplying stone toilet in the same material as that for sink or bathtub, which is the company has been producing toilets in different kind of natural stone for years.[...]


[Poland]the case to kitchen furniture

we are produced the case to kitchen furniture. we can do all case. meble szczepanscy/ poland 0048 627305239 0048 627321620-fax[...]


[China]PP Bed-Headelectric ICU Hospital Bed

Specifications: 1)PP bed head, bed back, it is easily to load and unload. 2)PP guardrails, it can move up and down, use it safety and facility. 3)match with import voltage motor. 4)Four-wheel united brake central control universal casters are easy to move and have reliable braking easrily to controlled switch. 5)External dimensions: 2, 150 x 1, 050 x 500mm.[...]


[South Korea]Ajagung (Genital Massage)

Ajagung is the Nitric Oxide Generator thru Near Infrared Ray in to the blood vessel for the around hip and anus. When swithched on the temperature increase 50℃ instantly which treats the womb cancer for women and the prostatic hypertrophy for men. Expecially NIR(Near Infrared Ray) is very good treatments for wound. This enables people to take care of hemorrhoid. As you know Nitric Oxide from NIR is the produced into the blood vessel when you take pills "Viagra". Maybe you undersatnd[...]


[China]Navy chairs

Navy chairs Navy chair,Marine chair,side chair,dining chair,high chair,stool chair Comparing to those other manufacturers in China, our Navy chairs have has two more strengths in producing techniques, which are competitive advantages of aluminum finished products among domestic market: 1, The furniture are electrically soldered 2, All jointing parts are hand-burshed to remove the blackness of the raw material or the remains of soldering. The aluminum furniture is getting more and more worldwide[...]


[China]Diamond chairs

Diamond chairs,Wire Chair bertoia diamond chairs,Wire Chair,Wire table,Barstool,Count stool,Coffee chair,Dining chair This Diamond Chair features solid steel construction and durable triple chrome finish consisting of a thorough cleaning/degreasing, chemical bonding, and then a three-step nickel bright striking. process. Our factory has been making this same chair for over six years and it is the finest reproduction you will find anywhere. The seat pad, each piece is cut and hand-sewn with attentive[...]


[China]Computer Controlled Integral Dental Chair Unit

Standard accessories: A)alloy trunk; B)Due to God's image engineering science theory design chair, the wide and the big chair's cushion; C)Luxurious sterilizing integral cuspidor; D)Nsk four-way high speed air turbine hemelpfieceP. 2 sets; E)Nsk four-way low speed air turbine hemelpfieceP. 1 sets; F)definition buccal endoscope, 1set; G)Three way syringe, 1. Set each; H)Automatic cup filler; I) High suction and saliva ejector, 1set each; J)Operation light; K)Film viewer; L)Operating[...]


[China]Euro style universal duroplast soft close toilet seat with easy clean quick release hinge

Beewill Duroplast soft close and quick release toilet seat Material: Urea/ duroplast/ thermoset plastic/uf/thermoplastic Product Range: 1.Euro Standard toilet seat, 2.American round and elongated toilet seat, 3.D Shape toilet seat, 4.Square Shape toilet seat, 5.Slim line toilet seat with or without LED, 6.Decorative printing toilet seat, 7.Careline raised seat and ring only toilet seat for disabled and elder people, 8.Electroinc automatic intelligent toilet seat and bidet Optional[...]


[China]three function electric bed

1. steel powder painted frame 2. collapsible aluminum side rail 3. anti static lockable cators 4. backrest:0-80 degree adjustment 5. legrest:0-45 degree adjustment 6. Hi-Low: 500-800mm adjustment 7. size:2120*970*500-800mm 8. power:220v,60Hz[...]


[China]clinic examination couch

1. stainless steel frame 2. sponge and leather cover cushion 3. backrest: 0-75 degree adjusmtnet 4. size: 1900*650*650mm 5. package: 2pieces/carton case[...]