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Category: Furniture

Country: Slovenia

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[Slovenia]Wood mouldings

More than 200 different wood mouldings for framing. Check our website and contact us for a pricelist.[...]



Benches and Table Our company offers a selection of tables and benches, both for outdoors and indoors. They may be used on all outdoor public places such as parking lots, hotels, shops, business premises, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, gas stations, shopping malls, port marines, city halls... They come in different varieties; either sided with concrete cubes, granite covered cubes or Inox coated cubes. We also take into consideration any particular wishes of our costumers. Besides in grey[...]


[Slovenia]Metal litterbins

Metal litterbins - outdoor, indoor We offer you litterbins that we designed to make your living and working environment tidier and more pleasant. GRC trademark litterbins are user friendly and enable simple and hygienic litter handling. The litterbins are made of Inox material and environment friendly; with proper use and regular maintenance, in the absence of acts of vandalism, the product lifetime is practically unlimited. Inside the litterbin is a bag designed in a way that enables simple[...]


[Slovenia]Bicycle rack

Bicycle racks We offer bicycle racks designed to make your domestic and working environment tidier and nicer. Our bicycle racks provide for friendly and simple bicycle parking. When creating them we allowed for easy access when locking your bicycle; also all types of tires fit in the rack. Ideal for bicycle parking at outdoor public areas such as parking lots, hotels, shops, business premises, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, gas stations, shopping centers, port marines, city halls... The[...]


[Slovenia]Waiting spots for dogs

Waiting spots for dogs We offer special waiting spots for dogs designed to make the time your dog spends waiting while you are doing the shopping as friendly, pleasant and secure as possible. The waiting spots for dogs are ideally placed in front of shopping centers and anywhere else, where owners wish to tie their dogs while running their errands. It is important for the owners of the waiting spots to maintain fresh water in the water bowls. Also included is a box with bags for dog waste.[...]