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Category: Furniture

Country: South Korea

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[South Korea]Vertical

We also manufacture finished products. Also customize products the way you need them for your market.[...]


[South Korea]2nd hand Calender line

PVC Calendering line(2nd hand) for manufacturing: - PVC deco sheet, deco tile, transparent film - PVC table cloth, flooring, car mat, airport mat - PVC artificial leather, tarpaulin, etc.[...]


[South Korea]Ajagung (Genital Massage)

Ajagung is the Nitric Oxide Generator thru Near Infrared Ray in to the blood vessel for the around hip and anus. When swithched on the temperature increase 50℃ instantly which treats the womb cancer for women and the prostatic hypertrophy for men. Expecially NIR(Near Infrared Ray) is very good treatments for wound. This enables people to take care of hemorrhoid. As you know Nitric Oxide from NIR is the produced into the blood vessel when you take pills "Viagra". Maybe you undersatnd[...]


[South Korea]Medicine Chest

- (22) Medicine Chest - Size (cm) : 63(W) x 23(D) x 79(H) - Material : Paulownia, Pine, Zelkova, Plywood - Medium size chest, suitable to use console. - Medicine chest is the chest with many drawer keeping medicine separately by oriental medicine shop. However, today it use as interior decoration than storing medicine. Generally, it has narrow width with diverse sizes. - Medicine chest is , nowaday, a part of households using as storage for articles, CD, emergency drugs,etc. -[...]