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[Netherlands]Cocoa Peel-Off Mask

The bioflavonoids or polyphenolics that are present in cocoa are mainly catechins and procyanidins. These substances protect against ageing processes by acting against free radicals, give strong and elastic connective tissue a healthy skin, improve blood flow and enforce the action of vitamin C and E. Theobromine and caffeine from cocoa both stimulate the central nervous system. They also activate the process of lipolysis – i.e. the breakdown of fat. Theobromine and caffeine thus both have a[...]


[Netherlands]High Quality Condoms

We are an Exporter of one of the biggest condom manufacture in Asia. All our condoms have the right certifications, (CE, TUV, WHO, ISO, ETC). The condoms we have are from High quality and low prices. There are many different condoms, (Square, retangular, flavor, color, dotted, ribbed, etc.) If you need bulk condoms or package condoms then please feel free to contact us. Just tell us what you need and we will help you with everything we can and give you our best price. We hope to hear from you soon.[...]


[Netherlands]cocoa body pack

A PHENOLIX Raw Cocoa Body Pack has many benefits. The powerful cocoa antioxidants help to maintain healthy veins, good blood circulation, healthy skin, strong connective tissue, and help in fighting against aging of the skin. Caffeine and theobromine from cocoa stimulate circulation and activate the break down of fat and are well-known anti-cellulite agents. * The effect of a cocoa body pack treatment can be summarized as follows: * A raw cocoa body pack treatment is relaxing and relieves[...]


[Netherlands]cocoa facial masks

The PHENOLIX raw cocoa facial masks are delivered as powder based on our unique raw cocoa powder. The PHENOLIX raw cocoa facial masks are appropriate for all skin types and can be divided in 2 groups. * Basic Facial Masks SoftGel * Peel-Off Facial Masks The Basic Facial Masks are creamy facial masks to clean, vitalize and rejuvenate the face based on the raw cocoa active ingredients together with soy lecithins. The SoftGel Peel-Off Masks also clean, vitalize and rejuvenates[...]