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[Poland]Sell Prestige reh

Thanks to such practical solutions as the headrest and the arm rest, which are adjustable in many planes, the gas-lifted seat and the adjustable decline angle, the Prestige-reh chair may be adjusted to accomodate any height, size or weight. See how many different ways the chair lets you reach the back, shoulders and neck of the patient our chair gives you. Following treatment, you can quickly fold your chair, and use the the convenient carrying case with arm strap to facilitate its transport.[...]


[Poland]Nova treatment table

Do you want a break from outdated treatment room decor? Do you want to give it a completely new look? We’ve got something just for you! Thanks to our Nova treatment table, you can make your treatment room an even friendlier place which your clients will come to with pleasure. Sparing in form, but so functional, it fascilitates comfort and relaxation, which are so important during therapy and treatment. Extra thick Deluxe foam adds even greater comfort, while the face rest, which is adjustable[...]


[Poland]Atlas table

Take a look at another one of our offers, a combination of sturdy structure with high manufacturing quality, which provides numerous possibilities of use in rehabilitation, kinesytherapy and massage treatment rooms. Its sturdy steel structure ensures years of reliable usage. Side arm rests, which are indispensable during massage, are adjusted independenly of the head rest, whose angle can be adjusted with a gas lift – all that results in improved treatment quality and client comfort . Additionally,[...]


[Poland]Ergo chair

Backaches, especially in the lumbar area, are often the result of working for too long in a sitting position and doing too little exercise. At work, school or at home, we spend at least several hours just sitting … This is why we offer you replacement of a traditional chair with our new Ergo- reh chair. Its adjustable seat height and rubbered wheels ensure comfort and mobility. In order to allow you to choose the best model, we have developed both wooden and metal chair structures, and off upholstery[...]


[Poland]Series of fragranted deodorants Concertino

Series of fragranted deodorants Concertino deodorants vol. 75ml contain a composition of subtle, skin-friendly ingredients, which ensure a long-lasting sensation of freshness. Additionally, original fragrance compositions used for particular variants allow all women, regardless of their personality and type of beauty, to choose a deodorant which will intrigue with individual, unique and sophisticated fragrance. WHITE - subtle scent of white flowers endearing with freshness and classical charm DREAM[...]


[Poland]4 Seasons EXTRA HOLD hair spray

4 Seasons EXTRA HOLD hair spray 265ml, 400ml - fixes the hairstyle firmly, makes the hair natural in touch and easy to comb out.[...]


[Poland]SPRAY GEL 250ml

SPRAY GEL 250ml - For styling with hands and rollers. Provitamin B5, one of the ingredients, penetrates hair structure nourishing and giving a natural shine. Slowly drying Concertino gel gives a wet hair effect and ensures natural shine.[...]


[Poland]After shave lotions

MEN PERFECT after shave lotions MEN PERFECT is a series of after shave lotions with five modern fragrance lines: LIGHT - light, fresh scent with a tint of lemon - perfect for an active man WILD - fantastic, cologne fragrance with a note of black pepper - for a true optimist POWER - energising, fresh fragrance, with a prevailing citrus note - for a man of success MAGIC - magical, velvety fragrance scented with musky and spicy notes - only for a mysterious man FIRE - fiery fragrance for a man[...]


[Poland]Stimulating cream for men - Biger

BIGER Stimulating cream for men BIGER enables you to have a full satisfactory erotic life. BIGER stimulates blood circulation within the penis and helps you obtain a full erection, which makes sexual intercourse possible and provides a higher level of sensual experience. Posology and Method of Administration: Place a small amount of BIGER onto your penis and massage gently along its full length. Application may be repeated several times a week. BIGER is approved by leading sexologists[...]


[Poland]Analgesic and anti-oedema gel - Venozel

VENOŻEL® analgesic and anti-oedema gel Composition: 1g of preparation contains active ingredients: diclofenac sodium salt (12mg), tribenoside (10mg) and escin (5mg), as well as auxiliary substances. Indications: - vein diseases affecting the lower limbs; - postoperative and post-traumatic oedemas, congestive oedemas of lower limbs; - pain complaints related to spinal column diseases; - posttraumatic muscle and joint pains (bruises, dislocations, strains, etc.); - joint degenerative[...]