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[Sweden]Aloe Vera +, Aloe Vera Effervescent Tablet with vitmin C

Aloe Vera +® is an effervescent tablet that covers your daily requirement for Aloe Vera and vitamin C. One box equals to 1,5 litres of 99% pure Aloe Vera Juice with a fresh taste of lemon and lime, does not take up any space in your refrigerator and is very practical to take on journeys. Aloe Vera contains 75 nutrients, i. e. enzymes, polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and 18 amino acids. One tablet a day benefits your digestion and maintains a natural balance of the stomach and bowel functions. The[...]


[Sweden]Dehydrated Aloe Vera

This is a perfect product for cereals. The Aloe Vera is dehydrated in a layer of sugar and taste really good and easy to blend with diffrent kind of cereal. Mix 10-15% of the dehydrated Aloe Vera direct in to blend of cereal. The Aloe Vera is branded under aloe life. Contact us for any kind of information. Best regards, Tobias Kisker[...]


[Sweden]Aloe Vera Effervescent Tablets

This unique tablet contains 250 mg Aloe Vera Freeze Dried Powder 200X and 60 mg of vitamin C. 1 tablett equals 50 ml of Aloe Vera Juice. The Aloe Vera is certified by the IASC. The product can be done as private label or under the brand vera+. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of questions. Best regards, Tobias Kisker[...]


[Sweden]Aloe Vera Tooth Gel

This unique Tooth Gel contains 45% Aloe Vera and 1400 ppm F Flouride to prevent cavaties. Dentist in Scandinavia has tried the Tooth Gel for two years now with great sucsess, leaving the gums in a healthy way. We can produce this Tooth Gel with your own label and brand or you can use our brand vera+. Best regards, Tobias Kisker[...]


[Sweden]Face and body gel - Capiless

Capiless is a face and body gel minimizing the appearance of broken capillaries and spider veins on distressed skin. Thanks to its composition Capiless improves the problem linked to capillary fragility by decreasing telangiectasias, erythrosis and reinforces vascular walls and improves microcirculation in veins and capillary vessels. The virtues of safe plant concentrates in Capiless, rich in flavonoids, saponosides and procyanidols, are close to the activity of vitamin P, favouring microcirculation[...]


[Sweden]Pigmentation Whitening Gel - Fairyskin

Pigmentation Whitening Gel, whitens and exfoliates. Face and body gel that will gently erase skin hyper pigmentation caused by an excess of melanin. The synergy of the different plant extracts helps to achieve a whitening effect. The gel also acts as a stimulant of microcirculation and has astringent and gentle exfoliating properties. -Protects sensitive skins against chemical and mechanical aggression. -Diminishes brown spots caused by the excess of melanin and due to skin aging processes. -Reduces[...]


[Sweden]Bingo Mango - increases clitoral sensitivity

Bingo Mango is a revolutionary gel for enhanced sexual pleasure. Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, Bingo Mango now makes it easier for women to increase their enjoyment of sex in a safe and natural way. Enhanced Sexual Pleasure! Bingo Mango is a gel that increases clitoral sensitivity thanks to the advantageous characteristics of its natural herbs. Wild Yam, in combination with other natural extracts, has shown to amplify sexual sensation and orgasm for[...]


[Sweden]Disposable Cigarette filters

NicTar Stop is a perfect solution for a smoker who is worried about his health or a good start to QUIT smoking . NicTar Stop cigarette filters significantly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine, with absolutely no change in taste. NicTar Stop has six very small holes/tubes inside the yellow colored piece. When inhaling a cigarette the smoke passes through the small tubes at a high speed, which presses the smoke as well as the fixed particles in the smoke. When the fixed parts (like[...]


[Sweden]Sell TWINLAB Triple whey

We are a wholesaler of of brand Sport Supplements TWINLAB Triple whey/2000gr/Plain flavor Price: 15 Euro/pc expiry 2010/12 150 pcs per pallet All products are in original packing , avaiable for immediate delivery from our warehouse in Stockholm Sweden. Please contact us if you need any further assistance.[...]


[Sweden]Pen filled with henna extract

HennaPenna is a pen filled with henna extract for the making of natural tattoos and skin decorations. The revolutionary technique of extracting the henna and formulating ink is a patented technology. Henna Penna is quick and easy to use. • Easy and safe application – at free hand or with stencils. • Dries up quickly on the skin. • A two-tipped pen – A thin and a thick tip for better designs! To beautify ones body with henna tattoos on festive occasions is a tradition that is present[...]