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[Hong Kong]Offer to Sell IR Absorbent Glass Filters

We supply infrared absorbent and color corrected filters for medical and surgical lighting application purposes. The infrared absorbent glass compounded Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2, Cu2O, CuO, CdO, Au, CO2O3, Ni2O3, MnO2, AgCl/AgBr, etc. formed most types of cylindrical, semi-cylindrical and disk types heat absorbent glass filters. Start from 900 nm of wave length, 85% of IR ray can be absorbed. The filters eliminate most IR ray / heat which generated by the tungsten halogen light sources. The filters[...]


[Hong Kong]HBsAg Test Strip/Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Strip

Specifications infectious disease test  1.easy to use  2.easy to read  3.High accuracy  4.High speed Related Information: Accuracy: >99% Origin: China Using: self-test other: The kits can be made according to the customers' artwork or design    HBsAg Test  Specimen      Sensitivity         Size                 HBsAg Strip whole blood/serum/plasma 2NCU/ml 2.5mm,3.0mm HBsAg Cassette whole blood/serum/plasma 2NCU/ml [...]


[Hong Kong]Instant slim capsules

Instant slim capsules, Be lean immdiately pills intestine Change the Surplus Heat into Fat and Preserve them Around Smallintesine.So, There are parlance that”The Beely stand out first with fat man” Among the people, Then the fat Radiate Slowly to Four limbs as teh belly the center, make the four limbs as the belly the Center, make the Four limbs Obese, Thus influence Beauty and Health Gradually, International Weight-Reducing Authority Newly Proposed the Theory that”Reduces belly First[...]


[Hong Kong]Weekend Prince ( Sex capsule for Men )

Weekend Prince. (24softgel/box) Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Soft gel Weekend prince Sex capsule strong For Men Dieter Supplement 1 Softgel. Supplement Facts Proprietary Blend 775mg Lycium Fruit Extract, Chinese Yam Rhizome Extract, Rhodiola Rhizome Extract, Tribulus, Cnidium Fruit Extract, Pria Sclerotium Extract, Cordyceps, Maca Root Extact, Cnidium Extract, Zanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extact. Daily Value not established. Other ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba Extract,[...]


[Hong Kong]High Quality Tataki Massage Cushion

SHM-206 Tataki Massage Cushion provides 4 High Quality Flexible Tapping Heads - 4 high quality flexible tapping massage heads make massage comfortably. - 27 automatic tapping modes combinations - Select 5 levels of tapping massages intensity. - Auto time setting is 15 minutes. - Over heat protection will be cut off over 150F automatically. - Fit for shoulders, back, waist, leg, sole and etc. - Make massage convenient for different places.[...]


[Hong Kong]Anion Hot Wind Taping Massage Stick provides Thermal Therapy Function

SHM-10319 Anion Hot Wind Taping Massage Stick provides Anion, Thermal Therapy and Tapping Massage - Micro computerized Control - Speeding the growth of bone - Thermal therapy enhance blood circulation - Strong tapping massage - Automatic Top / Bottom gears regulation - Balanced weight system design can save time and effort - Complete safety and light weight design - Strong function and clam operation[...]


[Hong Kong]Disposable nursing pads

It is made in non-woven films coated with tissue paper and P. E. Layer. Which can prevents liquids penetrating and its folding crumb catcher pocket picks up any food that is not absorbed. It is perfect for daily use at home, traveling or at the child minder's[...]


[Hong Kong]Vim-25 male enhancement capsules ( sex pills,sex capsules )

Vim-25 male enhancement capsules, American brand. VIM-25 - A Fastest Working Natural Male Performance Enhancer. It is an all-natural, non-prescription over-the- counter Made to help boost your sexual pleasure and improve your sexual performance. VIM-25 is a fast-acting herbal formulation with an average reaction time of less than 30 minutes. contains natural ingredients: Ge Gen, Lycium Fruit, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Poria Sclerotium, Cnidium Fruit, Tienchi Ginseng, Cassia and Asian Ginseng.[...]