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Country: South Korea

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[South Korea]MP3 Portable Body Fat Composition

MP3 Portable Body Fat Composition : The World-first portable body Composition and stress Analyzer with MP3 function. This device will tell all about your health and mental conditions, so let's just groove to the music. 1. Measurement of Body Composition : This is state-of-the-art and up-to-the-minute body composition analyzer for the users providing the most accurate body composition analysis-body fat percentage, fat mass, stress level and the heart rate variability and other important body[...]


[South Korea]Diabetic Monitoring System(Digital Glucose Monitor)

Diabetic Monitoring System(Digital Glucose Monitor) : - Digital Glucose Monitor : CE certificate - Test strips : CE certificate 1. Features : - Fast & Accurate results - Just Five seconds - Tiny blood sample - Just One microliter - Easy to use - Three Simple steps - Large memory capacity with averaging - Two hundred and fifty test results - Smart options - High/low glucose level alerting - Easy to read with Large LCD & Visual icons - Wide range measurement : Twenty - Six hundred[...]


[South Korea]Total Health Check-VIVENTE DIAMOND(Weight, Height, Body Fat Compositio

Total Health Check-VIVENTE DIAMOND(Weight, Height, Body Fat Composition, Blood Pressure or Heart rate) : Total Health Check-VIVENTE DIAMOND is a state-of-the-art and up-to-the-minute body composition analyzer for the medical professionals providing the most accurate body composition analysis - body fat percentage, fat mass, blood pressure or the heart rate variability(stress level)(option). It is technically and scientifically proven and one of the most reliable methods of determining body composition,[...]


[South Korea]Body fat (composition) analyzer for hospital

BODY FAT(COMPOSITION) ANALYZER FOR HOSPITAL : Our Body Composition Analyzer - Gold is a high-technical body composition analyzer for medical professional uses which to analyze height, weight, body composition and heart rate variability. It is chic in design, provides up-to-date-technology and facilitate convenient use. Hospital, Diverse venues such as health clinics, beauty clinics, Gyms and public health care centers would be ideal places for utilizing this all-in-one apparatus. - SIMPLE[...]


[South Korea]Blood Pressure Monitor for Hospital

Blood Pressure Monitor for Hospital : It has adopted 5.6inches color TFT-LCD for the first time ever in the industry. - Best Accuracy and easy reading by its unique algorism - Easy to apply to both arms - Powered by a gear motor gives you more Smoothness and Comfort as the Cuff is inflated - Advertisements of your clinic inserting function - Fully functioned with a potable remote controller - Systolic, average, diastolic blood pressure, pulse, heart pressure, arrhythmia and hemodynamics[...]


[South Korea]Electro Surgical Unit (Digital Innovation):

Electro Surgical Unit (Digital Innovation): The Electrosugery Units have been designed to meet neurosurgery Ophthalmology, ENT, Urology, General Surgery, and Emergency/Operation Room needs. The units are moderately and is usable in any applications ranging from simple clinical procedures to demanding operating room procedures. 1. Digital Innovation : Model 400D : Model 300D : Model 250D : 2. Analog Innovation : Model 400Plus : Model 300Plus : Model 250Plus : Model 150Plus :[...]


[South Korea]Obesity Therapy Medical Machine(Radio Frequency)

Obesity Therapy Medical Machine(Radio Frequency) : - Energy emission principal : Deep heat release due to a high frequency electric current - Cellulite Reduction - Lymphatic Drainage Improve Circulation - Tissue Enhancing - Body Toning & Shaping - Body Lifting 1. Model Number : HF-10 : 2. Model Number : RF-magicⅢ(HF-100A) : 3. Model Number : Dr. SLIM Ⅱ :[...]


[South Korea]Aroma Whitening Collagen Essence Mask

Aroma Whitening Collagen Essence Mask : This product makes re-hydrates and whitens the skin, and makes it more resilient. Its fragrant aroma even has a soothing effect on your mind. Experience the new concept of our Essence Mask, helping both your skin and mind ! 1. Features : - This product has been certified as a functional whitening compound by the Korea FDA. - It contains extracts of Abutting, vegetable Collagen and concentrated natural Aloe Vera as well as aroma incense. - Arbutin[...]


[South Korea]Dr. Oxygen

Dr. Oxygen is a convenient and safe oxygen generator. By mixture of one pack of Powder A and one pack of Powder B, about 12 liters of 98% pure oxygen is generated for approximately 20 minutes at normal temperature. Dr. Oxygen can be used not only by patients like asthmatics but also by general people like office workers, heavy smokers, pregnant women and athletes who require pure oxygen at home, offices or in hospitals. Dr. Oxygen is easy to use, safe since it does not require electricity, and[...]


[South Korea]SE-1000(All body exerciser)

* Provides for spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or other conditions by providing aerobic and strengthening workouts in a wide range of work levels. * Bi-directional resistance for overall balance of exercise. * Workload adjustable in 8 steps level. * Comfortable, ergonomically angled handgrips - for weak side for orthopedic rehabilitation for range of motion Size ; W560 x D1,000 x 1,290mm (Recumbent seat is for sale separately)[...]