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Category: Food & Beverages

Country: Switzerland

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[Switzerland]Yami, gummy bears, fruit pectine

Adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals is important for healthy development and helps to maintain a healthy immune system and to prevent diseases. Children's diets are usually unbalanced and they therefore do not receive enough nutrients essential for their growth YAMI MULTI VITAMIN contains vitamins and minerals proven to be the most essential for a child normal development. Special emphasis on the Vitamin B group-important for growth, development and the digestion of vital food nutrients.[...]


[Switzerland]Organic Silicon, Silicium Organique

Organic Silicon Silicon is an essential nutritional secondary macronutrient with the operation of our organization. SI-G5 is presented in colloidal form, form in which it is present in our cartilages. It is a nutritional complement with drinking, at 100% assimilable by your body. The MonomethylSilanetriol molecule is of important interest in our organization. It takes part in: - the maintenance, flexibility and the mobility of the tendons and muscles - the youth and protection of our fabrics[...]