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[India]Maxillo facial implants & Orthopeadic implants

We are manufacturing and Exporting all types of orthopeadic implants such as: 1. Maxillo Facial Implants Titanium & SS 2. Trauma Implants Titanium & SS 3. Hip replacement THR 4. Spinal implants 5. All instruments for ortho surgery 6. Sterilization boxes in Aluminium & Stainless steel[...]


[China]dental zirconia blanks

for sirona inlab cerec, wieland, open systems, very good translucency. excellent compatibility with almost any Cad/Cam na dindependent milling systems. contact us for details/catalog/price list.[...]


[Turkey]Carbon Fiber Prosthesis Legs and Tubes

First of all we would like to present our respects from Turkey to you. We needed to give some informations about our medical products that we manufacturate. We are not only manufacturer of the medical and sports and are also manufacturer of the industrial spare parts for cable and wire. Besides we have been exporting these products all over the world since 2002. Dear Sir, With respect to our medical products: As before mentioned, We have been manufacturing medical and sports equipments[...]


[India]Total Orthopedic solution/Orthopedic Implants

Total Ortho Solution We can provide you Total Ortho Solution. We make all types ortho implants, Like Interlocking nails,Bio-Flexation plates & Screw,Screw & Bolts, DCP & DHS Plates & Prosthesis...etc. Interlocking nails : Tibia Nail, Femur Nail, Recon Nail, Proximal femur Nail, Sueracondylar Nail, Bio-Flexation plates & Screw : LC-DCP (small), LC-DCP (Narrow), LC-DCP (Braod), Upper Lateral Tibial Plate, Oblique T-Plates, Reconstruiction Plate, Cloverleaf[...]


[China]Plaster Of Paris (POP) Bandage Manufacturing Machine & Technology

We provide the Plaster of Paris (POP) bandage machinery and its latest technology. Interested party, pls contact us[...]


[China]Orthopedic Casting Tapes

U-Kast Orthopedic Casting Tape is intended for use in construction of most common orthopedic cast, external immobilization of fractures and other orthopedic conditions, providing there is no risk of swelling. U-KAST is manufactured from knitted polyester fiber impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin. The result is a strong, durable, lightweight, conformable, radiolucent, and porous cast.[...]


[China]Plaster Bandage & Splint

The features of U-Kast plaster bandage are: 1, High strength and long lasting cast 2, Setting time 2-4 min 3, Quick wetting: 3-5 seconds 4, Excellent lamination 5, Very good conformability and mouldablity 6, Creamy texture 7, Low plaster loss[...]


[Poland]Orthoses, orthopedic braces, splints

We offer orthoses for: knee, hip/knee, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Please visit for further information. Advantages of our orthoses: - easy to put on and take off - light - easy to clean - maintains proper blood flow and provides the limb with thermal comfort - velour fabric is covered with Sanitized® finish (licence nr 3176.05): - prevents bacterial and fungal growth - protects against microbes and unpleasant odours - prolongs the material’s[...]


[China]orthodontic band

1.First morla band 2.Roth band with single tube Roth bands with Upper double tubes,Lower single tube Roth bands with Upper triple tubes,Lower double tube Edgewise band with single tube Edgewise bands with Upper double tubes,Lower single tube Edgewise bands with Upper triple tubes,Lower double tube[...]


[China]orthodontic MBT bracket

MBT bracket 0.022"/0.018" with hook on 3---20pcs/kit MBT bracket 0.022"/0.018" with hook on 3,4,5---20pcs/kit Mini MBT bracket 0.022"/0.018" with hook on 3---20pcs/kit Mini MBT bracket 0.022"/0.018" with hook on 3,4,5---20pcs/kit Packing in bulk is also available[...]