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Category: Metalurgy

Country: Poland

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[Poland]Crucible furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals.

Crucible furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals.[...]



We specialise in wholesale and retail sale of the CUT AND DRAWN MESH WIRE. EXTREME DESIGN offers you the set of proven products. The company is readyto execute unusual orders according to clients’ requirements. Cut and drawn mesh wire net, our primary product, is a unique outcome of the manufacturing process during which processed metal is made into wirework of thousand meshes. During cutting and drawing process traditional lozenge-shaped meshes are made along with other ones of a decorative[...]


[Poland]Metal Spinning Tools,Galvanotechnic,Pulverized lacquering

As a service we offer the option to make in our company all types of metal treatment (including copper and its alloys and austenitic steel), especially as roll flowing and spinning with complex shapes e.g.: lamp, ventilation parts, vases, dishes, covers, masking frames, collars, ash pits, supports etc. We make short, single series and long, repeatable ones. In our company we can provide full service from retail spinning to decoration or protection nickel, chrome, silver, copper, zinc, paint or lacquer layer.[...]

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[Poland]Clutch VHT 04/28 VHT 07/ 32; VHT 08/ 35;

We offer original hydraulic clutches of HCP CEGIELSKI production: VHT 04/28 VHT 07/ 32; VHT 08/ 35; VHT 09/ 38; VHT 09/ 40; VHT 10/ 42; VHT 10/ 45; VHT 11/ 50; VHT 12/ 55; VHT 15/ 65[...]


[Poland]centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc

centrifugal bushings - bronze, brass, aluminium, steel, iron, lead, zinc. Cast Steel. Stainless Steel Castings. 316, 304, 305. Runner Blades for Water Turbines. Hydro Power Castings. G-X5CrNi13 4, 1.4313. CA6NM, 304L, CF3, Ductile Iron. SOBOWIDZ Ferrous & Non-Ferrous FOUNDRY. Pump Impellers. Ship Propellers. Boat Props. Blades. G-X5CrNi 13 4, 1.4313. CNC Machining. Ni-hard. SG Iron. Ni-resist. D5. No-Bake Foundry. GJS 400-18LT, 500-7, 420-12. Exhaust Manifolds. Mining. Hadfield. Counterweights.[...]



Manholes class B125, D400 are produced according to PN-EN 124:2000 standard what is confirmed by possessed certificates. Used in sanitary, rain and road sewage system.[...]



K.Z.O. S.A. is one of few foundries in country, that has provided on the market sewage inlets for several dozen years, used to drainage from bridges. Types: -WM 150 C class C 250 kN with inlet’s surface 2,7 dm2; -WM 200 C class C 250 kN with inlet’s surface 6,0 dm2; -WMB 150 D with side outflow class D 400 kN with inlet’s surface 5,0 dm2; -WMK 200 C class C 250 kN with inlet’s surface 3,7 dm2;[...]


[Poland]Non-socket pipes and pipe fittings

System of non-socket pipes and pipe fittings presents new generation of sewage and chemical disposal. It is characterized by high aesthetics and simple art of assembly. Products are produced according to PN-EN 877:2002 standard.[...]



Steel flanges and cast iron flanges for pipes according to European and American standards. We also adjust to customers' needs and base on their own drawings; - technical chains, cattle chains and dog chains; - steel lever shears - cast iron moulds: artistical, technical, home use etc. - other[...]


[Poland]Technical chains

Technical chains, cattle chains and dog chains[...]