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[China]Annular Ring Shank Nails

Useful where very strrcg joints are required. The sharp ridges round the shank become embedded in the wood to give a tight grip.[...]



1)Common round irrc wire nails, 2)Square twisted nails, 3)Concrete/cement/masonry nails, 4)Paper strip nails, 5)Coil nails, coil roofing nails, 6)Clout nails, 7)Galv. square boat nails,copper boat nails 8)Roofing nails, 9)Panel pins, 10)Oval nails, 11)Flued nails, 12)Stainless steel nails, 13)Brad nails, 14)Narrow Crown staple, 15)Twisted nails, 16)Ring shank nails, 17)Duplex nails, 18)Annylar thread dyewall nails, 19)Pallet nails, 20)Annylar thread underlay nails, 21)Fence staple, 22)Hardened[...]


[China]Plastic strip nails

Located in Shanghai,China. we are the manufacturer of Plastic strip nails: Shank Diameter: 0.083", 0.090", 0.099", 0.113", 0.120", 0.131". Shank Type: Smooth, Ring, Screw. Point: Diamond Point, Blunt Point, Blunt Chisel Point. Length: 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 1 3/4", 2", 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/7", 3", 3 1/4", 3 1/2", 4". We will offer you products with top quality and competitive prices, welcome your specific inquiry.[...]


[China]Various pipe clamps

We can supply various pipe clamps which are widely used for fixing the pipes in the building construction.[...]


[China]Special Nuts

Special Nuts Made of Various Materials (brass,steel or stainless steel, or Nylon,wood).[...]


[China]Common nail

We are specialized in the manufacture and the export of the common wire nail, roofing nail, concrete nail, coil nail with reliable quality and competitive price, please contact me at the email any time for good business relationship![...]


[China]Sell Self-drilling, Self-tapping & Chipboard Screw

chipboard screw 2)All size are available 3)Heads:Flat head,Pan head,Double flat head pozi drive 4)Finish:Zinc plated,white plated 5)Packing:25kg/ctn or customed self-drilling screw head types:hex head, hex washer head, pan head, flat head, truss head, Size: M3. 5-M6. 3 (#6-#14) Material: Carbon steel Surface finish: Zinc, yellow zinc, trivalent zinc, nickel Packing: Bulk, small box, plastic bag self-tapping screw 1) Standard: DIN, BS, JIS, ANSI 2) All sizes are available[...]


[China]Titanium and Titanium Alloy Screws

We supply all kinds of Titanium series fasteners.And we are very pleased to develop new kind of titanium or titanium alloy fasteners or castings,please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions reqarding titanium fasteners.[...]


[China]stainless steel bolts,stainless steel nuts and screws

Our service ranges from providing high-performance products for low-cost solutions through to specialised products manufactured to exact tolerances. Now we have some professional suppliers around Shanghai,they specialized in certain products such as wing nuts,T-bolt,sprias washers,acorn nuts,threaded rods,set screws,screw eyes,etc.You may imagine the energy and efficiency released by such high focus. If you are right in the process to supplement your product line or to seek for a solid[...]


[China]Acorn & Cap Nuts,lock nuts

Acorn nuts and cap nuts combine the hexagonal wrenching surface of standard nuts with a dome, the acorn or cap, is used to cover external threads that would be otherwise exposed. Standardized acorn nuts can be divided into two categories: Low crown and high crown. The main difference between the two is the amount of available thread engagement. Low crown cap nuts can accept an external thread equal to the nominal diameter. High crown cap nuts have the capacity for 25% more thread engagement. Neotime[...]