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[Poland]The DMX timber-to-timber connectors

Squares, angles, flat joints, perforated plates, bands, joist hangers and other fittings. The original DMX Timber to timber connectors are used primarily to prevent timbers from moving laterally in relation to each other (timber-timber, timber – concrete), this kind of connectors guarantees very fast, certain and permanent connection. All connectors are galvanized and made of zinc coated sheets.[...]


[China]Railway Fish Bolt

Standard: TB/T2347-93, AREA, ASTM, ASME B 18.2.1 Specification: Diameter is M20, M22, M24, 3/8"-1-1/8" Length is no limited Grade: 8.8, 10.9, GR2, GR5, GR8 Finish: Black, Zinc plated, Dichromate Application: railway fastening[...]


[China]Railway Screw Spike

Standard: GB10487-89, AREMA, ASTM, A66-87, BS, UIC, and offer specifications required by clients. Specification: 22 by 145mm, 24 by 161mm, 3/4 to 1" by 3-1/ 2 to 7-1/2", 15/15 by 6", Ss5, Ss8, Ss25, Ss36 Grade: Normal and high strength Protection: Plain, Black, Zinc plated, Hot Dip Galvanized Application: railway fastening[...]


[China]Special Nuts

Special Nuts Made of Various Materials (brass,steel or stainless steel, or Nylon,wood).[...]


[China]Common nail

We are specialized in the manufacture and the export of the common wire nail, roofing nail, concrete nail, coil nail with reliable quality and competitive price, please contact me at the email any time for good business relationship![...]


[Poland]Technican of seizing

High load anchors, Screwdriver bits, Threaded roods, Drops, nuts, wall plugs, screws, washers, rivets, clamping rings, fixings[...]


[China]Titanium and Titanium Alloy Screws

We supply all kinds of Titanium series fasteners.And we are very pleased to develop new kind of titanium or titanium alloy fasteners or castings,please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions reqarding titanium fasteners.[...]


[China]stainless steel bolts,stainless steel nuts and screws

Our service ranges from providing high-performance products for low-cost solutions through to specialised products manufactured to exact tolerances. Now we have some professional suppliers around Shanghai,they specialized in certain products such as wing nuts,T-bolt,spring washers,acorn nuts,threaded rods,set screws,screw eyes,etc.You may imagine the energy and efficiency released by such high focus. If you are right in the process to supplement your product line or to seek for a solid[...]


[China]Acorn & Cap Nuts,lock nuts

Acorn nuts and cap nuts combine the hexagonal wrenching surface of standard nuts with a dome, the acorn or cap, is used to cover external threads that would be otherwise exposed. Standardized acorn nuts can be divided into two categories: Low crown and high crown. The main difference between the two is the amount of available thread engagement. Low crown cap nuts can accept an external thread equal to the nominal diameter. High crown cap nuts have the capacity for 25% more thread engagement. Neotime[...]


[China]Blind Rivets,Full Tubular Rivets and Solid Rivets

Neotime is geared to supply rivets to industrial applications such as racks, office furniture, and playground equipement. We are also equipped for custom designed rivets in the automotive market; from tight tolerances to high strength designs…we are ready to support any requirement. A blind rivet consists of two parts:- the rivet body, also referred to as the rivet body and within it, the setting device, the mandrel (sometimes called the nail or rivet stem). The rivet body is normally[...]