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[United Kingdom]FERRARI PARTS

ANGLIKI-IMPORT.PL deal direct with Ferrari Italy to source our new parts straight from the factory which means we are able to provide you with the best possible prices. We are constantly price checking our parts to ensure they stay low and ensure the best possible deals for our loyal customers. We supply many race teams including Challenge and GTÂ race cars as well as customer road cars. Our used parts portfolio is extensive and incorporates everything from a Ferrari 348 alloy, to a F50 front[...]


[United Kingdom]Windscreen Repair Equipment

Glass Technics are specialist manufacturers of high quality automotive windscreen repair kits and are suppliers of distortion free glass and acrylic scratch removal and polishing systems as well as uv glass repair resins to the global industry.[...]


[United Kingdom]WideView HID Conversion KIT

I am Sean, MD of SSLINK LTD (UK), and very pleased to introduce H.I.D kits for vehicles and motorbikes as a sole UK Distributor of ‘Wide View’ which is made in South Korea, and looking for a regional distributor . you can make used cars more premium and more valuable by converting normal Halogen Lamps with this excellent HID kits just by a bit investment. High Intensity Discharge Conversion Kit ( HID Kit) - This is different from just Xenon Bulb which can change the color not brightness.[...]


[United Kingdom]Pierce & Raise

On line pierce and raise is the punching and raising of a lip on an end plate or baffle plate for box production. This process is also known as extrusion WHY PERFORM AS A SEPARATE OPERATION ? Tooling for the pierce and raising of holes as part of the end plate production is expensive and dedicated. These machines use low cost tooling, which is flexible in use, and is based on the quick-change principle. This tooling is easily fitted by operators, thus eliminating the need for setters. As[...]


[United Kingdom]Ridgelocker

These machines are able to ridgelock a complete multipass assembly in one cycle. This is achieved by loading all the components onto the machine (upto a maximum off four- (4) baffle plates, and four (4) tubes on a (4x4) machine. The cycle is then activated, and the machine ridgelocks all the baffle plate / tube joints in one cycle. Standard 3x3 Multi Ridgelocking machine The standard machine is able to Ridgelock upto a maximum of three (3) tubes to a maximum of three (3) baffle plates. Standard[...]


[United Kingdom]Casemaker

The Lockseam Casemaking machine has been specifically designed for use in a cellular manufacturing environment. The machine has a small footprint The machine utilizes a simple and easy to change, trolley mounted mandrel. The mandrel is loaded via an interlocked gate, and once the mandrel is installed, and the gate closed, all other setting is carried out at the front panel of the machine. The machine produces high quality, consistent lockseams and all boxes produced are parallel. The unique[...]


[United Kingdom]Baffle loader

Baffle loading is the process of inserting the internal assembly into a silencer/muffler case. BAFFLE LOADING MACHINE The ETL Baffle Loading Machine is of a vertical configuration, especially suited to cellular manufacture, where floor space is at a premium. The machine is designed to assemble both single and double inserts, dependant on box configurations. Featuring a rapid setting mode, and quick-change tooling ensures minimum down time between product runs, and simplicity of setting[...]


[United Kingdom]BG/SBLC Offer For Lease Or Purchase

We are financial instruments provider. We can raise fresh cut BG/SBLC, MTN, LC and other bank instruments from AAA rated banks. We also deal in foreign exchange services,project funding and loan services. We deliver cautious of the timeline required for the completion of the transactions.Contact us to furnish you with our terms and procedure.[...]


[United Kingdom]200cc water cooled atv quad bike with EEC, COC , EPA

Features: 1) Engine type: 200cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke and water-cooled 2) Max. speed: 70kph 3) Transmission: five-speed, chain drive with reverse 4) Max. power: 11.5kW/6,500rpm 5) Max. torque: 17.5N.m/5,500rpm 6) Bore x stroke: 67 x 65mm 7) Starting system: electric start 8) Ground clearance: 110mm 9) Brake (front/rear): disc/disc 10) Front tire: at 19 x 7-8/2.9PSI 11) Rear tire: at 18 x 9.5-8/2.9PSI 12) Ignition type: CDI 13) Fuel tank capacity: 4.5L 14) Front[...]


[United Kingdom]Car tyre wireless pressure monitoring system, safety device & alarm

Alerts when tyre pressure drops below/ raises above recommended level Alerts when tyre pressure raises above recommended level Provide graphic user interface Monitoring tyre pressure anytime Expands tyre lifespan Saves fuel consumption Improves safety Detects leakage before harm is done Easy to install (X-type) High accuracy Not affected by bumpy roads Allows user preset value Operates even when the car is stationary Detects both under inflation and over inflation of tyre[...]