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Product Description Our company takes refrigerated and insulated van body with German technology and equipments as typical products. These products are all closed panel-box structure. 1. About the equipment & the technology: 1) Adopt the know-how and special equipments of kogel Fahrzeugwerke AG to produce the sandwich panels of refrigerated & insulated truck with wet in method and high pressure, vaccum workmanship. 2) The special press machine can meet various requirement of refrigerated[...]


[China]RIBO Ignition coils RENAULT 8200051128,8200360911

RB-IC8052A Replaces: RENAULT 8200051128,8200360911 KANG MODUS 1.2L 55KW D4F 712-714-716-740 RB-IC8052 Replaces: RENAULT 8200051128,8200025256 8200084401 NISSAN 22448-00QAD[...]


[China]RIBO Ignition coils PEUGEOT/CITROEN

RB-IC8055 PEUGEOT/CITROEN 597056,96213086,9621308680,9351308680 SAGEM 2526087, 2528087A VALEO 245086 RB-IC8055A PEUGEOT/CITROEN 597080,96363378, SAGEM 9636337880,2526182A VALEO 245095,96363378 RB-IC8056 CITROEN-PEUGEOT 597075,94632641,96341314,96632641 FIAT 9663264180 VALEO 245098 RB-IC8057 PEUGEOT 597073 CITROEN[...]


[China]RIBO pen Ignition coils

RB-IC5009 GM 12568062 ISUZU 8125680620 RB-IC7001 FIAT 46777286, 55180004 CHAMPION BAE 403B RB-IC7002 Replaces: FIAT 46777288 CHAMPION BAE 403C RB-IC7003 Replaces: RUBBER BOOT COLOR:BLACK ROVER NEC000120 NEC100730 NEC000120L RB-IC7003 Replaces: RUBBER BOOT COLOR:RED ROVER NEC000130 NEC100870 RB-IC7007 BOSCH [...]


[China]RIBO pen Ignition coils VW

RB-IC9015 Replaces: VW 036 905 715A 036 905 715 036 905 100A 036 905 100B 036 905 100C 036 905 100D RB-IC9016 Replaces: VW 022 905 100N ;022905100D BREMI 12465 ESM 0[...]


[China]clutch cover

Our clutch cover production flowing water line with advanced examination equipments and our each employee of strict earnest the attitude provides to guarantee for the quantity of the product. Our economic power is strong, the equipments is well-found, the product technique development ability is stronger, having the CAD design a CAM the manufacturing the system and examining the system.Technique development center with the development speed of every month 10-15 kinds of new products, can make the[...]


[China]clutch disc

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of clutch disc and it is also a producing, sales, and serving corporation. Our products are sold in the main of international market. The products exported abroad take up 90% of the total .At present, there are more than 500 specifications of products, mainly exported to countries of Middle-east, Africa, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, etc. Our products are available for car models such as MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, FORD, OPEL, VOLVO, VOLKSVAGEN, AUDI, TOTOTA, NISSAN,[...]


[China]Brake Lining

Over 500 kinds models of asbestos and non-asbestos brake linings. Products conformed in the standards of ISO9001. Just some items are listed. Please send your specific inquiry to us. WVA BFMC MINTYE DIMENSION DRUMDIAM APPLICATION 10030 VN/2/1 VW030-01 30×4.8×234 230 Volkswagen 10125 OP/24/1 OP028-01 28×5×195 200 Opel 10186 VN/15/1 VW030-02 30×5×168 Volkswagen 11057 MO/33/1 LY031-02 31×4.8×163 178 Leyland 11109 MO/41/1[...]


[China]LED Logo Ghost Light for Motorcycles,Custom Logo Design Available!

Motorcycle LED Laser Ghost Lights for Motorcycles 2016,Custom Logo Design Available! Specification: Lamp Power:High Power 5W Operating voltage: 12-24V Working Temperature: -40 degrees~105 degrees Life Span:300,000-500,000+ Hours Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy Shell color: gold,blue,black,sliver,red. Application:motorcycles, electric bikes,cars, cars,ect LED Lamp: US CREE Chip Wire Length: 80CM Waterproof Level:IPX4[...]



[Italy]Ball pin shift (shifts, machine tool parts, machine tool)

Ball pin shift for automotive system change marches. Produced in steel 11S available MnPb37Ks in different dimensions beginning from the diameter of the sphere.[...]