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[Taiwan]Photo paper for OKI color laser printer

We are pleased to announce our product for photography and document printing OKI color laser printer. OKI color laser printer series with our type A4S-S001 PP synthteic paper will present perfect printing quality, good hand touch feel, without turn-yellowish for long term exposure in air or under halogen lighting, tear-proof, waterproof, weatherproof, high durable, no releasing chemical and medicine smell. Our leading coating technology is how to avoid degrade color saturation when increasing paper[...]


[Taiwan]Plastic paper

It is no doubt PP synthetic paper becomes main stream printable material for oil ink printing and inject printer. How about printing on laser printer? Our plastic paper, laser printing PP synthetic paper, is printable on color laser printer and our leading technology is possible to improve color saturation of printing quality when increasing paper thickness and overcome high temperature heating problem during printing. The superior characteristics are suitable softness and low speed printing[...]


[Taiwan]Automatic Off Line Automatic Folder Gluer For Corrugated Carton

Automatic Off Line Automatic Folder Gluer For Corrugated Carton Model: FG-1226 Brand: Tsai Yi Speed : Up to 150 sheets/min (Depending on sheet material, size and quality) Max. Sheet Size: 1200 x 2600 mm Min. Sheet Size : 310x1000 mm Max Speed: 180 Sheets/Min Economic Speed: 120 Sheets/Min Min Carton Size: 250MM[...]


[Taiwan]Fully Computerized Flexo Printer Slotter and In Line Folder Gluer

Fully Computerized Flexo Printer Slotter and In Line Folder Gluer Model: VOLE-1228DFC Brand: Tsai Yi Speed : Up to 150 sheets/min (Depending on sheet material, size and quality) Max. Feeding Sheet Size: 1200x2800mm Max. Sheet Size (with Skip Feed) : 1600 x 2800 mm Min. Sheet Size : 310 x 630 mm Max Printing Area : 1200 x2660 mm Max. Square Box :660 x660 mm Min. Square Box : 160X160 mm/270 x80 mm Flexo Plate Thickness: 7mm Power Required:51Kw Dimension (LxWxH) : 17230mmx4621mmx3416mm Total[...]


[Taiwan]Automatic single planer

Automatic single planer: The GT-400J is our new model with high speed bevel spindle auto jointer. High speed means feed speed is 8 to 40m/min; bevel spindle is designed to be suitable for short workpiece processing that minimum length of cut is 100mm. Auto jointer of GT-400J is like hand-jointer (only bottom spindle) but with automatic feed system. Compare with hand-jointer, it is feed speed is very fast and the finished product is almost the same with hand-jointer. Please visit our web site[...]


[Taiwan]Two sided planer

Two sided planer: In the field of woodworking, for wider double side processing, we would like to provide you except the sanding machine another choice-1020 m/m (40”) GTM-1020W Double Surface Planer. For ensure the smoothly processing, series GTM-1020W is designed supplely the feed- in from tip plug, and multi-spindle power transports feed-out. Our durable spiral cutter can cut woods in low noise and not easy to cause a stain on woods.[...]


[Taiwan]Double side planer-HS

Double side planer: Its high speed feed up to 40M/min. High production ! Increasing your production profit ! There are two outfeed rollers and two table rollers provided at the outfeed end of the top cutter-head. All rollers are powered to assure more porwerful and stable feeding performances. The powerful 5HP feed drive motor combined with inverter and gear reducer will handle the most demanding work. Its high speed feed up to 40M/min. It can provide extra powerful workpiece feeding and permit[...]


[Taiwan]2 side planer

2 side planer: Due to the lack of wooden material has increased day by day, how to recycle wood waste has become a key point of woodworking market competition. To save wood waste, a planer with precise surface is the first important process during manufacturing. It is based on providing the same thickness material so that the result of final process will be more obvious. Due to this, it is our first chief job to develop Super Short Material of Double-Side Planer (Min. length 100mm). GT-400S[...]


[Taiwan]Double side planer

Double side planer: Working width 635mm(25") Equipped with digital positioning control Equipped with helical cutter head (size : 15x15x2.5mm) Quick thickness setting device Slideways are lubricated by central hand lubricator Feeding inveter with an additional gear reducer Please visit our web site for more information: [...]