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Category: Agriculture & Gardening

Country: Russian Federation

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[Russian Federation]Vietnam long grain white rice

We are supplying a big quantity of Vietnam Rice as follows: 1/Vietnam long grain white rice 5% broken Specification: - Moisture: 14% max - Admixture: 0.1% max - Damaged kernels: 1% max - White glutinous: 1.5% max - Yellow kernels: 0.5% max - Red & red streaked rice: 2% max - Chalky (over 2/3 kernels): 6% max - Paddy (grain/kg): 15 Packing: PP bag of 50kg net Quantity(+/-5%): 25MT/20’ Price:USD425/MT[...]


[Russian Federation]Jerusalem Artichoke Pulp Corn Fiber

Jerusalem Artichoke Pulp Corn Fiber Medical uses: Powder of topinambour (flour of jerusalem artichoke) is uses for improving of metabolism when one suffer from diseases like diabetes,atherosclerosis,obesity. It is recommended at physical and mental activity. It also good when working capacity is decreasing and when one gets tired fast(syndrome of chronic fatigue). At preventive maintenance and healing of dangerous and chronic infectious diseases, powder of topinambour is increasing activity[...]


[Russian Federation]ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate Make B Specification Visual appearance White crystals Nitrogen, % 21 Water content, % 0.3 Free sulphuric acid, % 0.05 Insoluble impurity, % 0.05 Friability, % 100[...]


[Russian Federation]flax seeds

Flax seeds, harvest 2008 Test results № Specification Test results 1 Color 12 Gardner 2 Humidity, not more % 15 3 Weed and oil impurity, total, % 4.2 4 Pests infestation Not found 5 Ricinus communis seeds Not found 6 Cadmium, mg/kg 0.1 7 Plumbum, mg/kg 0.057 8 Arsenic, mg/kg 0.063 9 Mercury, mg/kg <0.02 10 Aflatoxin B1, mg/kg <0.001 11 Hexachlorane, mg/kg <0.002 12 Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and its metabolites, mg/kg <0.004 13 Oil content, % 37.2 14 Iodine[...]


[Russian Federation]frozen drone larvae

We offer frozen drone larvae. Our company worked up method of collecting and preservation of drone brood. During the process larvae are not beeing damaged. They are extracted by hand. Our method permits us to keep larvae for a year without any damage for larva biological value. It is the best component of any health products. Our product has certificates. Frozen drone larvae are natural and pure without any additives.[...]


[Russian Federation]a fish flour,

We offer deliveries of a fish flour from Mauritania and India. Flexible conditions of delivery and payment.[...]


[Russian Federation]Wheat flour

Our company sells wheat flour. We can put to 5 000 tons of a flour every month. The different grades of wheat flour that we produce are: 1. Premium wheat - Good for Noodles and macaroni making. 2. First Grade - Good for white bread and bakery. 3. Second Grade - Good for bread and bakery. The flour is made from natural products. The flour has no Gmo. The flour is made in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Quality of a flour corresponds to effective standards. The flour is packed till 50 kg. The flour[...]


[Russian Federation]Sell Raw Hazelnut Kernel

Dear Madams/Sirs We are offering hazelnut kernels 2005 crop year, origin of Georgia with following specifications: Caliber: 11-13, 13-15mm % Moistures atletiko b 103C (Umidity) max. 6,0 % Shriveled fruits max. 4,5 % Mouldy, rancid, black fruits, fungi max. 3,5 Aflatoxins (B+G) max.0004 mg/kg Aflatoxins (Bl) max.0002 mg/kg Packing: 60 kg net in jute bags. Terms of delivery and payment are negotiable. We are looking for your specific inquiry. Sincereli Ekaterine Lataria Manager GeoEst[...]


[Russian Federation]Concentrate of textured soy protein

«Opttema» S-300 — a product of extrusion of defatted soy flour, in the form of flat flakes, having porous structure. During the hydration it takes the structure, which is similar with pieces of forcemeat. «Opttema» S-300 gives succulent, elastic consistence to the end product . External view and cutting of the product are improved. It is used for improving the structure of meat and fish products, decrease the content of fat, as bulking agent (filler) and partially substitution for meat and[...]


[Russian Federation]Textured soy protein

«Opttema» M-03 — a product of extrusion of defatted soy flour, having porous structure, which allows to tie together and to keep huge volume of moisture. During the hydration it takes the structure, which is similar with pieces of forcemeat. «Opttema» M-03 gives succulent, elastic consistence to the end product. External view and cutting of the product are improved. It is used as bulking agent (filler) and partially substitution for meat raw in the production of rough milled meat products and[...]