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Country: Italy

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[Italy]Canuti: FROZEN FILLED GNOCCHI (frozen pasta, fresh frozen pasta, itali

A Great alternative to the traditional Gnocchi, 3 different itams with Tirolese Filling, Cheese filling and Porcini Mushroom filling.[...]


[Italy]Parmigiano Reggiano - parmesan cheese

The real Parmigiano Reggiano is produced only in the area of Parma, north east of Italy. Even if nowadays there are many cheeses on the market called parmesan cheese, that look like the Parmigiano Reggiano, only the original Parmigiano Reggiano keeps the same methods of production from several years. The Parmigiano Reggiano is good at any time, from breakfast to dinner. as an ingredient for pastaor as a table cheese. The Parmigiano Reggiano is made only in Italy, using only fresh milk without additives,[...]


[Italy]Biscuit Italian cake

A wide selection of cake and biscuit - the best of Italy to give you the opportunity of purchasing the finest Italian food online.[...]


[Italy]Fresh and Frozen MOZZARELLA di Bufala Campana d.o.p.

Our area in Campana(Battipaglia) is the epicentre of the world for this product. Tons and tons are air freighted daily (at a enormous cost due to the high cost of air freight and the cost of flying more than 120 % extra weight in the form of water) from Naples & Rome to northern Europe, USA & Canada. And tons and tons are tossed in the garbage a few days later because it was not sold. In Italy if you do not eat buffalo in one or two days, you toss it. Fresh Mozzarella has a distinctive[...]


[Italy]DIY Greenhouses, Garden Greenhouses

A detailed design makes simple the installing while the use of first quality materials and components guarantee long duration in time. For that reason, before the varnishing of the aluminium, carried out using exclusively atoxic powder varnishing, we make a chromic conversion pre-treatment, that consist in depositing an extra protective covering into the profiles. This process gives to the coloured aluminium an excellent and lasting resistance to atmospheric agents.[...]



ingredients: soft-wheat flour, durum-wheat sdemolina, eggs. we have a variuos kind of string pasta: buckwheat tagliatelle, fettuccine, fettuccine black with real squid-ink, whole-wheat fettuccine, pappardelle, spelt pappardelle, tagliolini, tagliolini black with real squid-ink, spaghetti alla chitarra, spaghetti alla chitarra of kamut.[...]


[Italy]Extra virgin olive oil

extra virgin olive DOP oil of Latina Hill's (Lazio). Altitude: 300/500 asl Harvest method: manual Appearance: veiled Perfume: intense, typical of olive Density: medium Packaging: bottles of 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 L Ideal use: as dressing and for cooking Flavour: medium fruity with a vegetable aftertaste Extraction method: at cold with ecologic system Expected doc: itrana Variety of olive: frantoiano, leccino, itrana[...]


[Italy]Olive oil

Italian pomace extravirgin olive oil.[...]


[Italy]Italian pasta and noodles

We are one of the greater italian producing companies of nutritional pastes of high quality. We have a vast line of all type of pasta to satisfy any type with taste and necessity (long and short pasta made of durum wheat flour), of quality and prices. In this moment we are looking for commercial operators interested in import/distribution this products. In this sense we would wish to evaluate the collaboration possibilities that can be created between us. If any notice is necessary[...]


[Italy]Long Shape Pasta

Long Shape Pasta - 100 per 100 Durum Wheat Semolina.[...]