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Category: Agriculture & Gardening

Country: Canada

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[Canada]sell european products

Sell Pastas dry or frozen,canned products:tomato,olives,etc. marinated,marmellata,olive oils,vinegar... We sell anything from europe Also Italian doors,jewellery etc.[...]


[Canada]Full cream milk powder

Selling full cream milk powder Direct from Mexican plant. Can also supply from my personal contacts in Australia,Argentina,Poland,Brazil,Colombia Can supply 2000mt to 4000mt per month maybe more depends on contract. Looking for solid buyer for long term.[...]


[Canada]Extra virgin olive oil

Hello, I have the product you are looking for. Extra virgin olive oil from $3.00 euro to $3.70 euro FOB One litre dark green glass bottle.Can sell also in bulk. Also selling sunflower oil,soyabean oil. Thank you Maurizio[...]


[Canada]Atlantic Cod

We processn and supply: - Atlantic Cod Fillets - Atlantic Cod Loins - Atlantic Cod Portions - Atlantic Cod BP Block - Atlantic Cod Loinless Blocks Skinless, boneless, pbo, no chemical. Net weight and glazing can be as per your requirements.[...]



We are supplying: - Haddock Fillets - Haddock Loins Skinless, boneless, pbo, no chemical. Net Weight and Glazing can be as per your requirements.[...]


[Canada]Chum Salmon

We are supplying: - Chum Salmon Fillets - Chum Salmon Portions The Fillets can be Trim C or other. Portions can be with fatline or deepskinned and without fatline. Packing, netweight, with or without chemical, glazing, sizes should be informed.[...]



We sell as follows: Atlantic Sea Scallops from USA East Coast. The sizes are 10/20 and 20/30 pcs per lb. Products are completely dry with moisture content less than 80%. Can supply retail pack and bulk pack.[...]


[Canada]Whey Protein

We are a leading importer and distributor of dairy products in Canada. Whey Protein is a soluble milk protein manufactured from fresh cheese whey using an ultra-filtration process. Whey Protein is ideal for health drinks due to the high nutritional value. Whey Protein Isolate WPI90 Whey Protein Concentrate WPC80 Whey Powders We sell whey protein concentrate, isolate in bulk order. We also can do customs formulation for your private label brand. Contact us for free quotes.[...]