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[Spain]Urea 46N

We are oficial distributor from Urea factories in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Also have offices in Odessa and Limassol. Office in Valencia is for Purchase orders, in Odessa for Logistics and quality control, office in Limassol for seetransportation. We can offer Urea for very competitive worldmarket price, but never fantasyprices.Also can not deliver very large quantities, even 12.500 till 500.000MT per Buyer. Price example : 100.000MT prilled(4 shipments of 25.000) for 154US$ CIF ASWP LOI[...]


[Spain]Glyphosate 36% SL

Non selective, systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with rapid translocation throughout the plant for the post-emergent control of a wide range spectrum of annual and perennial weeds. Also, for pre-emergent control in several crops when the high is enough to band applications.[...]


[Spain]Papillon Kolors

KOLORS promotes of the coloration and maturation of the fruit, stimulating to the plant of natural way, without intervention of aggressive products or hormones that can stress the plant, cause defoliation or alter its cycle. It is the first product that accelerates of natural form the coloration and maturation, being the own plant which gives colour to the fruit. KOLORS makes available of the plant natural enzymes and betaines, that the own plant synthesizes at the moments of maturation, facilitating[...]


[Spain]Liquid fertilizer Papillon Swelling

ENHANCER OF FECUNDATION PROCESS, SETTING AND SWELLING quick-absorption enriched with all the Microelemtents and vitamins inclusive folic acid. It is a highly energy liquid fertilizer. It supplies all the essential elements during the fecundation process, setting and swelling, providing in addition to a crowd of phytoalexins, polysaccharides, anti-osidants, carbohydrates (natural chellating action) besides specific and necessary elements in the energy process of the direct production of the vegetal[...]


[Spain]Papillon Complex

Quick-absorption BIOSTIMULATING enriched with aminoacids synthesis, and all the Microelements, a combination that allows the synthesis of enzymes, proteins, hormones and vitamins providing to the plant a perfect state of health and nutritional balance in all of its vegetative state. It contains 19 kinds of L-aminoacids. The micronutrients are chelated by aminoacids (except for B and mo, in mineral form), which avoid reactions with other compounds of the soil, increasing and making sure its absorption[...]


[Spain]Liquid fertilizer Papillon Auxi Bio RaĆ­z

PAPILLON BIO RAIZ bioestimulant of the radicular developed in all and each one of its phases: physiological, functional, emission, growth, renovation, and in addition harnessing the fortification to its immunological system, maintaining to the root in a suitable sanitary state. He is absolutely free of hormones, it does not leave remainders and he is specially recommendable in integrated sustainable and ecological agriculture. PAPILLON BIO RAIZ, no only acts increasing the density of the root,[...]


[Spain]Liquid fertiliser Novocuaje

IT STIMULATES FERTILISATION AND SETTING AND IT IS RAPIDLY ABSORBED. Enriched with ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM AND VITAMINS. A high percentage of setting is obtained even without natural pollination. NOVOCUAJE is a high energy liquid fertiliser. It supplies the plant with all the essential elements during fertilisation and setting process and provides several fitoalexin, polysaccharides, antioxidants carbohydrates (natural chelating action) as well as necessary and specific elements for the energy processed[...]