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Country: Poland

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[Poland]The silo gravel

The Silo use as gravel warehouse in the winter time by the community service. In the midst of the silo is special heating system installed that save the gravel from freezing. The weight of one product: 1440/kg net, capacity 5m3 The product material: Steel plates 552kg Steel sectional material 150x100x12 The silo is double douche paint. Inside is the Tectyl 506 protection use.[...]


[Poland]Air Transportation

Air Transportation - all directions Our subsidiary company ACS Cargo specializes in airfreight forwarding and cooperates with major airlines worldwide.[...]


[Poland]The itself out loading container

The weight of one product: 430/kg net, capacity 3,2m3 The product material: Steel plates 390kg Steel sectional material 100x100x4 – 20kg The container is double douche paint.[...]


[Poland]Transport paliw

Świadczymy usługi w zakresie transportu materiałów niebiezpiecznych na terenie całej Polski. Oferujemy profesjonalny zespół pracowników wraz zniezawodnym taborem samochodowym. Posiadam cysterny o pojemnościach 32000 i 12000 litrów. Sprawdź nas a zawołasz: WOLE - OLLE !!![...]


[Poland]The container support

The 100 000kg container support use in the port of loading and shipyards. The container support wheels are incentive connect. That make possibility to move the support loosely by one person. The weight of one product: 130/kg net The product material: Steel plates 32kg Steel sectional material 84kg Coutchouc 14kg Wood and springs The container support construction is zinc igneous coated before the final set-up.[...]


[Poland]passenger seats

Advantages: - module construction which enables combining into multi-seat segments, - holder enabling the connection of the vertical pipe of a different diameter to the seat, - verity of seat’s colour and rich upholstery design, - possibility of using side fixing to the wall, - possibility of using anti-graffiti system, - hard upholstered seats with vandal-proof system, - the seats fulfil the requirements concerning the susceptibility to inflammability according to PN-92/K-02502, DIN 5510, - the[...]


[Poland]Pollution Combating Salvage Tug

Technical specification PERFORMANCES Bollard Pull 74 tons Towing Winch Pull 50 tons Speed 13 knots DIMENSIONS Length o.a. 53 .37 m Length B.P. 48. 00 m Breadth Moulded 13. 60 m Depth Moulded 6. 02 m Draught (max.) 4. 60 m Gross Tonnage 1347 tons DWT 930 tons CAPACITIES Deck Cargo 350 tons Deck Load 5 t/m2 Total Cargo Deck Area 175. 0m2 Fuel 210. 0m3 Potable Water 93. 4m3 Ballast Water 606. 0m3 Recovered Oil 512. 0m3 Fi-Fi Foam 18. 7m3 Containerised[...]


[Poland]Rescue boat

Technical specification: PERFORMANCES Speed (approx.) 30 knots DIMENSIONS Length o.a. 15. 20 m Length hull 14. 60 m Length W.L. 11. 80 m Breadth o.a. 5. 39 m Breadth hull 4. 20 m Draft 0. 90 m CAPACITIES Fuel Oil 1.40 m3 Fresh Water (Portable tanks) 0.04 m3 PROPULSION AND STEERING SYSTEM Main Engines 2 x MAN D2848 LE-401, M.E. Power 2 x 500 kW, 2300 rpm Water Jet 2 x HAMILTON HJ 362 Remote Control System 2 x KOBELT 2016K, Four handle master control LIFE[...]



Technical specyfication PERFORMANCES Speed (approx.) 5 knots DIMENSIONS Length o.a. 25. 00 m Breadth Moulded 7. 40 m Depth Moulded 4. 05 m Draught aft.(loaded) 3. 20 m Light Ship Weight (approx.) 93 tons COMPARTMENTS Watertight: engine room, double bottom under deck cargo, fore peak. CAPACITIES Cargo Hold (approx.) 400 tons Fuel 8.0 m3 MACHINERY Main Engines 1 x CUMMINS 6CTA 8.3 M1 M.E. Power 185 kW Rudder Propeller 1 x SCHOTTEL SRP 110 Propeller Diameter[...]


[Poland]Special vesssel

Special vesssel(floating mixing plant) PERFORMANCES Speed (approx.) 6.5 knots Max. Depth of Mixing 9.0 m HULL’S COMPARTMENTS After peak, 3 (I, II, III) waterproof compartments, engine room, fore peak. DIMENSIONS Length o.a. 35. 70 m Length B.P. 31. 00 m Breadth 7. 00 m Breadth B.P. 6. 80 m Depth at sides 1. 20 m Draught 0. 58 m CAPACITIES Fuel 13. 30 m3 Lubricating Oil 0. 30 m3 Fresh Water 3. 60 m3 Dirty Fuel Oil 0. 063 m3 Dirty Lubricating Oil[...]