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[China]Global Sourcing Services

GUS,Worldwide,reliable business partner for global Sourcing Services. We are providing most efficient global sourcing services and most reliable project management services to our clients in this planet. We caring about your business as yourself, from the beginning to the end.We are a problem solver and a solution provider for your business.[...]


[Poland]Professional Employee Organization

Our services include outsourcing facilities of HR (payroll and employees data) like: · employee leasing, · inside employment, · temporary job. Professional Employee Organization makes the procedure of employment much easier. A customer must only declare his need for a certain employee. Our company hires him and fulfills all the legal requirements connected with the employment. We take over all the obligations off declaring his personal data, payroll, social security and IRS. We are responsible[...]


[Poland]Financial accounting

1. Accounting service, 2. Financial statements for external authorities, as well as internal rules, 3. Tax declarations, 4. E-accounting (entering the items in a ledger at Client's office combined with Monitoring on line executed by G&G office).[...]


[Poland]Financial consulting

1. Corporate finance: · accounts structure, · internal standards for document flow and accounting principles, · long and short term financing sources, · exchange and interest rate risk management, · A/R management, · short - and mid term cash flow management, · business plans for the banks. 2. Management accounting: · company functional structure, · reporting structure for each management level, · annual budgeting and the long term plans, · „Activity Based Costing” –[...]


[Poland]Recruitment and selection

Our recruitment procedures are always based on: · documentation analysis, · personal questionnaire, · interview, · psychological tests,* · references verification,* · foreign language tests,* · verification of professional qualifications in cooperation with external consultants* * on the customer request[...]


[Poland]human resource consulting

As the HR department it covers consulting and outsourcing of the following activities: 1. Managing of the payroll and employees data: a) employees data – e.g: managing of the individual personal files, an employment documentation, vacation management, illness documentation and statistics, preparation of the documentation for the Social Security. b) payroll - full spectrum covering all the companies specialties. 2. Cooperation with the Board of the Company in creation of the HR strategy, 3.[...]


[Austria]Court and financially independent becomes?

We look people accustomed for it independent working is or wants to like to build an independent business, kept away risk and capital-use from it until now, however. We offer them the possibility, beside its previous activity, to start a project of two to five years with our team, that can make it freely and financially independent. If they mean it and want to change some crucial one in its life, then contact me with statement of their complete contact-data like: Name, address, country, email-address,[...]


[China]Quality Control and Inspection services

AsiaQualityFocus is a quality control company based in China. Our company is one of main actor among the quality control agencies in Asia. We are an independent third party quality control agency (QC services) and we only focus on quality control solutions (inspection, audit and quality assurance). AQF core services are quality control inspection (soft goods, hard goods and E&E equipment) and factory audit. We also help our clients to determine their product quality needs and obtain the relevant[...]


[Poland]Care Assistant in United Kingdom

Job Title: Care Assistant Reports to: Senior Sister / Nurse in Charge / Deputy Matron / Head of Care Location: Care Home Job Purpose: To be responsible for the well being, i.e. the physical, emotional and social needs of the residents, in a caring, kind and respectful manner, preserving dignity and self respect at all times. Principal Accountabilities and Activities Act as a key-worker for a group of residents under the guidance of a registered nurse. To provide the highest standards of[...]


[Poland]GOST-R Certification under Russia Standard

Detailed Product Description: Some information about GOST Certification. GOSTis the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation. (With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification) GOST is very important for Russian companies and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST is the approved quality indicator for Russian Federation. GOST Certification is not only engaged with the quality management of the[...]