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[Poland]International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection When you win a new commercial contract, you are very glad because of your new client and you hope for economic revival of your company. Unfortunately, sometimes your client after realization of the order does not pay in time, or does not want to pay at all. Lack of due payment threatens financial liquidity of your company. In such case the great solution is vindication of financial claims by Financial Office Worldwide. This is a tried quick cheap and effective way[...]


[Poland]E-ACCOUNTING - Accounting services by means of internet.

Different solutions of e-accounting: 1/ all accounting works are executed by my office and financial reports can be read on-line by Client, 2/ book-keeping executed by Client's employee but her/his job is under control of my office through internet, 3/ "Accounting emergency" - supervision of Client's accounting through internet.[...]


[Poland]Debt collection services, legal services

ICG offers help in debt recovery in Poland and other European countries. We have Law Offices in almast all European countries. What is very important is a fact, that payment under contracts signed with ICG are based on the results of our work and made only after successful recovery! We offer also: legal assistance, preparing business information reports (about Polish and foreign companies).[...]



[Poland]GOST-R Certification under Russia Standard

Detailed Product Description: Some information about GOST Certification. GOSTis the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation. (With the other words, it is called GOST-R Certification) GOST is very important for Russian companies and exporters to the Russia and carries the same meaning of ISO 9000 series certificates for the western companies. GOST is the approved quality indicator for Russian Federation. GOST Certification is not only engaged with the quality management of the[...]



[Poland]English/Polish Translation Service

Value for money English language translation services from an experienced and competent translator. Various topics covered. - Polish legal acts and regulations - Auditors’ reports - Financial statements - Contracts and agreement - Correspondence, - Any other topic I also provide interpretation services during meetings and liaisons with business partners and public authorities. I can assist with arranging formalities, gathering information, etc. Interested ? Please contact me[...]



Activities undertaken by Materials Engineers Group Ltd. incorporate: Research and Technological Development own and competetive RTD projects, productive processes, products Technological Service scientific and technological diagnosis, advance information and technology transfer Technological Consultancy Services tests and analysis, reports, assesing plant life, risk based inspection Materials Engineers Group Ltd. wide range of services comprise: - materials[...]



We offer a translation services (Russian, Polish, English). We have a big experience in cooperation with foreign customers. We would like to invite you to our website to find out more about our company.[...]



We offer accountancy services in Russian and English. We have a big experience in cooperation with foreign customers. We would like to invite you to our website to find out more about our company.[...]


[Poland]"UMTS Technology" training

UMTS Technology course is an intermediate technical course, which covers all aspects of architecture and functionality of third generation cellular networks – UMTS. It presents the knowledge useful for those who need to be ready for the coming of 3G.[...]


[Poland]"GSM Technology" training

GSM Technology is an intermediate technical course covering all aspects of GSM architecture and functionality. It presents the knowledge useful for those who in their everyday work operate, maintain and supervise the GSM network. The knowledge gained during this course can be furthermore extended during specific courses and consultations covering issues like operation, structure and configuration of specific network nodes as well as courses on signalling within Base Station System and Switching System.[...]