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[Poland]Derivative instruments

Clients willing to invest in futures , warrants or options should have a great expertise and experience . Derivative instruments can generate high profits as well as big losses . Therefore, investment risk is very high . FUTURES Among derivative instruments, the most popular ones are futures . A futures contract is a derivative instrument whose value depends on the value of another instrument , called a ‘ base instrument ‘. Futures contracts may be based on shares , bonds, stock indexes[...]


[Poland]Foreign exchanges

To meet the challenge resulting from the capital market’s global growth , Dom Maklerski BZ WBK has diversified into provision of brokerage services on foreign markets . As a result, its clients can invest on the greatest European and American markets : NASDAQ, CBOT, Euronext, EUREX, Xetra, GLOBEX and others . Now, investors can freely invest on the markets where stock prices are the most attractive : in New York, London, Chicago, Frankfurt, and Paris … And at very competitive prices . Some[...]


[Poland]Shares and bonds

Shares and bonds are among the most popular investment instruments and are recommended to inexperienced players as investing in these instruments does not require expertise, especially in case of long-term investments . SHARES Shares are securities confirming that their holder (shareholder) owns a part of the property of a joint-stock company . As a result, a shareholder has a right to receive dividend (share in company profits ), a right to take part in a general shareholding meeting and[...]


[Poland]WGI Dom Maklerski

Warszawska Grupa Inwestycyjna Dom Maklerski SA is the largest company in the Polish non-banking sector offering services on the foreign exchange market (until April 2005 the company was known as Warszawska Grupa Inwestycyjna S.A.) WGI Dom Maklerski offers nine investment programmes denominated in three currencies (PLN, EUR and USD), differentiated in terms of potential rate of return and risk exposure. For each of the investment programmes offered by WGI Dom Maklerski, an investment objective[...]