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Category: Chemicals & Plastics

Country: Belarus

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[Belarus]Vacuum equipment for metallization and the equipment for processing optical details from Belarus

1. The equipment for all kinds of processing of optical details (a lens, a prisms, optical mirrors), details from quartz, ceramics. 2. The vacuum equipment for metallization: 2.1 multipurpose thin-film coatings on optical details; 2.2 the coverings raising durability of details and the tools; 2.3 decorative in a wide range of color scale on metal and plastic products; 2.4 mirror covering on glass; 2.5 the coverings durability of details and the tool on polymer films and paper.[...]


[Belarus]Equipment for the electrochemical polishing from Belarus

Method of electrolyte - plasma polishing ( also known as method of electrolyte – impulse or electrolyte - discharge polishing) is based on the phenomena of combined plasma and electrochemical process in the steam-gas thin-gap(jacket) between immersed electrode and electrolyte under influence of high voltage. As result of this treatment will be removed few microns of superficial metal and surface obtain mirror shine. As well as disappear directional anisotropy which acquire[...]