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Country: Italy

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[Italy]Matt waterbased wall paint for internal and external use

Glazed paint which can be thinned out with water. It is made of acrylic resins. It is perfectly washable, used indoors and outdoors. It presents a hard, strong and elastic film that gives a high resistance to stains penetration and dirt. For this reason the paint is easy to wash with common detergents. All the colours of K81 samples have a high resistance outdoors except n. 21, 150 and 170.[...]


[Italy]Solvent based impregnator for wood, antimould and antibatteric

Saturating product with a transparent finish, it is suitable for the protection of external and internal wood. It is pigmented with transparent iron oxides which give the product the stability of colours and protection against the deterioration caused by atmospheric agents. It acts against mould and insects and it guarantees a protection to the wood without running the risk of a film which could come off.[...]


[Italy]Solventbased antirust paint, high quality and fast drying

Ionic exchange rust inhibitor formulated with modified alkyd resins, endowed with rapid drying properties, excellent as a primer for overspraying with quick dry enamel and alkyd enamels.[...]


[Italy]Polyuretanic bicomponent transparent cycle fire retardant paint

Riplast Ignifuga 350 is a transparent, solvent-borne, two-component polyurethane fireproof cycle for Class 1 treatment of all kinds of wood such as furniture, fittings, stage sets etc. The cycle cannot be used for the treatment of panels veneered with thermoplastic adhesives, cellular - honeycomb - or laminated structures, as provided for by standard UNI 9796/1990. The cycle consists of Riplast Ignifuga 350 Fondo (primer) and Riplast Ignifuga 350 Finitura (finish).[...]


[Italy]Plaster and surfacer

Mineral wall coating for exteriors and interiors composed of selected grain quartz dispersed in water-based acrylic resin emulsion with added microfibres to improve resistance to crazing due to the plaster.[...]


[Italy]Technical Components in Plastic

Plastica Nardon SpA presents itself as an ideal partner for the realisation of technical components in plastic thanks to its internal flexibility, the technology it uses, its know-how, and the fact that it covers a wide range of production possibilities for both limited and wide product ranges. The client's design is executed during the component realisation phase using different working possibilities such as: · moulding · comoulding · overmoulding · ultrasound welding · other mechanical[...]


[Italy]Looking for Agents for European Market

Plastica Nardon Spa has been operating from 1951 in the plastic moulding sector. Furthermore the moulding of thermosetting resins, the company extended its activity to technopolymer injection moulding in order to supply continuously changing applicative sectors: automotive, hydraulic and pneumatic, thermohydraulic, automation, automatic distributors, lighting, lighting engineering, household items, sport items. Plastica Nardon Spa offers to his customers added value services for product industrialisation[...]


[Italy]Industrial rubber hose

We have available at stock industrial rubber hose of Highest quality, made in Italy. Special offer for Sand-blasting rubber hose and for steam service at 18 Bar.[...]


[Italy]PVC sheets and rods

Special offer for Not flexible PVC sheets and rods. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.[...]


[Italy]Gland packing

We have a special offer for gland packing. If you are interested and want to receive the related quotation do not hesitate to contact us.[...]