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PU polyol blended system for thermally pre-insulated pipeline system for district heating/industry/marine/oil and gas applications both onshore and offshore.[...]


[Turkey]KM 215 | Profile and Milling Machine

End milling machines designed for precise end milling operations on PVC and Aluminum mullion profiles. Capable of angular end milling. Clamping and end milling operation is automatic Quickly change of milling cutter group. Standard Accessories * Air gun * User’s Manual Optional Accessories * Special milling cutter group[...]


[Turkey]DK 502 | Double Corner Welding Machine (Angled )

Machine is designed for the joining of PVC profiles though corner welding. Capable of adjusting the clamp and welding pressure according to the profile type. Equipped with a timer for melting and welding time. The thermostat is electronic and can be adjusted in a temperature range between 0°-260° C. The movable head (right head) moves manually. It is equipped with a brake system. On the left head it is possible to weld at angles between 30°-180°. The right head is fixed at 90°. For[...]


[Poland]urea 46

Welcome, We are a trade company from Poland. We offer to sell russian urea 46 in good preis.Are you interested? The following are the prices: 12500MTX12 per month - 150,000MT USD 225+2,5% 25000 MTx12 per month, - 300,000 MT, USD 220+2,5% 50000MTx12 per month 600,000 MT 215.00+2,50 USD 100.000MTx12 per mouth -1200000MT 205.00+2,50 USD For Granular +USD 10.00 Give me the LOI. I will give you a soft offer Best regards[...]


[Turkey]ST 263 | PVC Triple Water Drainage Milling Machine Automatic

İt İs A Driller Machine Designed To Open The Water Drenage Canals On The Profiles At The Two Or Three Axis, Varied Angles And Heights. İt Automatically Adjusts The Axis Crookedness On The Profile. The Work Process İts Automatically, Done By One Button. Motor Selection İs Done By Means Of Button. There Are 3 Motor At The Model St-263. There Are 2 Motor At The Model St-262 Standard Accessories * Driller Cutting * Air Gun * User's Manual Opsiyonel Aksesuarlar * Spare Router Drill[...]


[China]Polyurethane products

ADQS-142, no CFC(water as a blowing agent), used to thermally pre-insulated pipeline system for district heating.[...]


[China]Field-Joint material for CWC pipeline

OCPF® AD-200K is used to produce the open-cell polyurethane rigid (PUR) foam intended specifically for use as joint fill material of offshore pipeline[...]


[China]CCA wood preservative

Wood preservative CCA - C is in the world today considered as the widely used water-soluble compound preservative with optimal performance and best effect.Because of its resistence to corrosion, termites, maggot it is widely used in industrial lumber and wooden products such as wooden pole, marine wood, wooden sleeper, cooling tower, wooden pile and other outdoor wooden products. CCA-C wood preservative is kind of claybank concentrated solution with strong anticorrosion ability. I can fix the wood[...]


[India]Development of plastic tub mould

Product: Round tub with handle Size (mm): 409 D x 240 H Volume (Ltrs): 14 Mould steel: P20[...]


[China]Offer Polyispprene rubber LH80,LH70,LH60 equal SKi-5PM,SKI-3S, 2200L

We are in the position of offering polyisoprene rubber LHIR80,LHIR70, LHIR60 which are newly invented and produced by one of our domestic chemical producers. The above three types of IR goods could be compared favorably with Russian SKI-3S, SKI-5PM and Japanese IR 2200 and IR 2200L in quality. As a matte of fact, they even could perform better than Russian and Japanese goods as regards to the color of finished rubber products. Thus if you need IR rubbers to manufacture products in food grade,[...]