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[Poland]Translation and interpreting

We offer the following translation/interpreting services from/into Polish/English: 1. translation, general and specialised - also via the Internet and mail; 2. conference interpreting, consequtive and simultaneous; 3. sworn translation and interpreting. Why not try us![...]


[Poland]Interpreting in any fields

Interpreting in any fields from Polish into English.[...]



Interpreting in any fields from Polish into English.[...]


[Poland]Translation from English into Polish

Sworn translation from English into Polish of any texts.[...]


[Poland]Technical translation

Technical translation in any field from Polish into English and from English into Polish.[...]


[Poland]Sworn translation

Sworn translation of any texts from Polish into English.[...]


[China]translation into chinese

translation into chinese,i am china resident, i can do good translation into chinese[...]


[Germany]Translation due Students on translator

We can provide translators for any kind of translations: - written translations - oral translation - Simultaneous translations - where the requirement is that the translator to listen to the speaker and, at the same time, without any breaks, to translate. - Consecutive translations - where the speaker cooperates with the translator making pauses every few sentences, giving the translator time to translate. Our rates will be lower because they are students on the Saarland[...]


[Poland]sworn translations

sworn translations in all languages[...]


[Poland]linguistics services

proof-reading, foreign correspondence, telephone calls[...]