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[China]sell the glass mosaic

We are a factory of glass mosaic in china.Since we built in 1995,we have been in this field for many years.We have experience in making different kind of mosaic.We also welcome OEM. If you are interested in our products,please browse our website or contact us directly. You can buy the good quality in good price.[...]


[China]Crystallized Glass Panel

Flat panel: Standard Thickness: 18mm; 12mm or 14 mm Size: 2400x1200, 2400x800, 2400x600, 1800x1200, 1800x900, 2000x1000, 1600x800, 2700x900. The size can vary upon the requirement to costumer. Arch panel: Thickness: 18mm Height: 900mm-1200mm The radius can vary upon the requirement for design. Color:Pure white. Other Colors:Silver gray ; Black in White; Ivory yellow; Grey spot white; Yellow in white; etc.[...]


[China]phtoluminescent mosiac

Photoluminescent mosaics are produced by adding photoluminescent pigment in the producing process of general glass mosaics. Compared to the general ceramics and glass , the products can glow in the dark after absorb the visible lights , this feature make mosaic application more widely. The Photoluminescent mosaics can absorb various visible lights for about 10-25minutes, then can glow in the dark constantly, unlimited recycle use with a long time after-glow, high luminance. and free from radioactivity,[...]



Flat and open-work glass performed with the method of fusing can be an attractive alternative in glazings for the classical stained-glass window. Glazings which are performed with the method of fusing give new possibilities of the attractive fulfilment for doors and windows openings.[...]



[Poland]Useful looking-glasses

In this range you can find bathroom looking-glasses, to ante-rooms, cosmetic and augmentative mirrors etc.[...]



[Poland]Looking-glasses to chamber of the laughter

Looking-glasses which are disfigured can change your mood and make happiness. We can perform "slimming" looking-glasses for a better comfort.[...]



[Poland]Bending of the glass

We perform services within the range of bending on forms of the customer or our own[...]



[Lithuania]Glass units

We are manufacturing a glass units, all size. We are using different kinds of glass sheets, glass units are with argon gas, aluminum or PVC frame.[...]



We propose frameless technology building with the use of tempered glass: door hoes, dividing walls, wardrobes, shower cabins, shop windows, bank counters. Frameless technology is a modern solution known as very estetic and practical. Its main qualities are: * unlimited number of different combinations of particulalar pieces that allow to adopt the project to the needs of the investor * possibility of furnishing untypical holes * easy assembly and disassembly[...]



[China]stained glass mosaic

The common sizes of our glass mosaic are 15*15*3mm, 20*20*3mm, 25*25*3mm and 50*50*3mm. Our products are made by hand, looking very luxurious. Size, pattern, texture and color can be produced according to customers' requests. They are resistant to fading, staining and discoloration, and easy to clean. What's more, they are all impervious to liquids and vapor, and are suitable for wall installation on interiors, exteriors of buildings, swimming pools, fountains and similar applications. The order[...]