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[Poland]CTI class IT system (Computer-Telephone Integration)

UNICALL CTI is a CTI class IT system. CTI technology (Computer-Telephone Integration) defines mechanisms of co-operation between computer systems and telephone exchange infrastructures. UNICALL CTI makes it possible to control a telephone exchange (PABX) through the implementation of a standard CSTA protocol. CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) defined by ECMA determines communication procedures between CTI class applications and the infrastructure of the PABX system. UNICALL CTI[...]

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[Poland]Call registration system - VoIP

This is a system of voice registration in a packet transmission network. It enables registration of telephone calls using TCP/IP protocols for transmission. The system also makes it possible to follow calls in real time. UNICALL VoiceRegister has been created by means of the Delphi programming environment and the ANSI C language, thanks to which it is fast and reliable. It makes it possible to register several dozen channels at the same time using a medium class PC. Registered calls are stored[...]

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[Poland]Application - designed to support the process of insurance sales

WebAgent - the Internet application - is designed to actively support the process of insurance sales. It is an ERP/CRM class application targeted at: o insurance agencies; o brokers; o multi-agents; o agents. The process of insurance sales is realised through: o gathering all the employees' knowledge, regardless of their individual contact bases, in a central repository containing information about individual and institutional customers (addresses,[...]

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[Poland]System designed to analyse the profitability of projects

WebTimesheet is a system designed to analyse the profitability of a company's projects and to record and supervise its employees' labour time. Main advantages of WebTimesheet: o possibility of measuring the work efficiency of all employees included in the system; o project profitability control; o management of labour time of employees taking part in a project; o remote, unlimited access to the system; o project management support; [...]

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[Poland]System for temperature measurement - TEKOM 1700

TEKOM 1700 is a complete system for temperature and/or humidity measurement as well as data storage. System complies with legal provisions concerning food storage. TEKOM 1700 collects data from temperature and/or humidity sensors. This data is transmitted to supervising computer through serial connection port RS-232C. The temperature and/or humidity data from all measurement points is collected and values are displayed on the screen. Each of the sensors is set up separately and has its own minimal[...]


[Croatia]Transparent ticketing

Ticketing system for modern sport objects. Solution comprises of the whole process of online ticket selling, box office ticket selling, network infrastructure and access control with barricades and handheld terminals. What is unique in this system it is advanced technology for access control in stadiums which makes it possible to combine: - contactless technology for entrance and contactless tickets, or - barcode solutions and tickets with barcodes. How[...]


[Poland]Production Control System

Production Control System is dedicated to plants and its functionality includes production process’ support and many other supplementary processes. One of its many advantages is possibility of modeling real events that happen in the company in information system and than analyze it from different points of view. Thanks to accurate description of production technology it is possible to keep the right order of operations during production plan’s generating with taking into consideration not only[...]


[China]Control Console

Control Console-Monitor Center Model Dimension CC-CON1S 600W*1050D*1203H CC-CON2S 1100W*1050D*1203H CC-CON-R 864W*970D*1203H Control Console-TV Model Dimension CC-TV 1100W*754D*2547H Our control console is a multi-use design. The main console and monitor screen can be replaced easily. Special design for 15” and 17” LCD and CRT[...]