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[China]Solar Tube, Vacuum Tube, Solar Water Heater, All Glass Vacuum tube

Kingeagle's vacuum tube adopt dry absorb type selective coating with lower remittance, it solved the problem of normal tube having not good curve of emittance, when the temperature higher, the remittance higher, which reduce the efficiency of the tube. Three Higher Point of this new tube 1. Higher Efficiency: The absorbance increased by 14% with remittance reduce by 30-40% 2. Higher Heat conduction: dry exposure temperature up to 270°C and can endure -30°C environment temperature and still working 3.[...]


[China]Solar Collector System, Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube, Solar Water Heater

Solar Collector System, Heat Pipe Vacuum Tube, Solar Water Heater, Split Solar Thermal Collector The separate pressurized solar water heater system is made up of solar collector, pressurized water tank, working station, expansion tank, stainless steel frame and whole kit of stainless steel fasteners. 1. The water tank includes two heat exchange coil inside and a 1500 electrical heater as a backup heater. 2. The working station includes circulation pump, intelligent controller with sensors, setting[...]


[China]Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater, Micro Computer, Solar Project

Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater, Micro Computer, Solar Project, Solar Energy Panels KE47S Vacuum tube: 47x1500mm Inner tank: Stainless Steel 304 2B food grade Outer tank: Stainless Steel 304 BA Outer tank dia.420mm Frame: Stainless Steel Insulation: 50mm polyurethane total forming with pressure and high density Available sizes: 18, 20, 22, 24, 28, 30, 36 tubes with tank capacity 117L up to 230L[...]


[China]Sand washer

XL Series Sand Stone Washer can wash and separate the soil and sundries in the sand. Its novel structure, adjustable overflow dam baffle and reliable arrangement can ensure the washing result. It is suitable in highway, construction and hydroelectric project. Features and Benefits:   (1) High efficiency and reasonable structure;   (2) High capacity and low consumption;[...]


[China]Ceramic Honeycomb

JINTAI ceramic honeycomb series including: Heat Transfer Media for RTO,Catalyst Support Monolith For RCO, Auto and Motor Catalyst Support, Electrical Blower Ceramic Slice, Infrared Honeycomb Ceramic Plate and Liquefied Gas Stove Slice[...]


[China]Directly pre-insulated pipe

Directly pre-insulated pipelines can reduce investment and operational cost, shorten the construction period, reduce heat loss, and be maintained easily.[...]


[China]super conductional heatpipe collector for solar water heater

Features: 1.high heat effectiveness: higher than all glass evacuated solar collector tube by 15%. 2.heat pipe conduction:successfully prevents the defects of tube breadage and low power output caused by water fouling and deposits or dust and sand. water in the tube ,so prevents the tube from being easily broken caused by volume expansion when water freezes in the frigid season. 4.low thermal capacity makes the tube start up uickly. output is within 2 minutes of sunshine 6.insulation[...]



1. Silver/copper brazed joints 2. Tube Diameter: 22/25mm Thickness Of Horizontal Pipe:1.2mm Thickness Of Vertical Pipe : 1.5mm Material: Nickel & painted mild steel Export Box Packing Mountings: 4 x adjustable brackets, plugs, screws and airvent[...]



Item No : SCYW770/500 1. Silver/copper brazed joints 2. Tube Diameter: 22/25mm Thickness Of Horizontal Pipe:1.2mm Thickness Of Vertical Pipe : 1.5mm Material: 201 stainless steel[...]


[China]dia-casting aluminium radiator

Model ST-500 Dimension 682X85X80 Central distance 600 water Content 0.38 Available area 2.4-3.2 The max.pressure 3.8 Thermal Output 189 working pressure 1.2-1.8 1.ADC12 Aluminum of International brand is the special anti-friction and anti-errosion material 2.The material of products has evident superiority over bronze,copper and steel in heat transfer efficiency due to its low thermal inertia. 3.The aluminum[...]