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[China]Ammonium polyphosphate

Ammonium polyphosphate(APP) is an excellent, high-efficiency and nontoxic inorganic flame retardant, used as the necessary flame-proof additive for all kinds of expanding-type flameproof paint and flame retardant products. The polymerization degree of our ammonium polyphosphate(APP-I) is higher than 50; the solubility in water is lower than 2g in every 100ml water。[...]


[China]Ammonium polyphosphate treated by Silane (CF-APP203)

Silane modified APP-II(CF-APP203) is a flame retardant based on phosphorus /nitrogen synergism, it is treated by Silane based on CF-APP201 with special method.CF-APP203 is different from CF-APP201 in such features as bellow: -Reduce solubility in water; -Reduce viscosity in water; -Obviously improve dispersibility and compatibility with polymers and resins; -Increase fluidity of powder; -Improve thermal expansion efficiency during inflaming retarding process and insulation performance。[...]


[China]Ammonium polyphosphate treated by epoxy resin (CF-APP204)

Epoxy resin modified APP-II(CF-APP204,CF-APP204S) is a flame retardant based on phosphorus /nitrogen synergism, free formaldehyde, manufactured from CF-APP201 and CF-APP201S with epoxy resin treated according to own method. Its solubility in water is very low and has less influence in polymers.CF-APP204 and CF-APP204S is quite suitable in epoxy resin, polyurethane ,and textile coating system[...]


[Malaysia]Acrylic sealant

300ml, 20 kg and 300kg drum[...]


[China]Polyester powder coatings

Polyester powder coatings 1.General Introduction   This type of powder coating is prepared from polyester resin. It can be used in the coating for outdoor products, such as the shell surface coating for outdoor electrical equipments, construction decorating and highway protective fence. 2.Product Series   Products of different gloss are available: high gloss (above 80%), semi gloss (50-80%), flat gloss (20-50%) and no gloss (below 20%). (The gloss can be adjusted according to the[...]


[China]Sodium Formate(Cement Additive)

Sodium Formate Molecular Formula: HCOONa Molecular Weight: 68 Product Introduction: This product is a white crystalline powder with water absorbing performance and slight formic acid odor, soluble in water glycerol, slightly soluble in ethano, not soluble in ether. Its melting point is 253oC. Mainly applied to the manufacture of formic acid and oxalic acid, as well as to the manufacture of dimethyl formamide. Usage: [1] Sodium Formate is used in leather industry, serves as camouflage[...]


[Iran]Minerals including dolomite, kaolin, silica sand, quartz, calcium carbonate, baryte, coal, coke

Hi Everyone; We can sell the above at competitive rates rates from Iran establishment. Best regards, Ali Mehrabi Omega Chemicals, Iran[...]


[Thailand]Colored grout for Ceramic Tile

HICEM Colored Grouts for Ceramic Tile:CGCT are highly efficient and superior grout for filling in the gaps between ceramic tiles. It is composed of White Portland cement, binder, pigments, and other chemical agents. It is resistance to harmful effects from moisture, surfactant and abrasive cleaning action. Hicem CGCT is quality controled to blend performance and color to whatever tile product is contemplated. HIcem -CGCT catagories:- 1. Hicem-CGCT Standard 2. Hicem-CGCT Microkiller 3. Hicem-CGCT for Glassblock[...]


[Thailand]latex adhesive emulsion

HICEMFlex Latex Emulsion is used as an additive in mortar and concrete to provide superior bonding strength for tile repairs. It is particularly adaptable for redecoration (new tile application) over old concrete or old tile work[...]


[China]Sell foam gun 609

Professional 1-c PU foam gun Light gun: The worker won't feel tired after long works. Lazy gun: The worker does not need to clean the guns with solvent after use, due to the sticking-proof features of our guns. 30 days later when the worker unlocks the needle, the gun works as well as before. The foam inside the gun won't get stuck (without taking off the foam cans away from the adapter).[...]